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Our objective is to develop adventure and other related tourism activities within Angola following the theme of “Discover Angola with us”. We value the pristine nature of our special bush and beaches and aim to keep them pristine.

Now operating in our 15th year thousands of clients have “Discovered Angola” with us, whether on day trips or mammoth 3 week expeditions.

 To many people, Angola consists just of Luanda or maybe one of the other principle cities or towns. The war which ravaged our country and people until very recently has meant that travel outside of urban areas was all but impossible. Today however, it is probably one of the safest African countries to travel around in, albeit retaining more than a few challenging road conditions!

We are a young Angolan company registered locally with the Ministry of Tourism and pioneering development in the specialist Eco Tourism sector. Our objective is to develop adventure and other related tourism activities within Angola following the theme of “Discover Angola with us”. We value the pristine nature of our special bush and beaches and aim to keep them pristine.

The key members of EcoTur have in fact been enjoying travelling throughout much of Angola since the 1980s and before. We are sure that you have already heard that there are many spectacular places to see and enjoy within Angola. It is indeed our rich and breathtaking experiences of enjoying “spectacular Angola” that has driven us to create the conditions for others to enjoy it similarly.
Among the special untouched places that Angola offers the African Adventure tourist are such places as the waterfall at Cachoeiras or the magnificent Kalandula Falls,  Serra de Leba pass in Huila, 1000’s of kilometres of unspoilt beaches and pristine bush.
Activities for the adventurous abound and they include big game fishing (tag and release only) in World Record waters and boats, all manner of watersports in Mussulo Bay or just lazing on the golden sands of the many deserted beaches (for 365 days a year if you have the time!), surfing in the warm waters at Cabo Ledo, birdspotting and visiting game parks to name a few.
See our website and face book pages for more details.Our services include –

Hotel bookings

Personalised touring packages throughout Angola.

Regular Safari trips to Kissama (day or weekend packages) in specialised game viewing vehicles.

Corporate services / concierge travel services.

Luanda City Tours.

Mini-bus hire with bilingual driver.

4×4 hire with bilingual driver.

Corporate events.

Bespoke travel services.

Bush logistics.


An adventurous team which really wants to show how beautiful Angola is. Above all we aim to offer safe, reliable and friendly services that will make memorable each day you travel with us! Our experiences and tours are designed to take our guests to an unexplored Angola that has so much to offer, a vibrant city, rivers, beaches, wildlife, desert, forest, cultural legacy and friendly people.

Apart from our tours and travel options in Angola we also offer a wide range of secondary services, such as Angola Visa assistance, Travel Insurance, health care advise, among other personalized services to ensure you have a great and enjoyable experience while visiting Angola.

Momo Tours Angola believes the Tourism should be a sustainable activity and benefit the local communities you are visiting, so we are enrolled in social and environmental projects to promote local economy and the biodiversity and  ecosystem conservation.

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The word “KITANDA” has an African origin, and in Kimbundo it means market for tray sweets or any oven sweets sold by Kitandeiras.

Today, Kitandeiras, continue to be seen on the streets of Angola’s cities, selling to all passers-by all kinds of products and goods, wearing their beautiful, colorful and showy cloths.

Kitanda das Viagens and its “Kitandeiras” puts at your disposal a team with extensive experience and knowledge, and is available to show you what the sweetest and most beautiful Angola has to offer its visitors.

There are many secret delicacies that we can give you to taste, the experience of experiencing two worlds that coexist in harmony, from practically virgin nature to progress and modernism.
It will not fail to surprise those who accept the challenge of embarking on the trip through Angola.
Come with us to explore the untouched natural landscapes, the imposing waterfalls, the national parks, the hot and deserted beaches, the oldest desert on the planet, the plateaus and the forests, the contact with the tribes and the people who still live ancestral, without forgetting the gastronomy and reminiscent of African and Angolan history and culture evident in the stones of colonial buildings.

Kitanda das Viagens offers a personalized, professional service with programs designed to the client’s needs, transforming your trip into a wonderful, amazing experience and experience that you will never forget.


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