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Oshikoto, Namibia

Oshikoto the former capital city of Tsumeb was named after the Lake Otjikoto that is located in Tsumeb and it is one of the many regions that make up Namibia as a country and unlike other regions within the country that are either bordered by another country, it is surrounded by a game park and other towns. The Oshikoto region is divide into two parts that is the Norther part which is filled with farmers carrying out agriculture and the southern part which is filled with cattle keepers and the miners due to the presence of copper in the area.

Oshikoto region has several states within it and these are the Engodi state, the Oniipa state, the Oshikoto sate, the omuthiygwiipundi state, the okangolo state and the Omuntele state all which can be visited by either driving through or trekking around the states. Since they are majorly known for mining and farming, you will find that the food in the markets is equally cheap and on top that fresh.

There are many activities and places to see in Oshikoto and all these can be seen any time of the year but it is best if you first find out exactly when to visit because the activities that you intend to carry out while in Oshikoto will highly determine the time as to when you should visit. Getting to Oshikoto is best done on a drive through because this will show you more sights but you will also need a four wheel drive to get you through the town especially during the wet season.

Some of the activities and places that you can visit I Oshikoto include the Otjikoto Lake which has several German ammunition in it, the Tsumeb museum where you will be able to learn more about the Namibian culture, the historical buildings and many more others and some of these have been explained below so that you get more knowledge about them and choose which one comes on top of your bucket list.

The Tsumeb Museum

The Tsumeb museum is located within Tsumeb which is considered to be the largest town in Oshikoto. The museum was opened up in the year 1975 and it has a lot of artifacts that are kept in the different shelves so that tourists can easily see them. The most visited site within the museum is where you will find the German ammunition that was got from the bottom of the Lake Otjikoto. The ammunition was dropped into the Lake when the German colonialists were retreating from Namibia after the South African army attacked them and not wanting to surrender their weapons to the enemy, it was dropped into the Lake and even though some are still at the bottom of the Lake, others can be viewed at the Tsumeb museum.

The other section that you will enjoy while in the Tsumeb museum is the one that has artifacts from the different tribes that are located within Namibia that is the San Bushmen, the Herero and the Himba and through the exhibition that is set up, you will be able to learn more about the different cultures and traditions that they carry out and their history.

The Otjikoto Lake

This is located in Oshikoto and it is the second natural permanent Lake that is found in Namibia. The Lake is extremely deep in that the many locals have attached different legends to the Lake saying that whoever swims in the Lake neve comes back as they are taken by the spirits that live within the Lake. No one knows exactly the depth of the Lake but if it’s weird depth is not an attraction enough for you, then the green water will keep you on your hinges as you also listen to the different stories from the locals.

Explore the Etosha National Park

The Etosha National Park is one of the best Parks in the whole country and there are a lot of activities that are carried out here like animal viewing, birding, trekking and most of these are done at the numerous water holes that are located within the National Park. One of the most visited water holes in the Etosha National Park is the Okaukuejo water hole.

  • The Okaukuejo water hole

The Okaukuejo water hole is located within Etosha National park which is located next to the Oshikoto region and it is one of the most frequently visited water holes in the Park. Next to the water hole is a watch tower and the Etosha ecological institute where you get to learn more about the wild life that habitates within the national Park and during the dry season that is experienced in the Park, you will find many animals gathering here to get water and some of the animals include the antelopes, kudus, lions, zebras, elephants, hyenas, leopards, black rhinos and many more others and you can also view these animals at night due to the presence of the watch tower which provides light.

There are many activities that you can carry out when you visit the Etosha National park while in Oshikoto and some of these include the following:

  • Birding, the Etosha National Park is known to be an extremely good place for all those that love birding due to the many waterholes that are located within the Park and other habitats where the birds can easily be seen. Some of the most common birds that can be seen while here include the lesser pink flamingo, the crested grebe, the black necked grebe, the tawny eagle, vultures and many more other species.
  • Wild life viewing, this is mostly done during the dry season and some of the animals that habitate within the Etosha National Park include lions, leopards, buffalos, antelopes, kudus, crocodiles, hippos, the brown and spotted hyenas and many more others.
  • Exploring the Etosha pan, this is located within the National park is something that you should visit while in Oshikoto. During the dry season it is a good place for one to take a walk and photos but when you visit during the wet season, you will find a lot of animals surrounding the pan some getting water for drinking while others just want to cool off.

Take a visit to the Forte Namutoni

The Namutoni fort was a former German area that was constructed in order to contain the foot and mouth disease that was killing most of the animals that lived in the park and around the villages. The fort later became a place where the Germans controlled the smuggling of weapons and other commodities by both the locals and some of the Europeans as well. At the moment the fort has a great history about the German rule and it can easily be accessed by the locals but only those that are trekking through and it is also a free entrance place for all those who want to go and explore the fort.

Hiking through the city

The Oshikoto region is a good place for all tourists to visit and one better way to explore all of it is by trekking through the city. You might not know all the short cuts and other roads that are best used for hiking that is why you will need either to get yourself a map or a tour guide to take you around the region on a hike. Prepare your best hike boots, carry lots of water and get to do a lot of activities while on your hike like animal viewing, birding, meeting with the locals and also exploring all the historical sites that are located within the region.

Explore the Herero people

The Herero are some of the tribes that are located within the Oshikoto region. They have an interesting culture that you will want to experience while you are in the region and some of the things that you get to experience while here include the following:

  • They are known pastoralists and keep on moving from one place to another and they live in huts that can easily be fell when they are migrating and then they can easily be rebuilt in their new places.
  • They believe in the fire god and you will find that every Herero homestead has a fire that is built in their compound and they also have a fire person that has a person who always is always in charge of the fire. They believe that they can easily communicate with their ancestors through the fire.
  • They are also known to be polygamous people and the men can get as many wives as they want for as long as the first side likes them that is the first wife helps in the selection of all the other wives and the job of the women is to take care of the homestead and all the property that they own while the men go out to hunt.
  • The Herero people were greatly influenced by the Germans and this is seen with the way that the women dress up that is their traditional wear which is always red resembles the Victorian style of the German women and this is worn on several occasions and they add on an accessory of the horn shaped hat that was designed to show their love for their