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Saint Yared Tours

  • Adventure and ecological tour packages
  • Individual tailor-made and group package tours
  • Festivals Ceremonies Tour
  • Family Tour
  • Historical and cultural tour packages
  • Pre-arranged tours
  • Custom packages
  • Reservations for lodges and hotels
  • Nature-based tour packages (bird watching, wildlife viewing, and fishing).
  • Archaeology and pale anthropology
  • Camping, explorations, and expeditions
  • Car rental services and affordable guest houses
  • Budget travel with accommodations in tents (for more than five travelers)
Physical Address

Saint Yared Tours is a private company based in Axum and Addis Ababa that offers a unique opportunity for travelers to discover the historic sites, cultural and the natural beauty of Ethiopia. We have over 10 years experience of tour guiding and tour organizing for international and domestic travelers. Saint Yared Tours has a unique service to provide for its customers and to the carriers that have thrilled it. Our company has a professional staffs engaging guiding services & tour operating having extensive knowledge of the country and all Guides working for Saint Yared Tours do speak excellent English language we can arrange guides who speaks international multi-language if the request comes! Our drivers have also many years of experience in driving throughout the country. We have also great escort chief who prepare yummy western and traditional meals while you are in the trekking routes. Therefore our expertise allows travelers to customize their trip that suits them, ensuring a pleasant tour with superb value.

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