Caprivi Game Reserve

Caprivi Game reserve is from remote the north eastern region of Namibia near the border with Botswana. The Game reserve is nearly 5715sq km stretching along the banks of the Okavango river for more than 170km to the Kwando river. It is bordered by Mahango Game reserve on the other side of the kavango river.

The vegetation in the park is dominated by broad leafed woodlands, savannah grasslands, open wetlands and marsh on the river banks. Several water streams and river flow in the 32km wide reserve with a few islands in the river

Caprivi Strip

The Game reserve gets its name from the fingerlike piece of land along Botswana’s northern border is known as The Caprivi Strip. The Caprivi Strip is intersected by two major rivers, the Okavango and Kwando Rivers, while the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers form the north-east and south-east boundaries.

The area is highly infested with mosquitoes thus visitors are encouraged to carry mosquito nets and ointments to prevent mosquito bites.


Several species of mammals habit in the riverine forests and open savannah grasslands in the reserve with examples like duiker, sitatunga, buffalo, elephant, cheetah, wild dog, lion, leopard, hippo, and roan and crocodiles…to mention a few.


Accommodation in the Caprivi strip area and in reserve include Nkwazo lodge, Hakusembe lodge and Kaisosizi river lodge which are all overlooking the Kavango river. Each offers options for luxury accommodation, restaurants, well furnished chalets, swimming pools and a wide variety of adventure activities such as boating, canoeing, bird watching and adventures.



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