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Kidori Adventure Limited


Kidori derives from a Pare word among of the 127 ethnic tribe which means “SMALL”, Pare people live in the northern part of Tanzania  in the Kilimanjaro regions, the Pare people are recognized by their two sub-areas based on ethno linguistic differences: Gweno-speaking ugweno to the north and Chasu-speaking usangi to the south.  The objective behind the company is to encourage local Tanzanians to tell and show the world that Tanzania is best place for family vacations, honeymoon vacations, photography enthusiasts and hunting safaris.

Kidori Adventure has carefully crafted our safaris so that they boast the prime luxury and adventures that Tanzania has to offer. As a Tanzanian local, we take a lot of care in ensuring that our guests experience a scenic and relaxing once in a lifetime experience.

We organize your safari tours, game drives, mountain hikes, accommodation and all other touring logistics from start to finish. Our team specializes in making your holiday as enjoyable as possible. We have carefully hand-picked all the accommodation available so that our list ensures that you have a splendid home away from home experience.

Physical Address

P.O.BOX13844,Kinondoni Dar es Salaam,Tanzania

Manyanya street

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