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Emanuel was born in Tanzania and he grew up in the Tourisim Indurstry. robat founded Nature Bound Africa (NBA) after having worked for 6 years with various tours companies as a driver guide, progressing to operations manager. He gained the experience and vision for what is considered to be the most important principles in operating a successful safari business, travelling through East Africa countries, from Tanzania to Kanya, gathering experience and establishing contacts with safari companies and tour guides. Robat has exceptional knowledge of East Africa and excels in matching you to key guides who he has got to know from working in the industry during the last 12 years. Although Robat has covered the whole of East African countries in his journeys, he continues to travel often to update information and explore new areas. Hard to find information on Africa is always at his fingertips, and he loves to take the time to talk to people about the many adventures that can be found on the continent. His latest trip was visiting the Selous and Serengeti,Ngorongro crater,Lake myanyara,tarangire national park,bushmen area,arusha park,beach holiday like Znzanibari,and mount kilimanjaro, walking to village to village,like lushoto.pangani,amboni,maasai boma, in Tanzania and the Maasai Mara in Kenya to see many of the new camp openings and doing fun activities of walking with elephants, horse riding, tracking rhinos and wild dogs, and canoeing. Selous, Saadani and Mikumi National Parks trips in Tanzania are still some of his favorite remote adventures. Exploring is his lifestyle; he strives to deliver the right trip for your wildlife experience of a lifetime and to ensure that his first goal of commitment to sustainable tourism and the long-term conservation of habitats will continue to be meaningful. Through Nature Bound Africa he supports private concessions that have partnerships with local communities, we are at Arusha,kilimanjaro and Dar and accommodation with low usage of energy resources. Robat loves to plan trips that will have clients adventuring to parts of East Africa they only ever dreamed of. Jah wish you all the best pls let us be together work together and Jah will bless us much, one love to all my African Guides

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