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Ntanda Ventures Ltd

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Collect Moments and Memories with Ntanda Ventures.

Ntanda means “the stars”, the name comes from a ceremonial sacred emblem of the Bemba Tribe. It represents the sacred starlight in their homes and as such forms a spiritual connection with nature. Come and connect with us.

Ntanda Ventures was created with one goal in mind: to bring a passion for wildlife, people and adventure in Zambia to YOU. We will show you the highlights and the hidden gems that we have visited and experienced as well as  the new ones we have discovered.

Our Zambian based Team are safari specialists with over 40 years of experience. We travel frequently and widely in Zambia because we LOVE WHAT WE DO.We want to know what you like and what you definitely don’t want – so please do let us know your safari dreams or let us know your concerns. We like to chat with you because everyone is different  and we want to plan your dream escape differently from others.

We love planning Family holidays and girlie getaways because we do them too. Solo travelers we have you covered, Zambia is safe to travel on your own, we often travel Solo on Familiarization trips and it is a great way to chill out or meet new friends.

Zambia is somewhere wonderful waiting for you. Most importantly Zambians are friendly and have a great sense of humour so do laugh with us. We do love sharing our fantastic weather..…so pack the sun block and the swimsuits.

Some of our favourites are walking safaris (will get all your senses going for sure), The Bush-SPA with its natural products, enormous avocadoes, delicious local mangoes, bananas and paw paws when in season, night drives, star beds, natural hot springs, sundowner cocktails and night camp fires, our amateur bird list we are compiling,  join the crew to get the ferry across the river, test your hand at jewellery making, local craft shopping, hugging a giant Baobab tree, Elephant Café, sitting in Devils Pool, Tiger fishing, the grunts of the hippo while you slumber or listening to the elephants eat the grass from the roof of your chalet. See you soon.

Physical Address

Plot 18, Musenga, Chingola, Zambia, 10101

Ntanda Logo_Green&Grey.jpg 1 year ago
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