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Tambollo Travel

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TAMBOLLO’s aim is to inspire Young Africans to travel more, leave their comfort zone and immerse themselves in new cultures. We are a travel company that creates authentic and life changing experiences through personalised private, group trips and retreats in Nigeria and across Africa.
TAMBOLLO is committed to making a positive impact through travel by giving back and supporting local communities. This philanthropic aspect has made our trips very unique. We Travel with a Purpose and make a difference where we visit.
When we organise trips we ensure we combine the must see’s with the hidden gems of the destinations. We are also authentic because we want you to also address social issues and help promote sustainable tourism by supporting local communities and organisations. We believe in empowering local communities that are home to these beautiful beaches, hills, waterfalls and parks. This builds a sense of satisfaction knowing you are having fun with a deeper purpose.
Asides exploring a destination with our travellers we are very keen on immersing ourselves wherever we visit like eating the local delicacies and understanding the history and rich culture of the people.
Our ultimate goal is to expose and encourage people to appreciate the various cultures and destinations in Africa rather than limiting yourself to the familiar.
We make your travel process super smooth. We do all the planning and you just show up!. Our trips are customised and tailored to individuals. We also make it easier through a package model that covers everything you need from transport , activities to food. You can afford to leave your wallet at home!
Our trips are absolutely fun with like-minded, adventurous and vibrant people from all walks of lives. We are a travel brand that creates thrilling experiences with a positive impact.

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