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Madagaskar Touren

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Enjoy your Holydays on Madagascar without any Language Barrier

Experienced Travel Guides are at your disposal to organize your Holidays on Madagascar

The so called “Red Island” with a total area of 587,041 sqkm and a coastline of more than 5,000 km is little known by and to holidaymakers from Europe.

Madagascar is slowly losing the image of being THE secret tip for individual travelers and nature freaks, as has been the case up until a few years ago. Of course, Madagascar remains a francophone country, and although limited communication in English with the locals is possible, our travel guides will assist you where such limits get in the way. To the majority of people, Madagascar still is “Terra Incognita”, but now we are providing holidays to western European standards, which will make life a lot easier for the visitors.

We have been living and working as highly specialized travel company and travel organizers in Madagascar for almost twenty years and our  fascination for the Red Isle has not waned, but actually increased. Planning and logistics are being performed personally by us to European standards. You will normally be accompanied on your local journeys by one of our drivers and tour leaders, all of them first class trained Guides. We speak English, German, French and Malagasy.

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