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Local Tour Operator and Guide for the Southern part of Ethiopia Omo Valley tribes tour, Come and enjoy the variety of tribal cultures and stunning landscape with originally from the southern part of Ethiopia Omo Valley tribes tour guide.

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Dynamic owner-managed company sets up bespoke tours allover Ethiopia . . . OVERLAND Ethiopia Tours

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World Sun Ethiopia Tours teams are very proud to introduce you their country. Ethiopia is a country that offers natural beauty, cultural diversity and an incredibly rich history of glorious past as well as many Archeological and pale-ontological finds that few countries in the world can offer you in one.

King Dawit tours Ethiopia.png
4.81 (13 reviews)

King Dawit Tours Ethiopia is one of the pioneer and well-established tour and travel company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia since 2009 G.C.

Our company tour operation department run by well-qualified tourism expert Mr. Dawit Solomon (Bachelor Degree holder in Tourism Management from Gondar University) with long years of experience in Ethiopian tourism industry.

Our company offers a Danakil Depression Tour to the active volcano site Erta ale; Historic route trips to Lalibela, Axum, and Gondar; and the Omo valley Cultural Tours to Hamer, Karo, Surma and Mursi peoples.

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Senait Ethiopia meaning ‘Beautiful Ethiopia, Excellent Ethiopia’ in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia, is a private Ethiopian owned tour company which has been operating since 2008 that offers wide selections of tour package, tailor-made and customized tours throughout the beautiful & sunny country of Ethiopia. Senait Ethiopia Tours believe in high standards of service, but charge very competitive price. It is a well-organized company with experienced travel staff who facilitates travel and will give you unforgettable memories.


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Oh Wow where do I start? ETT is an Ethiopian owned company and was the very first operator to do tours to the Danakil Depression  15 Years ago Danakil en Erta Ale Volcano was only reachable by helicopter. Today we have 4×4 vehicles taking you all over the salt pans and sulphur lakes through the Danakil Depression. You walk up the volcano cause not reachable by car. Or you can go up on a camel. With ETT there is always a choice.  We cover the Land of Ethiopia From Danakil Depression to the Omo Valley where you can visit the tribes and the tribal way of living. We take you to the Arc of Covenant and the Tigray Rock Churches. ETT takes you up the Simien and Bale Mountains and through the valleys of this land.

We have our own well trained tour guides and drivers. We are the proud owners of a fleet of 4×4″s. 27 of them. All models, shapes and sizes.

ETT will rock you out of your comfort zone and show you the  spectacular lands and valleys of Ethiopia

Come and enjoy the journey through  this amazing piece of land!!!



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see Ethiopia with us, visit wildlife parks, historical sites

SORA Tours Ethiopia Official Logo
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Addis Ababa-based tour operator that organizes and operates tours to various historic/cultural/tribal destinations throughout Ethiopia.

We offer historic tours to various destinations in North Ethiopia, cultural/tribal tours to the South’s Omo Valley and Eastern Harar and Dire Dawa, trekking in the Simien Mountains and Bale Mountains, extreme expedition tours to the Danakil Depression of North East Ethiopia. As a specialty, we also organize and operate photography tours to the various tribal regions in the South’s Omo Valley.

Gelada Baboon / Bleeding-heart baboons

MARVELOUS ETHIOPIA TOUR: is managed by well-experienced professionals
dedicated to provide best services for its clients visiting Ethiopia
with reasonable prices.
We organize historical tours, cultural tours, birding tours, festival
tours, photo safaris, educational and business tours to all parts of
Ethiopia; please contact us when you want to visit in Ethiopia

Etta logo.jpg

Eastern Travel has now  transferred its company for the second generation with 42 years in experience. All this is with hard working, understanding our clients and giving quality service. Time has changed every decay the service will change accordingly and its now time not only to take but to give back to nature and the community. We believe we have to work hard by conservation and community work this is our moto now. Our main focus is now Eco tour and Social tour. We are successful when our clients come and see how we work with the wild life and the community. We are sure we putting our mark now when we give this company to the third generation by protecting our planet and giving the best service our clients deserve.


