Pamora safaris Uganda is a fully registered and licensed company in Uganda founded in the year 2013, by a group of female entrepreneurs with an intention of providing quality and affordable safaris to the best and most preffered destinations by travellers so as to create a unique and memorable experience to our client(s), putting in mind the principles of sustainability and the need to be the leading safari companies in Uganda and East Africa as a whole.

Our staff has great years of experience which has enabled us to carefully select destinations that provide unbeatable safari experiences to travellers in Uganda.

We organize tours and safaris to all destinations that our clients would love to visit and also ensure value for money, safety, efficiency and comfort of our clients from the time of arrival to the time of departure.

Our safaris range from one day to a month with personal services offered ably by our experienced personnel that are willing to make your safari dream come true in Afrca. We organize gorilla safaris, wildlife and gaming safaris, hiking safaris, birding safaris, chimpanzee trekking safaris, cultural safaris and excursions, community tours, day tours, honeymoon packages, car hire and rental, walking safaris, cruising safaris, mission safaris, conferences, meetings.




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P.O Box 29090





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