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A Morocco holiday is not complete if you don’t get a day tour of the imperial town of Fes. Located in the Northern part of Morocco, Fes is the second largest city in the country after Casablanca in Fes-Boulemane region.

Being the former capital of Morocco, Fes is gifted with several interesting tourist sights, attractions and enormous historical background. Today, Fes El Bali, the former walled city (a section of the 3 parts of Fes) is a world heritage Site notably for its streets that never have car-come what may!

Tourist Attractions

More than 1000 years of Morocco since Moulay Idriss are inscribed on the walls of Fes, streets and mosques! Fes is one of the most visited tourist town in Morocco with several sights and attraction. Other parts of Fes such as the Medina in Fes Djedid and the Ville Nouvelle are spectacular sights for traditional lifestyle of Moroccans.

All Fes Morocco tours begin in the Medina where you’ll tour

Fes Djedid

that was built in the 13th century and its major sights are Royal palace and gardens although the palace is restricted to a few visitors.

Fes Bali

, on the other hand is the old heart of Fes mainly made up of Royal palace, gardens, buzzing markets and its friendly people.


Bab Boujloud

built in the early 1900’s is another exciting sight in Fes, actually, it is an entrance to Fes Bali. The entrance is today a spot for vibrant activity in Souk, Berber rug stalls and cafes.


Museum of Moroccan Arts  and Crafts

also called Dar Batha is a 19th century palace now housing a fine collection of Local hand made crafts and souvenirs in wood, clothing and the most significant being a gold illuminates Koran. Since Fes is a famous spot for ceramic work in Morocco, you’ll get a full collection and pick into what to expect in the souks-markets.

Bou Inania Medersa

is a 13th century cedar piece wonderfully made by hand. This monument is a splendid perfection of Moroccan art and sculpture works by its gifted artisans. Named after the Sultan Abu Inane the ruler of Merenid Dynasty 1351-1358, the Medersa is a designed in traditional Moroccan homes fashion. You can visit this amazing sight every day 8am-5pm. Other Medersa you can not miss include Medersa Cherratine, Medersa es Seffarine, Medersa el Attarin and many others.


Zaounia of Moulay Idriss II

is one of the famous shrines in Fez-considered the holiest and the tomb of Saint Moulay Idriss from 6th century founder of Idriss Dynasty. Moroccan women consider him a saint for fertility and good luck! Non Muslims have no opportunity to enter the mosque but can have a glimpse of the tombs outside.

The tanneries of Fes and the dyer’s souk are another interesting attraction. These take you to the medieval times when leather and other skins were dyed by hand. The tanneries of Chouwara are the most striking in the Medina, there are many honeycombs with different colors from yellow to black. Seeing the Moroccan dyers at work is a morning jig you can never miss when you visit Morocco


Kairaouine Mosque

is one of the oldest mosque in Morocco, coming second after Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. Built around 857, the mosque is decorated in stucco stalacities and  Kufi calligraphy and brass lamps. Everything in the mosque is a treasure and heriate that Fes Morocco takes pride in.

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