We are one of the tour operators, that can arrange your dream tour, our professional Driver, Guide and group leaders are waiting for you . Our price is affordable and we have a payment plan for those have any financial difficulty, we hope you will join one of our tours and explore the country with us.


Ton Reve Ethiopie Voyage is a registered,private limited Tour and Travel  Company that has a registered licence of the Ministry of culture and trourism from the ethiopian Goverment.(Referencing trade licence No:MT/AA/2/0027755/2006.)

​We are engaged in providing professional services to our esteemed customers by
-booking hotel reservations
-organizing and selling a long insightfull tour packages trips all over tourist sites destinations in Ethiopia.
-Organizing and offering from one to three days tour packages at Addis Abeba and around to travelers who wishes to visit some of the interesting tourist sites of the country.
-giving variety car rental services.


Looking for the vacation, Tour to Ethiopia with Best Tour operator Company of a life time? Welcome to Ethiopia! The Land of thousand miles: custodian of some of the world’s oldest civilization and tourist paradise country. Come and meet its beautiful, mysterious and hospitable people in Africa. It’s a country of great antiquity, with diversified culture & traditions dating back for more than 3,000 years. Welcome to the origin of humankind, rich in endemic wildlife, a land of extremes Ethiopia holiday package, culture tour to Ethiopia and a land of remote natural treasures; it is also called the roof of Africa as some of the highest, the most rugged and inaccessible places one of the African continents are found here in the land of Abyssinia, Ethiopia ”Seeing is believing”, come and see this wonderful country!



My Choice Ethiopia Tour & Car Rent is Addis Ababa based tour and travel company hat deliver services of
Some of our tour services include Study/Educational tours and travel, Excursions, Safaris of all types, Mountain and desert trekking, Bird watching, City Tours, Cultural Tours, Historic Tours, Adventure Tours, and Religious Tours.
The company is located in the middle of Addis Ababa , on a highway too close to Bole International Air port . We are in a prime location that makes convenient to our tourists.
Our usual tours range from the most popular tourist destinations of the country to the least promoted ones; from religious to cultural, historic to natural, highest to the lowest points in all directions of the country.

A reliable tour company taking through the magical attractions of Africa. All special interest activities you can ever think of, wildlife safaris, historic and archaeological sites, religious centers, adventurous wonders, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee, water rafting, balloon safaris, island beach holidays, canoening, cruises, fishing, mountain climbing, the list cannot be listed. With branch offices and reliable partners throughout Africa we deliver all sorts of tours with safety and satisfaction.


Omo-Turkana Tours …. A locally established company based both in Jinka and Addis to give an authentic tour services to all the corners of Ethiopia. Our team comprises a number of highly experienced learned by doing Tours activities from all the tribes, each for the specific tribal communities we come across. In this way I have managed to both benefitting the locals as well as preserving their values on their own. In most of our destinations we will not be meeting any other tourists, because the routes I prefer to take are not easily accessible by any other service providers for they have fear of the unknown. These are my unique societies that I care and respect, and I together with my team have no fear of the unknown because the tribes are our own people.


“I am a member of one of the 16 tribal communities found in the valley of the Omo River in Southwest Ethiopia.”

Photography Tours, camping with Tribes, wild trekking  educational travel and others.



I am a tour operator and tour guide in northern part of Ethiopia .Northern Ethiopia is the cradle of Ethiopian civilization. I offer tours like Trekking , Historic ,Museum and archeological sites, climbing ,walking and nature . I provide professional service and reasonable price .

Come and explore the historic route of Ethiopia with us for great experience and unforgettable time !


AGESHA TOURS,  will make you depart back home with memorable days and nights staying in our good hands. Based on our principal objective of satisfying the interests of our customers, we offer them meticulous service worth the money they spend and their precious time they intend to utilize properly.

