Why take a Tour in Morocco?

With a number of family tours, group tours, tailor-made holidays, private journeys as well as trekking holidays to select from, you can easily go to Morocco in your own unique style and at the time that you prefer.

Go through the busy markets and experience the thrilling Moroccan life unfold in similarly as it has in the labyrinthine Fes markets, bargain in Djemaa el Fna found in Marrakech, check out Taghazoute at the coast or journey into the wilderness with the local Berbers nomadic tribesmen

From the rocky Atlas Mountains found north to the Sahara dunes west to the beautiful Atlantic coast and to the lively souks plus medinas in the cities, Morocco is certainly a North African destination with soul, a physical experience as well as a world far from Europe in spite of its geographical closeness.

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What to see on a Tour in Morocco?

There are numerous amazing things to see on your tour in Morocco; below are some of the highlights



the Koutoubia Mosque, having a 230 feet high minaret, constructed in the 12th century. then Djemaa el Fna, the central-square, can best be viewed in the evenings when its filled with food stalls, henna artists, dancers, musicians, acrobats plus fortune tellers. The souks possess an assortment of traditional Moroccan merchandise available for sale, negotiating is expected. you can buy some sand shoes, colorful lanterns, exotic spices, leather handbags, musical instruments as well as dried fruits plus nuts. Enjoy a traditional hamman – a steam bath then a relaxing massage, following a day’s sightseeing and touring of monuments plus palaces.



The most ancient and biggest medieval city on the planet, Fes is a lively hub of activity. Its medina is a must-visit; a heady blend of sights, aromas and sounds from the tanneries. To get around, follow the different tourist circuits. You will find Five circuits, each having a different color, each having a different theme, for example palaces plus gardens and traditional crafts.



Initially enclosed by old walls, this Essaouira town has now expanded past the walls; however the town continues to be small enough to be explored on foot. All the city gates lead to the Medina, therefore you are not likely to get lost. Its beach at the front of the Medina and you will find several cafés having terraces, each perfect for relaxing for a couple of hours. The Blue doors plus window frames are all around as artists shops – purchase a carpet or a Thuya wood carving or rest on the beach drinking a mint tea as the African sun sets, a remedy to the busy Imperial cities.

The High Atlas


covering 2,400km through Morocco into Tunisia, these ranges consist of the Rock of Gibraltar. The hiking varies from a simple walk to a physically demanding trek to the top summit ofJebel Toubkal. These Moroccan Grand Atlas include the Anti-Atlas, Middle Atlas and High Atlas. It’s very easy to enjoy a day’s trek, therefore you mustn’t be extremely fit. up to today, the Mountain villages of the Berber people continue to exist, living a basic life and it’s a way to enjoy that part of Morocco which most travellers don’t experience.

Additional attraction sites to see include:


Ait Benhaddou



Which Tour Company or Tour Operator?

Morocco is among the best tourist destinations in Northern Africa and for several years the country has been hosting several visitors from all corners of the world.

morocco tours photoFortunately the country has several tour companies that can organize for you a very memorable tour to the different tourist sites scattered across the country. Make sure that the company you decide to use is registered with the recognized tour affiliations in the country.

Where to Stay On a Morocco Tour?

Morocco we has a variety of accommodation options that veary from the 5, 4 and 3 star hotels which are extremely clean, very comfortable and centrally situated . You may also decide to use the traditional hotels plus guesthouses with a lot of character where possible. Or you could stay in riads, which are attractive, traditional Moroccan local houses having an interior garden or a courtyard.


Within the smaller towns, a selection of accommodation could be limited however you will not fail to get accommodation. In a number of of the more remote places like Todra Gorge plus Dades Gorge there isn’t any central-government electricity supply and the majority of the hotels use generators, that maybe switched off at night and candlelight could offer a more romantic setting for your evening!


When to Go on a Tour in Morocco?


Morocco’s defined regions of desert, coast and mountains creates different climates throughout the country. The heat of the summer is especially intense within the Sahara Desert while mid-level altitudes plus cities around the Atlantic coast – such as urban Casablanca plus Essaouira – are enjoyably hot. The northern coast together with Rif Mountains experience a mild Mediterranean climate with lengthy, hot, sunny days. i recommend that in these places you wear free breathable clothing, which won’t simply keep you cool but additionally shield you from the rays of the sun.

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from October to February are winter months and these are an excellent time to visit the south when day temperatures are still moderate, however ensure that you pack a thick jacket since the evenings become shockingly cold. Northern Morocco receives wet plus cloudy winters as the High Atlas Mountains are usually extremely cold, at times keeping their snow-capped summits as late as the month of July. This nation is most beautiful during spring time (from mid-March to close of May) as the lands are covered in abundant greens, creating stunning mountain hikes. And the pleasant mild heat from September to November is yet another perfect time to visit the country.

