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Lüderitz, Namibia

Lüderitz is a small town that is located in the south western part of Namibia and everyone who has taken time to visit this small town will attest to you that it is one of the best towns in the country and that everyone should visit it while on a safari to Namibia. It was purchased in the year 1883 by a German colonialist in the year 1883 and has a lot of undiscovered things that everyone should experience while in the country.

Getting around Lüderitz is quite easy and you can either drive yourself around the town or hire a car to take you around. If you are not so sure of which cars to rent, there are many tour operators within Lüderitz that can help you with your transportation needs and these will take you to the different tourist attractions that are found within the town.

The town is filled with German architecture and one might think that they have travelled to a mini Germany once they step foot into the town. Some of the things that you should not miss when you visit Lüderitz include the following:

The beaches around Lüderitz

The people who live in Lüderitz are so few which means that the population at the white sand beaches that are located within the area will be extremely less and you will get to enjoy yourself privately. One of the beaches near the town is Agate beach and although this one was reserved for the mining of diamonds and no tourists are allowed to gain access, you can still admire it from a distance. The more accessible beaches will give you a chance to admire the tranquil beauty of the town as you enjoy your picnic with your friends.

Explore the Lüderitz peninsular

The Lüderitz peninsular is located next to the Sperrgebiet and has a lot of tourist attractions which will make your stay within the town more exciting and these include:

  • The Sturmvogelbucht Bay

This is one of the Bays that are located within Lüderitz and a good place to go for all those that love birding. The Bay has a rundown railway station that once belonged to the Norwegians and a slat Pan that is not so far away from it and once the rains come in, it becomes a haven for the lesser flamingo which fly in and also breed from the area. Carry some warm clothes and binoculars so that you get a close look at the lesser pink flamingo while at the Bay.


  • Visit the Diaz point

The Diaz point is a light house that was constructed by the Portuguese navigator Dias and it was used as a watch tower during that time and although at the moment it is does not look like its former self, the light house gives you a chance to see the whole town form an elevated point of view and it is also a good place for one to watch birds and dolphins that are occasionally seen swimming in the Ocean.



The historical buildings in Lüderitz

Lüderitz is a mini German with all the buildings that were constructed using German architecture and all these can be visited while in the city. Even though they were constructed in different years, the buildings are quite a sight for the eye and everyone should at least visit each one of them. Some of the historical buildings that are found in Lüderitz include the following:

  • The Evangelical Lutheran church, Lüderitz

The Evangelical Lutheran church has quite a history and was constructed by the German colonialists and named Felsenkirche a German name which meant church on the rocks because it was constructed on a granite of rocks. It is one of the first churches that was constructed in Namibia and it was constructed after there was an increment of German soldiers in the town because of the increased resistance against their rule and the more they came into the town, the more they saw a need to construct a church. The church was declared a National monument in the year 1978 and a visit to the church will give you a chance to take a closer look at the unique architecture and also get to learn more about the history of the Lüderitz town and the German rule in Namibia.

  • The Krabbenhoft and Lampe building

This was constructed in the year 1908 after three friends came up with the idea to create business in the Lüderitz town and that is how the construction of the building came up. Tourists are allowed to explore the building and it is always open from morning to evening, so if you get time make sure that you pass by and get to know the history of the people who made Lüderitz what it is today.

There are also other historical buildings in the town that you can visit besides the ones that have been mentioned above and these include the Goerke Haus also known as the diamond palace, the Kreplin house, Woerman house and Turnhalle, the old post office and the Dustche Afrika bank building. A trip to all these historical buildings can easily be arranged with your tour operator for as long as you book on time.

Visit the horses in the Desert

The wild horses in Lüderitz are located in the desert area known as the Aus and there are about 200 wild horses in the area. The horses are of a rare breed and many people are not so sure where they came from but there is a theory that they were left behind by the Germans after the world war one and from that time they have been in the Desert and since then they have adapted to the harsh conditions. Even though you are not an ardent fan of horse riding, the characters that these feral horses show are so different from the normal horses and you will be blown away with them and with the help of an expert, you might also get a chance of petting the horses.

Take a walk through the town

Lüderitz referred to as a mini- Germany by many tourists is a wonderful place for tourists to stretch their legs as they walk around the town. Your walk through town will take you through the different streets, the old German architectural buildings, the shops where you can get to buy some souvenirs for yourself and also meet some locals who will tell you more about the history of the town. The walk around the town is a short but exciting one but do not walk with your valuables as these might be snatched by thieves especially in the evening hours and do not forget to carry your camera with you so that you capture the still life of the town.

Explore kolmanskop

If you have never visited a ghost town and want to experience life in a ghost town then kolmanskop in Namibia is the right place for you to go to. In the previous years the town was a prominent one after the discovery of diamond in the area but when the mining stopped, the town was abandoned and at the moment it is a former shell of itself. The town is easy to get to although you will need a permit in order for you to enjoy the ghost town with all its dilapidated buildings and it is also better if you go with a tour guide so that you do not get lost.

Go shopping in Lüderitz

There are several souvenir shops that are located within the town and from here you can get yourself something that matches with your taste. One of the best things to buy while in Lüderitz is fish because this is in plenty and not expensive and get a taste of the best sea foods served in the different restaurants found in the town. And as you head out for shopping, make sure that you go with a tour guide to help you with translation and bargaining skills because you might be overcharged.

Lüderitz town to most tourists is the first heaven they experience before they head down to the Southern part of Namibia to experience other things that the country has to offer. There are also other tourist attractions that you can easily visit while in Lüderitz and these include the Fish River canyon, Pomona and many more others and these can be added on your bucket list while on a visit to the town of Lüderitz.

As you head out to Lüderitz town, it is advisable that you get there at least during the morning hours as there are sand storms that are normally experienced during the afternoon hours and you do not want to be caught up in a sand storm. But still just in case carry a scarf, googles and a face mask to protect your face from the sand storms in case you find one while in Lüderitz.