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Justice is Justice Tents Hire


Justice is Justice Tents Hire, is situated in Salima Sengabay. Justice is Justice Tents Hire is a small scale business which was established in the year 2014; with the aim of changing perspectives of clients who spend nights outdoors in events especially for accommodation and not to compromise the performance of its services .We have the aim of serving tourists from outside the country not in Malawi only.

This gives you the great chance to sample the services that you have been missing in the tent hire companies all this time.

Justice is Justice has experienced team which has been working in tourism companies for more than 10 years, and now is managing our small scale business and on top of that we have experiences from companies like Sunbird Hotels,Mpatsa Lodge ,Carolina Lodge. Home of Hope Orphanage (Mchinji) Airtel Malawi staff, Unique Boutique(based in UK and Malawi,Lilongwe ,Old Town )Zodiak Broadcasting Station ,tourists from Germany, Italy ,United States of America and Malawi  have recognized the company through its supply of tent services during lake of stars for 2016 which was held in Chintheche Inn ,Sound and Light concert and Sand Music Festival. The team is capable of working with various type of people both local and international clientele.

Physical Address

We are located in Salima ,Sengabay ,Malawi

Post Office Box11



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