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Sassabi Expeditions

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Sassabi Expedition is a Tanzania based safari operator that aim in changing its guest’s life through travelling by introducing tourists to the country that brings them happiness, learnings and priceless memories.

We have the best expert guides, passionate as well as knowledgeable who will be your eyes and ears during your stay with us.

We are also keen to share our culture with our guests, but also we love to learn from those guests, too. This two-way exchange is one of the keys to an enriching African experience.

Our mission is that in every journey that our guests/travelers take with us has an impact, this impact is founded on 3 pillars; Social Responsibility, Environmental Responsibility and Wildlife Conservation.

We ought to continue to improve our craft, as customer satisfaction and wellness of our employees are our top priorities

Physical Address

Block C, Plot No. 153

Mateves – Arusha


Sassabi Expeditions Logo-01 (2).png 1 year ago
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