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Usambara Trails Expedition


Usambara Expeditions is a Tanzania based safari company, that arranges safaris and climbing expeditions in Tanzania and East Africa. We specialize in Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions and in combination safari tours, that give you the opportunity to visit several of Tanzanias beautiful national parks and get the most intense travel experience in the time available to you.

We have very experienced and  knowledgeable guides who speaks very good English, also having years studying the flora, fauna and wildlife in schools with constant training.  We are providing professional service for you, including sighting all varieties of culture and wilderness tourism attentive to budget & luxury camping safaris, lodge safaris, mountain climbing & walking safaris, trekking safaris, car hiring & bus, flight booking, boat booking, train tickets, Hot air


Physical Address

Located opposite NMB Bank at Super Hongera Building, 1st  Floor, Room No. 6

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