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Nitarudi Africa Safaris

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Nitarudi Africa Safaris is a Tours & Travel company based in Kenya that offers a range of travel programs across East Africa. We are specialists in offering personalised inbound and outbound safari programs and all other travel related services. We do this by providing our guests bespoke programs to ensure they maximize their holiday time.

Nitarudi is a Swahili word which means “I Will Return”. Based on our years of experience in the industry, we believe that once visitors land in Africa and witness what it has to offer; its culture, people, scenery and wildlife in all their glory, they’ll always want to come back.

Our experience as a tour operator spans over many years of organizing and turning the dreams into reality.

Whether you are a family seeking a moment to strengthen the family bond away from home… a company seeking to foster a refined and a clear corporate vision amongst your valued employees away from often stress-filled work environment … a newlywed couple in search of a place to have a memorable honeymoon… or simply an avid lover of nature and its marvel, Nitarudi Africa Safaris will be there to make it happen.

From experience we have noted that each traveler has a unique perception of a good holiday. We know the importance of providing you with the best possible holiday experience, and that is why we are best prepared to work with you on all aspects of your safari holiday – from planning to your actual safari.

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Soin Acade Westlands Nairobi Kenya

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