Not only that you will be more than happy with the exclusive tour service we provide you, but also you will equally enjoy your stay with us before and after your tour programs occupying a room in the Caravan Hotel, a 3-Star Hotel which is our mother company. Our being solidly established in the hospitality business of Ethiopia no doubt will provide you an added advantage of expeditious visit to your desired tour destination that you make at ease and with comfort. We run the Caravan Hotel that occupies sixth place among the 72 Hotels operating in Ethiopia as ascertained by trip advisor.


  • All over the year excursions and itineraries, (Adventures, Eco-Tours, cultural Tours, Holidays & Tailor Made Tours)
  • Special interest groups
  • Conferences & MICE
  • Camping services
  • Catering
  • Meet & Assist services
  • VIP treatment specialists
  • city tour in Addis Ababa
  • Food taste tour in Addis



We are Aman Ethiopia Tours, a privately owned tour Operator and travel company based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Aman Ethiopia Tours has established by young tourism professionals who have excellent occurrence over decades. We have multi lingual professional Guides who have many years of experience in tourism industry. In Association with well experienced drivers and cooks they make the stay of our clients much lesser than they planned before

1295-2015-10-04 08-50-33-Finot-Tour-Ethiopia.jpg

of clients:

List of Tour Packages

  • Eco-Tour
  • Business Tour
  • MICE
  • Cultural Tour
  • Historical Tour
  • Trekking
  • Bird watching
  • Sports Tour
  • Rural Tour
  • Adventure Tour and many more

List of Services

  • Tour Guiding and Operation
  • Assisting on Visa processing
  • Travel and Tourism Insurance
  • Hotel rooms Booking
  • Event organization and coordination
  • Car Rental and many more
Ethiopia Tour Company.jpg

Paragon Ethiopia Tours is a solid brand, professional and well-organized Ethiopia tour company & DMC. We are a legally registered local tour agency based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We operate in all parts of the country–from the historic places in the north to the people and cultural places in the south and from the natural places in the west to the adventurous places in the east. We offer all types of tours available in Ethiopia.

We make your travel fun, safe, and memorable.

Omo Valley Tou.jpg

Omo Valley  Tour is a sister company of  Aman Ethiopia Tour & Travel which is established mainly to focus  on the tribes of Omo Valley Tribes which is certainly one of the most unique places on earth which is located in Africa’s Great Rift Valley and this region is known for its culture and diversity.

About Omo Valley Tour Services

We are highly committed on the below services to our tour partners and our clients looking to see the Omo Valley Tribes from different parts of the world.

  • Cultural Tour to the West & South Omo Valley
  • Arranging & Processing Documentary Filming To Omo Valley Tribes
  • Photographic Tours To Omo Valley Tribes
  • Trekking Tours To The Surma Tribes
  • Tours To Turkana Tribes Of Kenya & Omo Valley
  • Safari Tour To Omo, Chbera Chrchura , Mago ,Nech Sar National Park
  • Omo Valley Tribes Ceremony & Festivals Tours
  • Weekly Market Based Tours Of Omo Valley Tribes
  • Coffee Tours To South Western Of Omo Valley Tribes
  • Boating Tours In Omo River & Lake Chamo
  • Arranging Documentary and Film Crew To All Over Omo Valley Tribes
  • Hotel Reservations To Omo Valleys
  • Renting Camps Or Tents To Omo Valley Tribes
  • Car Rent Services To Omo Valley Tribes




TEDDY ZION TOUR is a best Ethiopian tour company based in mekelle offers a wide assortment tours to Ethiopia! we are specialized to the following places danakil deperssioin , tigray rock hewn church , simien mountain trekking , tigray mountains trekking , bale mountains trekking ,axum lalibela , gondar , bahirdar , blue nile watter falles , south Ethiopia tour many more!

to know more about our company and our service please click on the below link;





Degu Omo valley tour is jinka based tour company

Simien Summit Logo.jpg

Come visit the Land of origins with Simien Summit Tours. A company which strives its best to fulfill the satisfaction of its customers. We are well known in organizing, Historical ,Natural, Cultural and honeymoon tours. Our reasonable price and quality service makes us the primary choice of solo and group travelers. Our modern fleets makes your travel as comfortable as possible. Book a tour with us and spend a wonderful experience here in Ethiopia.


