Tazekka National Park

Tazekka National park is located in the northern part of Morocco. It was gazetted in 1950 to protect the wildlife and rare natural species from the area. Tazekka occupies an estimated area of 120 sq kilometers on the foot hills of the High Atlas Mountains and up to Jbel Tazzeka which is the highest peak (1980m) in the park. The park is located n the middle of the Atlas Mountains, 20km south west of Taza town.

The park is believed to have been formed by the depression of crater of past volcanic activity

The vegetation in the park is majorly a blend of forests of cork oak, cedar trees and holm oak that are home to the wild Barbary boars while porcupines, hares and golden jackal re are often found hiding in the caves and canyons with the park. Other animals in the park include small spotted genets, reptiles and red foxes among others

Tazekka National Park is an important bird habitat in Morocco. Some of the birds found here include the Barbary patridge, Sardinian warbler, spotless starling, black eared whetear and many other birds that visit the crater lakes in the summer sun

The spring and summer months are the best times to visit. Snow falls on the park’s rigged peaks in December



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