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Right Choice tours and safaris

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We design once-in-a-lifetime journeys for individuals who appreciate luxury in all its forms. Whether you’re looking for meaningful time with your loved ones or the chance to reconnect with yourself, returning to the wild or meeting fascinating people with different stories to tell, we design journeys for those who wish to rediscover, reconnect and take part in something bigger. Above all, we take you on journeys that get you under the skin of the place you’re visiting, and that connect you with local people, cultures and customs.

We are a fully registered Safari and Tour Operator, incorporated in Nairobi- Kenya with its Head Office in Nairobi. Today we have emerged to be one of the most sought after Safari and Tour Operators in Kenya due to our Expertise and Knowledge of the wildlife history and habitat as well as provision of Safaris Holiday planning and Ground handling services by on-line and overseas Travel Agents.

We have over 10 years unrivaled experience and the specific knowledge required to create the most exclusive hand-crafted travel arrangements to East Africa.

Our knowledge is unparalleled, as all of our staff have travelled extensively throughout the region – indeed some of them were born and brought up there, and we have a passion for our culture, which means that we are always up to date on the latest trends ands are able to offer the very best advice.

Furthermore, our recommendations and suggestions are only ever based upon personal experience, and we are committed to regular site inspections.
Our long-standing and leading position in the travel industry also allows us to negotiate the best rates, ensuring that you not only get your perfect holiday but also excellent value for money.

Physical Address

Town house,

3rd Floor,

Kaunda Street, next to Trattoria restaurant

tour van 1.jpg 2 years ago
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