How much does a Morocco Tour cost?

Are Morocco people Friendly?

The people of Morocco are really welcoming and friendly to all their visitors. Although it is correct to mention that there are mostly Muslims residing in Morocco, the country is best referred to as a one both Arabs plus Berbers.

Morocco is an excellent illustration of how people of different backgrounds plus ideologies can stay in harmony. Apart from the interacting of Arabs, Berbers plus Jews, the Southern Morocco hosts many retirees of British, French plus American origin working for its government as business managers, teachers as well as technicians.


What is the Weather like in Morocco?

Generally, Temperatures within Morocco are high, especially throughout the summer months starting from May up to September, as the sun is fierce and the temperatures at extreme degrees, therefore carry a lot of sunscreen, drink plenty of water and cover up!

During winter (from October to February), it become cooler, mainly in the evenings – therefore carry a jacket, long-sleeved blouses plus trousers. Within the High Atlas plus the desert it become extremely cold during winter, particularly throughout the night and a number of peaks usually stay snow covered from November up to July. Carry enough warm clothes.

In winter (October to February), it does become cooler, especially in the evenings – so take a jacket, long-sleeved tops and trousers. In the High Atlas and the desert it can become very cold in winter, especially at night and some peaks can remain snow capped from November to July. Pack plenty of warm clothes.


Tourist Attractions

morocco tours photoWhen you travel Morocco, it will take several days to fully explore the numerous attractions in this country. The country prides in its ancient yet rich culture and history. The spectacular white sandy beaches lines with cool blue waters together with the hot white desert sand, amid the glacier peaks of the Atlas Mountains and the verdant valleys with brown fertile land make this country a paradise of diversity. It is for this reason that the country has been ranked among the major tourist destinations on the African continent.

Which Travel agency or Tour Operator ?

We have compiled a list of credible tour operators in Morocco to help you plan for your trip or adventure in Africa.

Some of the prominent attractions in Morocco are listed below.


This is a very popular destination among travelers to Morocco. It is the most fascinating town in the country. It is popular for its ancient walls which are a maze of several winding streets in which one can easily get lost in. it has several mosques, large markets(souqs) and tanneries.


This was very vibrant during the 1950’s when it was bursting with adventure devotees, poets and artists. Today the city still has its charms and touring through its old city – the Medina and the promenda will be a wonderful experience.


The royal Marrakech city located at the bottom of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains is a large, stunning noisy city bursting with history. Some of the tourist attractions in this city include the Saadian Tombs, several bazaars (souqs), Marjorelle Gardens and the Djemma el Fna central square. This city will give you the opportunity to experience the ancient traditional raid.


This desert town is located adjacent to the stunning yet the largest sand dunes in Morocco; the Erg Chebbi. Unique about this town are that camel treks into the hot desert t and an opportunity to experience the Bedouin lifestyle. The terrain surrounding Merzounga bring to mind the characteristic images of the great Sahara desert that will definitely reward you with memorable views. Furthermore, the locality has a diversity of accommodation places that suit all types of budgets.


Essaouira is a favorite destination for in independent travels as it is a perfect haven away from the other bigger cities which are hot and very busy. You will enjoy wonderful treks on the winding streets lined with houses painted in red and blue, view the ramparts, enjoy the sounds of the Gnawas music and even relax at the beautiful beach.


In the Rif Mountains on the large terrain, lies the small town of Chefchaouen which is a very liked town for many travelers. The town was once a capital of Morocco, and it is prominent for its blue rinsed buildings, hiking, sipping of a drink while at the Major Square also known as Outa El Hammam and swimming in the clean streams. This town is a must visit while in Morocco.

Museums in Morocco

Because of the rich cultural and historic background of the country, it decided to well preserve some off the artifacts and vital objects in its museums. The country has several museums spread in different regions in which many people go to learn more about the country’s exhilarating past. Some of the popular museums include the Museum of Moroccan Arts, the Archeological Museum in Tetouan, the Museum of Marrakesh and many others.


Pleasure in the warm Moroccan sea breeze as you trek along the coastal beaches to feel the clean sand in your feet! Morocco offers some of the finest beaches in Africa ideal for a get away from the hassle and bustle of your routine life. You will be able to dip in the cool Mediterranean or Atlantic waters and watch the beautiful sun set. Some of the popular beaches in Morocco include: Tangier Town Beach, Lalla Fatma, Larache and many others.

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