Tankwa Tours & Travel Agency has been operating in tour operation, boat and car rental services since 2013. It is equipped with competent and resourceful staff (tour operator; responsible and multi lingual (German, Italian, French Spanish, speaking) tour guides, cooks specialized in Western and Asian Dishes, well experienced boat and car drivers’, etc) and responsive management.
Our company is well equipped with modern, well maintained latest fleets, camping and cooking equipment which enable us to offer quality tour services and competitive price that meets the expectations of our customers.

Small Size.jpg

Absolute Ethiopia Tours is a private-owned Ethiopian tour operating company. We provide complete ranges of tour packages and vacation services across Ethiopia for different groups, families, and individual tourists. Our Business flagship is our emphasis on travel details and customer satisfaction. We always strive to set new industrial standards for customer satisfaction and logistic integration.

We are officially registered and a duly recognized company established under the relevant laws of Ethiopia. We are a certified Tour Operator by The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Culture and Tourism Office.


Agesha Tours is an incoming tour company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Our services include

  • Airline Reservations & Ticketing
  • Car rental
  • All over the year excursions and itineraries, (Adventures, Eco-Tours, cultural Tours, Holidays & Tailor Made Tours)
  • Special interest groups
  • Conferences & MICE
  • Camping services
  • Catering
  • Meet & Assist services
  • VIP treatment specialists
  • Adventure and ecological tour packages
  • Individual tailor-made and group package tours
  • Festivals Ceremonies Tour
  • Family Tour
  • Historical and cultural tour packages
  • Pre-arranged tours
  • Custom packages
  • Reservations for lodges and hotels
  • Nature-based tour packages (bird watching, wildlife viewing, and fishing).
  • Archaeology and pale anthropology
  • Camping, explorations, and expeditions
  • Car rental services and affordable guest houses
  • Budget travel with accommodations in tents (for more than five travelers)
Simien Summit Logo.jpg

Simien Summit Tours is a privately owned company who have been working in the tourism industry long enough to arrange any type of Tour all over Ethiopia. We have two offices one in Gondar and a new one in Addis. Our guides are well mannered ,multilingual and have deep knowledge about the attractions all over Ethiopia.


Gelila Ethiopia Tours is a private tour company combining the best service with the most customized and tailor-made tour packages designed according to our clients’ needs (budget oriented or higher end, natural or cultural focus, etc.) Explore the wonders of Ethiopia with Gelila Ethiopia Tours as your primary Tour operator Company. Contact us now and spend a life time experience. Gelila, a majestic mountain, is the source of inspiration for delivering the best possible experience for touring Ethiopia that is possible. Come travel with us to see the beauty, the tradition, the majesty of Ethiopia.


Ethio Tours bylocal is a private Local  Travel Agent  Based In Bahir Dar ,   offering Cultural , Historical  & Trekking adventures in all over countries  Choose from a wide range of adventure Holiday  options .

Our mission is to provide high quality private tours everywhere in Ethiopia .



Ethiopia is a destination that promises rich cultural and ethnic discoveries, offers many possibilities for hiking for both amateurs and trained people, and conceals an incredible nature that can particularly interest animal- and bird-lovers. Rendez Vous Ethiopia Tour is a travel agency certified by the Ethiopian Tourist Board which highlights the discovery of the country in its greatest intimacy through tailor-made trips, according to the interests, duration of travel and budget of each. On board of our fleet of SUV and minivans, our professional English driver-guides initiate the visitors to the true culture and soul of the country. Whatever the accommodation chosen (from camping to luxurious lodge), our personalized tours aim to bring people together, the Ethiopian people renowned for its hospitality and always proud to share its culture and religious fervor.  Finally, the excellent relationship with the neighboring country Djibouti allows us to offer trip extension to its amazing beaches for the perfect relaxing time before going back home.


Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] is a local tour organizing company based at the capital of Ethiopia – Addis Ababa. MEET was established in September 2008 by Ethiopian tourism professionals. Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] offers private customized tours in and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] specializes in short tours in and around Addis Ababa. Private guided sightseeing tours and short layover tours in Addis Ababa, day trips from Addis Ababa, two and three days tours around Addis Ababa are what we do best.

