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Fish River Canyon Namibia

Fish River Canyon Namibia is one of the biggest river canyons in the world, Fish River Canyon is second largest canyon in the world second to the Grand Canyon in Arizona USA, one of the most scenic features from southern Namibia on the border with South Africa. It the Fish river gorge is 161 kms long, 27 kms wide and the ravine reaches a maximum depth of 550 meters.

Fish River CanyonThe Namibia Fish River Canyon was formed some million years a go as a result of fractures in the surrounding plateau and was further deepened by the constant erosion and glaciers. A road running for 25km along the eastern edge of the canyon leads to a series of viewing sites. In early times Fish River Canyon was a haven for the Namibian residents as the area is extremely arid with virtually no rainfall and the river provided food and water for humans and animals alike.

The fish river is actually the longest inland river in Namibia, floods for the late summers and then makes a chain of long shallow fools during the months of the year.

Sights and Fish River Canyon tours

November to April are extremely hot months for the summer with mid day temperatures up to 40º C , May to September are quite cool on the often good for hiking on the fish river canyon with chilly nights and light rains; the best time to go visiting.

Fish River hiking trail is one of the most famous hiking trails in South Africa stretching a distance of 54km. The hike starts from the main look-out point and ends at the hot springs resort of Ai-Ais normally done for period of 5days. The hiking trail is open from the beginning of May to September with moderate temperatures. The hiking trail has magnificent views of the canyon and a great sight for taking pictures; it actually ranks among the most visited Namibia Tourism destinations!

Not far west of Namibia Fish River Canyon is the Ai-Ais hot springs, one of Namibia's famous hot springs resorts. Thermal water bubbles from the springs of Ai-Ais at a temperature of 60°C and is very rich in sulphates and fluorides. In the Nama's language, 'Ai-Ais' means 'burning water'. The thermal bath immediately next to the spring is a popular palm fringed resort, especially during the winter with spectacular swimming pools. The hot water springs are open from April to October with the rest of the year being too hot. Horse rides to the resort will give you sight over the dry rocky landscape normally explored for the early morning and late in the afternoon.

In the area you will also see a strange Namibian plant. The quiver tree or `Kokerboom' is indigenous to the hot and dry southern part of Namibia. Fish River CanyonThe plants are succulents and can reach a height of up to 9 meters. They have adapted to the extreme environmental conditions by storing water in their trunks. The tree blossoms for the first time after 20 to 30 years and can reach 300 years of age. As the trunk and branches can be easily hollowed out, they were used as quivers by the Bushmen (San people) who formerly roamed lived here.

Fish River National park

Fish river Canyon is a protected conservation area and with a small habitat for some mammals like rock-hopping Klipspringer,mountain zebra, kudu Leopards rock hyrax and Chacma baboons. The bush fringing the canyon attracts a rich birdlife with over 50 different colored species such as Herons, rock kestrals, lanner falcons. hammerkops, Egyptian Geese, Plovers and Wagtails. The area is worth visiting with a good camera to capture every moment of your trip.

Fish River Canyon Accommodation

Namibia fish river canyon has a few options for overnight and accommodation that are located to the south. Some of these options include Canon Lodge, probably the most popular with fully furnished rooms and excellent service. Canyon Roadhouse is another luxury Fish River Canyon accommodation options with delightful service. Find other lodges like Fish River Lodge, Vogelstrausskluft lodge, Canyon Village and Ai-Ais  Resort. Hobas Rest camp offers options fro camping on the main view point over the Fish River Canyon.

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