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Omo Valley Tour

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Omo Valley  Tour is a sister company of  Aman Ethiopia Tour & Travel which is established mainly to focus  on the tribes of Omo Valley Tribes which is certainly one of the most unique places on earth which is located in Africa’s Great Rift Valley and this region is known for its culture and diversity.

About Omo Valley Tour Services

We are highly committed on the below services to our tour partners and our clients looking to see the Omo Valley Tribes from different parts of the world.

  • Cultural Tour to the West & South Omo Valley
  • Arranging & Processing Documentary Filming To Omo Valley Tribes
  • Photographic Tours To Omo Valley Tribes
  • Trekking Tours To The Surma Tribes
  • Tours To Turkana Tribes Of Kenya & Omo Valley
  • Safari Tour To Omo, Chbera Chrchura , Mago ,Nech Sar National Park
  • Omo Valley Tribes Ceremony & Festivals Tours
  • Weekly Market Based Tours Of Omo Valley Tribes
  • Coffee Tours To South Western Of Omo Valley Tribes
  • Boating Tours In Omo River & Lake Chamo
  • Arranging Documentary and Film Crew To All Over Omo Valley Tribes
  • Hotel Reservations To Omo Valleys
  • Renting Camps Or Tents To Omo Valley Tribes
  • Car Rent Services To Omo Valley Tribes



Physical Address

Omo Valley Tour is one of the leading Tours in Ethiopia which is working in the travel industry more than a decade and our main target of opening the Omo Valley Tour is to deliver a best and affordable price with remarkable services to our clients looking to meet the wonderful and fachinationg tribes Omo Valley Tribes.

We have been Omo Valley Tour Guide for more than a decade and we know  the culture and daily life of Omo Valley Tribes, We have different Omo Valley Tribes Tours and Omo Valley Tribes Photography Tour & In addition to this  We are working closely with  the local guides of the Omo valley tribes that can speak each tribe’s language; we are focusing to show our clients all the real cultures of the Omo valley tribes with their daily tribal markets and yearly ceremony and different festivals Omo Valley Tribes.

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