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Rumbo Malabo


Rumbo Malabo is a company born from two brothers with a Guinean father and a Spanish mother who realize the enormous potential that Equatorial Guinea has as a tourist place.


The vision of the company is to facilitate and take care of everything required to provide the tourist with a unique experience. Also, to discover first-hand all the secrets of Equatorial Guinea, and more specifically the Island of Bioko and its capital, Malabo.


As a company, we believe in responsible and ecological tourism. Equatorial Guinea is a territory unexplored and not yet contaminated by humans. We want to continue that path and reveal those secrets yet to be discovered. Within our packs are places as disparate as one of the few oldest cocoa factories, visits to spectacular beaches and observing the spawning of the spectacular leatherback turtles. A species with a high risk of extinction, which weights between 300 and 500 kg.

Physical Address

Ela Nguema neighbourhood

Malabo – North Bioko

Equatorial Guinea

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