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] logo is a traditional Ethiopian coffee pot colored with the Ethiopian national colors. Our Logo reflects our values and goals: –

  • Our uniquely Ethiopian experiential tours as Coffee is originally from the Kaffa province of Western Ethiopia
  • Our Ethiopian hospitality as Coffee is valued highly by locals and is one of the first offers for respected visitors
  • And, as Coffee contributes the largest portion for the Ethiopian Economy, handling your tours of Ethiopia most satisfactorily is our first priority.

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] endeavors to provide the best tour service for local and international visitors. Our tours are geared to make visitors’ experience insightful, life enriching, thoughtful and experiential.

Best qualities of Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours include: –

  • -Running small number tours at a time to make sure we deliver the best of our service
  • Our tours are planned in one-to-one basis to ensure you are personally emotionally experientially touched
  • Our quick attendance to your tour requests
  • Our tours are led by native Ethiopian knowledgeable tour guides
  • And, ensuring your best experience of Ethiopia MEET the time and money you spent

Contact us soon and enjoy the best of Ethiopia!

ardi tour and travel

We are a tour and travel company main office located in addis ababa, Ethiopia.

Our services

  • Organizing tailored tour packages to all tourist destination of Ethiopia.
  • Providing comprehensively insured, standard and modern vehicles for rental service.
  • Ticketing
  • Offering Hotel rooms , air plane seat reservation and booking service
  • Delivering multi lingual professional guide service.
  • Transfer assistant services from the air port to hotel, guest house and work places.
  • Visa to different countries
  • Travel advise and consulting services


ELMI TOUR is one of the most trusted tour companies in Ethiopia with experienced and well-trained managers and staff.  We are proud to offer the best customer service in the country, and we always strive to be client-oriented and flexible for our guests’ safety and maximum satisfaction.  To reveal a secret behind our quality standard, one of the owners is Japanese.  As you may know, Japan is famous for its best customer service in the world.  ELMI TOUR is benefiting from the coaching and advice provided by this Japanese owner and continuously improving its services.

We are licensed by the Ethiopian Government under License No. EIA-IP17564/09 accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ethiopia.  We are also a member of the Ethiopian Tour Operators Association, Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA), and Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

We offer a wide variety of tour packages for individual and group travelers of various budgets and themes.  We also offer an excellent car rental service that has a good reputation among Embassies and International Organizations based in Ethiopia.  Our new and insured vehicles are comfortable to travel.  Our drivers are well-experienced and familiar with all routes of the vast country.

Enter Ethiopia Tour is an Ethiopian based tour operator established by a team of experienced professionals in tourism. Our team is composed of highly skilled tour experts with the ability to organize a tour through effective communication with customers and designing tour packages that suits their needs.

Enter Ethiopia Tour provides a unique opportunity for travelers all over the world to explore the History, Culture, Nature, and Beauty of Ethiopia. We highly value the satisfaction of our customers and have a high-level of collaborations and agreements with various hotels throughout the country to provide a relaxed and affordable stay in the country.

Our tour packages are flexible according to our client’s interest and budget. We design tour packages for our client’s utmost satisfaction. We have found that our modular approach allows us to offer high quality, flexible holiday packages at the best possible prices.

When you travel with us you will not only be traveling, you are also traveling with the deep and wide lifestyles and culture of the Ethiopian people and nations.



Discover a different world…



i am well experienced guide and tour organizer in Omo Valley Southern Ethiopia. I range from budget camping to accommodations. I am local to the area and speak many of the indigenous languages. I grew up in Omo Valley and have many relationships with local people. I provide special and authentic experience to my customers. Come and visit the extraordinary part of ethiopia!!

