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Morocco Fishing

Are you interested in fishing? If the answer is yes, then endeavor not to miss out on fishing experiences in the clear waters of Morocco. The country has two ocean coastlines, the Atlantic coastline that run s on 2000 miles and the Mediterranean coastline which is 300miles. Morocco has snow-capped mountains projecting over 13,700ft high, and numerous rivers gracefully flowing into the country, and over its mountain ranges. All these are part of the fishing grounds that this country has to offer you. The Moroccan desert area is dotted with magnificent valleys/wadis and oases. All this variety is for you to enjoy your fishing activities.

A Travel Guide To Morocco Fishing Tours

There are perfect conditions for fishing in both the salty & fresh waters. The varied landscapes are a wonderful platform for nature devotees. The mild weather is so appropriate for a perfect holiday.

The large expanse of the coasts and the beautiful countryside will all give you an unforgettable fishing experience in Morocco.  This country is surely the best fishing destination worldwide.

The country has numerous inland rivers & lakes although if you rather deep-sea fishing, then you can travel to the oceans to enjoy this activity too. Middle Atlas is the best place to carry out inland fishing because it has several lakes & river, and trout is the commonest inland fish caught.
Below is a listing of the best fishing spots in Morocco.

-Azrou neighboring Aghmas lakes

-Khenifra located on River Oum er Rbia

-Ifrane with its amzing National Park

-Ouirgane located on River Nfis

-Bin el Ouidane, adjacent to Beni Mellal

Best Spots For Fishing In Morocco

In all the above stated destination is plenty of trout, but this doesn’t mean that other areas don’t have, they also have a variety of fish species. Most of the Moroccan lakes have pike, black bass, eels, roach and carp perch fish species. In the fur mountainous lakes are barbell, trout, black bass and perch.For individuals who rather to fish in the sea, there are numerous opportunities.

There are numerous species of fish particularly along the Moroccan -Atlantic coast. If a boat trip is arranged, you can then further enjoy deep-sea fishing.