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Virunga Ecotours is a tour organizer company operating in Rwanda with its headquarters based in Ruhengeri/Musanze near the famous Volcanoes National Park. We organize tours to different attractions within the area and the rest of Rwanda and East Africa. Our tours will give you a deep insight into our Rwandan culture and day to day life thus allowing you to actually live the destination, not just visit it.

We love to show you the wildlife in the Virunga Massif, home of the mountain gorilla. Gorilla trekking is the main attraction in this region. But there is more: hiking to the top of a volcano, golden monkeys, caves, beautiful lakes, kayaking on a river, …

Our mission is to integrate travel with conservation and community development in the Virunga area. Therefore several tours are developed for engaging with the local community in Musanze by participation in local activities in several typical Rwandan villages.

Our programs are completely flexible and merely a proposal! We have a number of wildlife and other add-on programs for you to include in your holiday trip. Not only in Rwanda, we can also arrange your safari in Kenya or Tanzania or make sure you have some wonderful beach days in Zanzibar to relax after your Rwanda adventure.

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