I will serve travellers as the gateways – – – to explore the untouched and unique cultures that survived the challenges of “modern civilization”. A once in a lifetime authentic experience of unaffected cultures in the best of way, deep in the tribal villages leaving the commonly used paths, to witness the genuine and daily uninterrupted normal life of these societies

afro Logo scaled up.png

We are an emerging tour and travel services providers based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our mission is to educate people to discover the world wonders in Ethiopia and Africa. As much as we aspire to the interantional travel, we also want to mobilize Ethiopians and Africans to travel within their own countries and across the continent to learn and shape their history better.


Located at the heart of the country in Addis Ababa, Memento Ethiopia Tours is a private tour operator which is formed by young tourism professionals who all specializes in crafting, organizing and execution of qauilty tailor made trips in all parts of Ethiopia. Memento Tours is for those travelers who seeks quality service and care with qualified personnel.

Gamel Tours Logo.png

Gamel Tours is owned and managed by one of the leading female tour guide in Ethiopia. Having over 15 year’s professional experience in guiding, travel and tourism. We are specialized on organizing trips to the Historic route, Siemen Mountain, Geraltha Clusters, Danakil Depression, cultural tour to the Omo valley tribal village and Surma, Wall city of Harar, Bale Mountain and Awash National park, Excursions, Sightseeing’s of Addis Ababa and short trips.

Logo Zagwe Ethiopia tour  d.jpg

Zagwe Ethiopia tours (ZET), one of the top tour operators in Ethiopia that offers great deal on Ethiopia Tour packages. Our company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. With a squad of experienced professionals, we afford the best vacation holidays in Ethiopia. We have the widest choices of well-designed tour packages for groups and individuals throughout Ethiopia. Our package tours include: cultural tours, historical tours, festival tours, adventure tours, wildlife safari, trekking, volcano , bird watching, car rental and so much more.

We developed the art of receiving visitors and catering to their needs. The well-trained, highly experienced and multilingual guides and drivers, detailed concern have been paid for the itinerary planning, the attention given for the provision of the best quality equipments, vehicles and camping gears and the unusual treatments presented to satisfy all the needs of our respected guests make our services the best and special here in the land of hospitality. Our staff provides the cultural link to local a person that is indispensable to every authentic travel experience.

Holidays to Ethiopia are definitely a must do in your life time. Zagwe Ethiopia  Tour is Ethiopian tour operator will help you plan your tours to Ethiopia in an exhilarating, luxury fashion. Whether you are looking for Ethiopia Tours, luxury vacation, sightseeing day trips or searching for National parks, safari, discover rock churches .we seek to provide you with the most hospitable and highest quality professional travel service you can endure during your stay.

Our commitment begins with your first inquiry and continues with specialized itinerary design and unlimited modification. When you are travelling in Ethiopia, our customer service team will keep an eye on the tour operation in all the places you go and make sure all your needs are met and all the problems resolved in satisfaction.

We are proactive travel organization with an international comprehensive approach of innovation and excellence. Transaction level operations are executed by a team of professionally qualified professionals, who are well versed with the complexities of the Travel & Tourism Trade. Our guest service team has a cumulative experience in tourism industry. The team is well aware and equipped to cater requirements of various market segments and understands the nuances of tourism in Ethiopia.

our motto is based on giving the amazing journey experience to our client so we handpicked all the facilities and accommodation as well as transportation services within the best. Though, the levels of services are offered according to the tailored program, we ensure the best in every way for our clientele.  As major clients choose for the  adventure so we welcome all to come and join us; enliven your dreams and make your holiday wonderfully a life time experience. We believe the offer the best for you.

Apart from the best package deals and very warm hospitality Zagwe Tour is a travel company where we believe all travelers are our family and we make sure our family don’t get any kind of inconvenience. The best part is we have probably the finest equipment for any kind of tours and we have a very good relationship with the local people  which gives our customer family an extra privilege and homely feelings on every trip.

Unlike other companies, we are locally established here so we make sure the tour  costs are not sky touching high so that people can enjoy their  holidays anytime they want. As a professional guide, and a very adventurous person we understand exactly what visitors want and need as zagwe Ethiopia tour  client. we passionately are committed to leading the tourism industry in a sustainable way and very active in contributing to the community initiatives to improve living standard, economic growth and quality education in the remote areas. We have strong social values and believes that giving is always better than taking and has set aside more than  5% of the company’s business benefit solely for social work.

