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 Ait Benhaddou

The desert fortresses/Kasbahs which are situated in the Draa valley, where originally constructed to shelter the residents of this area from the raiders and invaders who wanted to grab this area. Ait Benhaddou is a very familiar site to many visitors on holiday because it has featured in the background of numerous Hollywood movies.


The varied landscape of Morocco offers numerous opportunities for all categories of trekkers who are in interested in exploring the country’s splendor on foot. There are numerous categories of tours that range from ‘go alone’ walks to tours organized by National Tourist Office in Morocco and horse rides across the Atlas Mountains. Itineraries for overnight camping and night walks are also available and these are done in the presence of a guide.


Several towns /cities offer swimming, bathing and diving activities, and among them are El Jadida, Safi, Essaouira and Agadir. When you travel north of the country, you will discover that the coast of the Mediterranean holds numerous resorts such as the one located at Canonegro where facilities for diving together with swimming are being built, increasing on the annual turn up of visitors in this place.

Atlas Mountains

The atlas mountain ranges are large and provide opportunity to participate in the numerous different recreation activities. Among such activities are: nature trips, water rafting, bird-watching and biking. The rivers flowing from the mountains allow room for water rafting. These ranges are so idea for a couple to visit.


Morocco’s largest expanse is part of the Sahara Desert –the largest desert in the world. Visiting this part of Morocco allows visitors to either explore the large area covered by the Sahara or ride on the camel.

Jebel Toubkal

There is climbing to the high peak which is at 4,000 meters, and also serving as the tallest in northern part of Africa. These trekking trips usually begin from Imlil village located at the foot of the mountain. These trips are done in the company of guides, and there are numerous resting places located along the paths.


Although Morocco is bordered by the Sahara, it nevertheless offers fine skiing activities in the regions of the Atlas Mountains. Ouikaiden, Ifrane, Mischliffen and Mount Tidiquin are some of the destinations you can visit to enjoy these skiing activities. In the morning you go skiing and in the night you sleep in the desert, isn’t that what makes an exciting and memorable holiday?

4×4 tours

Alternatively, visitors can decide to explore the beautiful countryside and such tours are taken in vehicles that can withstand all landscapes. Such itineraries usually include participating in Moroccan events likes feasts and some of their landmark destinations are sand-dunes or gorges you also get the opportunity to participate in the Paris Dakar rally.


If you take a tour in Morocco and not visit the Market place/souk, then believe me that Morocco trip is not complete. There are numerous souks located in most cities, the largest one being in Marrakech. They sell an assortment of items like basketries and musical instruments among many more, but generally the transaction process is very slow as it is considered a sociable event.

Djemaa el Fna

This market place square located in Marrakech is very lively with activity. There are numerous interesting activities taking place there like acrobat or cultural performances, musicians entertaining and food hawkers selling their items. This place is greatly recommended to be visited.

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