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The Atlantic Ocean holds the extended sandy

beaches of the Casablanca

. These popular beaches are usually very crowded due to the vast number of visitors. Most of the spots will offer a diversity of facilities in addition to water sports. Furthermore, these beaches have numerous resorts and comfy hotels which are widely popular among tourists.From Casablanca, you can access Mohammedia an increasingly becoming popular resort. Mohamedia is characterized by a golf course, comfy hotels and a marina. 

Traveling further north you will discover the Bouznika which is a haven to many fine beaches that have made it popular across the Atlantic coastline.While in Casablanca, you can take a bus to the adjacent Ain Diab, a small beach-resort located on the outskirts of the city.

Although it isn’t the cleanest beach in the vicinity, it has numerous clubs that attract visitors on a daily basis. There are cafes, salt water pools, and restaurants in these beach clubs. One of the beach clubs id fitted with a volleyball court, a disco and a tennis court all offered at very affordable prices.

Beaches in And Around Casablanca.

El Jadida beach


El Jadida is another of the popular beach-resorts in this country. A number of natives come from all parts of corners to enjoy their summer holidays at the beach.This European looking beach was formerly owned by the Portuguese between 1506 and 1769, thus explaining the ancient Portuguese medina located on it. The arrival and influence of the French made it the perfect beach that it is currently.

In the evening, its bars are regularly crowed and similar to Casablanca, the Moroccan women are always actively taking apart in the fun. El Jadida is a fine spot for swimming and its immaculate strip stretches from the city till the port and far beyond the town length. Its waters are very clean and the surrounding locals are very hospitable and outgoing.

Tangier beach

The Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean meet in a place called the Tangier and in this place are numerous fine beaches. The main Tangier beach is the most popular of them all and it is located adjacent to the renowned Tangier harbor, extending miles along the beautiful coast. The Tangier beach is bordered by white-washed houses and mountains ranking it among the most spectacular Moroccan resorts.
On one clear day, you can stand to see to over thirty five miles away to Gibraltar. There are numerous beach bars that are found on the Tangier beach in addition to the many chances to enjoy a camel ride on the beach. This beach best suits families and provides maximum fun the whole day.


Essaouria is a windy and rather cold town located on the coast of the Atlantic, not ideal for sun bathing or even swimming. This beach is wonderful for surfing, kite surfing and wind surfing and for those who cannot take part in these, it is quite enjoyable watching others do so. During summer time, numerous locals are seen dipping and playing football at the beach.The Beatles are said to have spent a lot of time on this chilly beach and it is believe it inspire part of their music pieces. Another bid time fun of this town was Jimi Hendrix who visited it during the sixties as he toured Morocco. Years later renowned Bob Marley also visited it and his also a recognized fan of this area.

Asilah beach

Asilsh beach is another wonderful coastal beach located on the northern coast of the Atlantic. It is a popular site among most of the holiday makers in Morocco who usually vist in summer time. Its characteristic houses are white-washed giving the place a European (Greek or Portuguese) appearance, with the city walls brightly colored. Because of the clean beaches and outstandingly clean water, Asilah is a wonderful destination for sunbathing and swimming.


Agadir is the most popularly known beach in the whole of the Morocco because of the wonderful variety it offers to its visitors. It is located on the west cost of Morocco overlooking the Atlantic. Generally, the resort is hot throughout the year with winter temperatures dropping to 20 degrees while the summer shot to as high as 35 degrees. Agadir has 300 days of constant sunshine all year round.

This Agadir beach is covered by golden sand that runs for 9 kilometers, offering so much to partake other than sunbathing. The beach has numerous water sport activities like wind-surfing,fishing, snorkeling and jet skiing in addition to the available comfy facilities. This beach is renowned for its lively night life that includes a lot of drinking and partying.

Things To Do

You will follow the popular Berber pathway that runs via the villages of the Atlas Mountains, slumber in the Sahara Desert traditional raids and tents, explore the royal cities, eat couscous and also unwind on Agadir’s beautiful beaches.  We shall gladly assist you in planning your adventure or tour in Morocco.

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