For any request or inquiry of travel advice, please do not hesitate to contact Zagwe Ethiopia Tour at any time. We are very pleasant always to be at your disposal.

Worqamba Ethiopia Tours.jpg

Worqamba Ethiopia Tours   is one of the most well organized Travel Specialist Company in Ethiopia, We have strong relations with different out bound tour operators, Travel Agency, groups, NGO ‘S, Hotels and Embassies. We are dedicated to service excellence with a team of competent and experienced staff well versed with Ethiopia’s tourism industry. By using the immense knowledge and expertise of our team, we will set up the best of Tour and Travel related services  Ethiopia has to offer based on your interests, travel style, time frame, and budget.


Since its establishment in 2009 Walkin EthiopiaTours and Trave has emerged as one of the leading tour operators in Ethiopia & Eastern Africa. It is a commonly-used phrase, but we have a culture that genuinely aims to “exceed expectations” our commitment to service, together with our knowledge and absolute passion for Ethiopia,ensures that our clients have memorable, seamless and hassle-free holidays. It also ensures that clients become repeat clients and many of our new clients are referred to us by past clients.

Planning a dream holiday and visit to Ethiopia can be daunting – Ethiopia is exotic and different and it is important to know that all aspects of your holiday will run smoothly at all times, that there will be no dramas and that all of your expectations will be met. We believe the only way to guarantee that you have a holiday that is both perfectly suited to your tastes & budget and hassle-free throughout, is to use the services of a specialist.

Ethiopian tour operator like Walk in Ethiopia Tour Travel and Car Rental is a successful tour operator in Ethiopia. we know this place, we have the rhythm of Ethiopia the Land of Origins.We take pride in our intimate knowledge and understanding of the diverse regions all over Ethiopia and we delight in being able to utilize this knowledge and understanding into a successful, viable business like walk in Ethiopia Tours and Travel.

We are proud of our ability to meet the exact requirements of even the most discerning travelers, by offering each client a personalized taller made tour service, starting at the planning stages and continuing throughout their time in Ethiopia. Our specialist tour consultants will listen to you and then, using their experience and local knowledge, will advise and guide you during the planning of your trip in Ethiopia.

They will make sure you see the best this continent has to offer by making optimum use of the time and budget you have available. Once your tailor-made holiday has started, your consultant will keep checks on all your arrangements to make sure they run smoothly. A Walk in Ethiopia Tour Travel &Car Rental duty manager is never more than a phone call away – 24 hours a day.

Addis Tour Logo.jpg

Greeting from Ethiopia!

We are a  tour operator for Ethiopia and Eritrea. We are equipped with full experience in handling leisure, corporate FITs plus the MICE Groups. The outbound section is rising from Ethiopia and Eritrea markets that we focus on. If you have your land arrangements offer or requirements to East Africa, please send us at any time.


In 1997 Green Land Tours was established to provide utmost satisfaction to its customers.  Our goal is to make sure that our clients enjoy the best of our services and return home with rapturous memories of fun and satisfaction. At GLT we believe the most important part of our business is you, the client. For this reason we do everything we can to satisfy and exceed our clients’ expectations.

GLT is staffed with experienced tour operators, guides, driver-guides and cooks, etc. Our drivers/tour guides have traveled widely throughout the country and beyond, and are well acquainted with all areas. We are well equipped with vehicles suitable for Ethiopia’s climate and road conditions (terrain). Since our 4×4 Land Cruisers and 4WD buses are in excellent condition, tourists and other clients are unlikely to experience any discomfort during our tours both within and across Ethiopia’s boundaries. Additionally, GLT’s cooks are experienced professionals trained in certified colleges throughout the country. They are able to prepare delicious local and international meals.

