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Agadir Morocco

In case you are organizing a

trip to Agadir

and you want to explore most of its attraction site, then this is definitely the right place to be. Among the few photographs of this article, you will be able get an overview of some of the sites that you can visit while in the city.
Many people consider Agadir to be the leading coastal resort for Morocco. Its beautiful beach that extends over 8 kilometers is popular for its clean, golden and beautiful sand.There are top-class five and four-star hotels along this beach. The evident police patrol the beach to ensure that swimmers and those sunbathing do unwind in a secure and peaceful environment, and also to keep hustlers and the occasional hawkers at bay.

Things To Do

On the Agadir bay you will discover everything that you need to make your beach holiday a perfect one. If you have a passion for the sun, available are fines of sun-loungers and sun-shades in which you can lie or rather immerse in the sun rays as you read your desired novel.
To cater for visitor who are enthusiastic about water sports and love some thrill. Jet skis together with dune buggies are available for hire. For the romantic style, a stroll along the beach and sight of the spectacular sunset or a embarking on a hunt for a perfect spot for a memorable photo shot is a good activity.

You will also encounter camel and horse rides on the beach.Agadir’s most significant attractions are the 3 Golf Courses which include: Agadir Royal Club, Golf du Soleil and Dunes Golf Club. In addition it has numerous tennis coats.

Agadir and cultural tourism


Most of the visitors in Agadir grumble about missing the legitimacy of the true Moroccan Culture during the course of their stay in the country. Actually in comparison to other cities in Morocco like Fez and Marrakech, Agadir has a little to offer to its visitors regards to historical and Cultural attractions.This is so following the overwhelming earthquake the terribly hit the city in 1960, the city has been completely reconstructed basing on international-class western values tailoring it to be basically a prime tourist site. On the other hand, if you are interested in discovering the beauty and charm of the traditional culture as you visit Agadir, there are just a few sites that you will certainly have to visit.

What To See In Agadir

The prime symbol off the ancient Agadir city is the Agdir Kalabash. This fortress is located on a peak of a hill that oversees the whole city, the fishing port and the bay.There are a few tiny museums that exhibit the Berber artifacts such as the furniture, costumes and jewelry. The Bert Flint is the most popularly visited museum in this city.

Among other museums are the Talborjt and the Musée des arts Bereberes.And then if you would love to buy a souvenir before you leave Agadir, the finest place to visit is the souk el Had. This weekly market is an ideal place to pick a souvenir and the traditional Berber crafts all at affordable prices.

Agadir is another interesting town from south west Morocco in the Province of Agadir. One unique attribute about Agadir is that it is a town enclosed by a wall like a fortress something we don’t see in other Morocco town say Casablanca or Fes.

Built by the Berber Moroccans in 1541, the city is on the Atlantic Ocean and also on the foot hills of the Atlas Mountain as Souss River runs into the ocean. Much of Agadir is fishing town that exports Sardines and minerals like Zinc and Cobalt. There are no many souks or bustling business activity except at the beach, however Agadir host the biggest souk in Morocco called Souk Lhed.

The white sand beaches are treasure in Agadir-spread with many restaurants and cafes; they attract many of Morocco Holiday tourists that want to relax in a quiet ambiance. Some of the water adventures that

Agadir Beaches

host include surfing, swimming, Quad Bikes, horse riding and the like. Popular beaches in Agadir include Tamaounza, Taghazout, Timguida and Aghroud among others. However the current off the Atlantic is very strong thus makes the beach not suitable for family holidays.


fishing Port of Agadir

another of the famous sight on Agadir Morocco Holiday tour. The dock is lined brightly colored fishing boats carrying sardines, lobsters, codfish and crayfish among other spices.

The town centre is blend of both old Berber building standing side by side with modern hotels and European styled restaurants. Other interesting sights in Agadir include the museums of La Casbah, bert Flint, Musee des Arts Berberes, Agadir Municipal Musuen and the Le Sicilien Coco Polizzi. Akthough many of the Agadir tourist sights were destroyed by the earthquake in 1960, you can have a tour of these old sights and at the same time enjoy Moroccan culture, Agadir people and History.

Agadir Hotels and Accommodation

Since Agadir is a hushed town, many tourists prefer to take their holidays here. With this comes a variety of Morocco hotels, guesthouses, bed & breakfast among other accommodation options. There are four-star to five star luxury Agadir Beach Club such as Agadir Beach Club overlooking the main beach with swimming pool, tennis courts, swimming pool, Gym and health Spa among other tourist facilities.

Other hotels in Agadir include Royal Mirage Agadir Hotel, Amadil Agadir beach Hotel, Atlantis Palace Agadir, Caribbean Village Agador Resort, Sofitel Agadir Morocco hotel …and the list goes on and on

Getting there

Agadir is reached by both Air and road. The main airport is only 22 km from the city centre called

Al Massira Agadir Airport

which receives domestic Morocco flights from Fes and Casablanca. You can alternatively travel by train called Casablanca-Agadir Expressway that has routes through Casablanca, Marrakech and then to Agadir.