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Turaco Bird Watching and Expeditins Tours


Turaco Bird watching and Expedition Tours,we offers

1.One week birding in the Gambia

2.Two weeks birding in the Gambia

3.Two weeks birding in the Gambia and Senegal ,it can start in Senegal and end in Senegal as well.

4.Two weeks cultural trips in Gambia and Senegal including river cruising

5.Lazy day cruising in the river ,4by4 round trip to the local villages ,South Senegal excursion etc etc

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Turaco Bird watching and Expeditions Tours is lead by Mr Musa Jatta  ,who has more twenty years of experience as a bird guide  in the Gambia and Senegal.As  the leading birdwatching company ,we  offers birding trips in the Gambia and all over Senegal and beside we conduct cultural trips for nature lovers and adventurers .

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