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Namibia National Parks and Reserves

Namibia is one of the most exciting adventure and holiday safari destinations in Southern Africa. Some of the Namibia National parks and reserves are found in the vast Kalahari desert which is home to more than 56 different species of endemic Namibia wildlife and more than 500 species of birds including endemics like Herero chat, Damara tern, Monteiro's Hornbill and the rock mention a few.

Some thing unique about Namibia's wildlife is the Namib desert seem kind if hot and hostile but boasts some of the unique wildlife habitats and endemic species of both flora and fauna.

List of National Parks and Game Reserves in Namibia

Etosha National Park-It is one of the largest parks in Namibia and also one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa. this Namibia national park is known for the large herds of elephants and the dense population of predators such as cheetah, lion, spotted hyena, jackal, serval, civet and the endangered African wild dog. More than 110 different species of mammals are found in the park while nearly 350 birds are recorded as being residents and migrants in Etosha.

Namib-Naukluft Park- one of the most exotic wildlife safari destinations in Namibia covering nearly 50,000sq km including habitats like  Sossusvlei, Sesriem, Naukluft Mountains and Sandwich Harbour.

Fishriver Canyon Park- besides being the longest canyon in Africa, the Fish River canyon is a good destination for hiking, wildlife safaris and nature trails. The park comprised of the Ai-Ais Hot Springs Resort, the Fishriver Canyon and the Huns Mountains.

Skeleton Coast Park- this unique Namibia safari park stretches  from the banks of Ugab River in the south for 500km to the Kunene River in the north and covers an area of 16 400km². The attraction is it landscape, its aura of mystery and wildlife.

Cape Cross Seal Reserve-Situated approximately 130km north of Swakopmund, the park was proclaimed to protect up to 23 colonies of Cape Fur seals.

National West Coast Recreation Area- This is a 200km stretch of coastline north of Swakopmund, between the Swakop and Ugab rivers, is renowned for its outstanding angling potential.

Waterberg National Park-located on a rising plateau some 200m above a surrounding sea of bush and savannah, the 405km² Waterberg Plateau Park near Otjiwarongo, is home to some 25 game and 200 bird species.

Mahango Game Reserve -Situated east of Rundu and borders on the perennial Okavango River near the border of Botswana. It is characterised by riverine forests, a broad flood plain and large herds of elephant. the park does not have overnight facilities

Caprivi Game Reserves- Situated to the east of Mahango Game Reserve, the Caprivi is sanctuary to a variety of game species like elephant, roan and kudu. A 4-wheel drive is essential as the terrain is sandy. No overnight facilities exist in the park.  Other game reserves found in the Caprivi strip region include Mamili game reserve and Mudumu game reserve, all in found in Namibia

Khaudum Game Reserve-Situated north of Tsumeb, it protects the northern Kalahari sandveld biome and harbours several big game and bird species.

Hardap Game Reserve-The reserve, near Marienthal, covers an area of 250km² and offers excellent game viewing opportunities.

Daan Viljoen-Close to Windhoek and although small, the park supports a healthy game population and is also a good spot for bird-watching.

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