We specialize in: historical tours, photo safaris, bird watching, and wildlife, natural & camp; cultural tours, trekking, volcano adventure tours, archaeological tours and so much more. We have been providing excellent service, ensuring that our service approach gives our clients the greatest satisfaction. In addition Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan and Eretria


Ethio Tours , we are passionate about our off the beaten track experiences as we provide our travelers with the thrill of coming face to face with untouched cultures as well as wilderness regions of great natural beauty of Ethiopia .
In addition to running tours on the more popular tourist circuits, such as the Historic Route, Simien Mountain Trekking, the Rift Valley and Bale Mountains, and the Omo Valley, we can organise tours off the beaten track, in the Afar Region, Estern Ethiopia and the west bank of the Omo .

We also provide a variety of specialist tours, in ornithology, flowers and plants, geology, and anthropology, and can set up study tours in the discipline of your choice, from Art to Zoology, linking up with Ethiopian institutions and associations, specialists and experts.

We are committed to ensuring that our unique itineraries are well researched, affordable and tailored for the enjoyment of small groups or individuals . Our itineraries will give you the very best travel experience, designed by people with incredible local knowledge who share our vision of authentic exchange and real exploration with a responsible tourism approach. Whether you like your adventures to include trekking, touring, cycling, kayaking ethio Tours , can make it happen for you. We hope you will join us for life changing experience!!
Ethio Tours , we pride ourselves on having the best travel team in Ethiopia . Our passion, prices and promotions are that your satisfaction is guaranteed.
We designed our itineraries in such a way that you can compose a 1 to 6 weeks journey from different modules that can show you the entire country or just the parts that interest you, all depending on your personal preferences, available time and budget.


why Book with Ethio Tours ?

When planning travel to remote and challenging destinations, many factors need to be considered. Our extra attention to detail and seamless operations on the ground ensure that you will have a memorable experience in Ethiopia . We take every precaution to ensure smooth logistics, our vehicles and equipment are the best available on the market. Most importantly, our adventures have always sought to benefit the local peoples we interact with, safeguard the ecosystems we explore and contribute to the sustainability of travel in the regions we experience. You will be accompanied by local guides whose knowledge and passion will add a unique dimension to your trip. Their experience and enthusiasm ensures that we maintain the leading edge in adventure travel and therefore providing excellent value for money. Our group size is small, never exceeding a maximum number of sixteen. Given our local knowledge, experience and excellent leadership, we are quite sure that this tour will be a trip of a lifetime,

Affordability and Security

Travelling with a group, common costs like transportation and guiding are shared across all travellers, which makes our tour prices very reasonable and far cheaper than private touring or tailor made options. Our trips are classic itineraries that visit all the main draw cards in each Destination as well as a few lesser known places off the beaten track. So exploring exotic far-away places, you’ll have peace of mind and a feeling of security travelling with a group that’s accompanied by a local tour leader too.

Our team

As a team, we’ve always been more like a close family than colleagues, bound by our passion for travel and a work ethic. We pride ourselves on having the most passionate people in the industry, committed to making the excitement of travel available to anyone who seeks it. Every year or so we’ll all get together for a few days to share ideas and jointly set our compass for the year ahead.
Supporting local communities
Tourism is one of the most important and largest industries in the global economy and employs more people worldwide than any other. For those of us privileged enough to travel, we take on a responsibility to aid people relying on tourism for their daily needs and to treat their home and country with respect. We believe travel should be a rewarding experience for you, as well as for the people we meet in the destinations you visit and that preserving the Regional state and beauty of the areas we pass through is essential.

We care about the destinations we visit and give back to their communities with donations to local schools and charities, employing only local guides, dining in local eateries and staying in locally owned hotels wherever possible. When travelling with us, on average over 95% (*) of your holiday, funds remain within the local economies and we are proud to say that this approach has led to very successful and close partnerships around the country .
Welcoming you on holiday

We know that time is precious, that travel experiences can lift us out of the everyday and so above all, we’re here to give you a brilliant and unforgettable holiday.
We carefully-selected ranges featuring many of tours, full financial bonding and growing every day – there’s plenty of reasons to travel with us and we hope to inspire your next adventure and welcome you on holiday soon.
Happy Travel !

Melese Aychew
Tour Director & General Manager
Ethio Tours

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