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Skeleton Coast Namibia

The Skeleton Coast is Namibia’s infamous tourist attraction that is located in the northern region to the border on the Atlantic Ocean.  It starts south of the Orange River in Angola occupying much of the Namibian Atlantic ocean coast for an incredible 200km. Much of the skeleton coast area lies in the vast Namib Desert region sections of which include the Namib-Naukluft Park in the south, the Skeleton Coast Park in the north and Iona Park in Angola.

The skeleton coast is bordered by Swakopmund in the north which is predominantly lying in rocky deserts and sand dunes from Torra bay to the river beds of Hoarusib and Kunene. Kaokoland and the Himba people also occupy the northern border to skeleton coast. In the south are the Damara people and the diamond Area of Luderitz.

Skeleton coast is an interesting collection of aged ship wrecks, rocky outcrops near Spencer Bay, wildlife and skeletons of dead animals.

Skeleton Coast National park

This Namibian safari game park is located north of the Namib Desert on the border with Namib-Naukluft National park between Ugab and Kunene River. The park is 16,000sqkm and part of the notable features here include the agate mountain salt pans, cape Fria seals, the castle of Hoarisib and the west Coast Recreation area.

The different plants found in this park grow on sand dunes thanks to the thick fog and moisture that forms here. Besides the seal colonies, there are baboons, desert elephants, giraffes, black rhinos, oryx, ostrich, brown hyena, lions and the springbok that live in the lush bushy area of the Skeleton Coast National Park.

Best time to Visit

The Skeleton coast of Namibia is often visited throughout the year but it is very important to note the changes in weather for the coast. The summer starts around October and ends in May with more friendly weather conditions and temperatures between30-36ºC. The mornings are quite warm but the fog persists for much of the early morning hours.

The nights are under clear sky filled with thousands of twinkling stars. May to September marks the winter time when temperature drops to freezing point especially in the morning.

While visiting skeleton coast, pack light safari clothing like long sleeved shirts and trousers, sun glasses, comfortable walking shoes, a sun hat and a pair of  binoculars

Getting there

Skeleton coast safaris are arranged by several Namibia Safari companies and Tour operators in Windhoek the capital of Namibia. You can choose between a private safari by vehicle or using an aircraft charter from Windhoek International Airport or Eros Airport.

Skeleton Coast Accommodation

Accommodation from the skeleton coast is from exclusive private owned Namibia safari lodges and camps such as from the self catering Lagoon Cottages in Walvis Bay, Namib Shore Guesthouse and self catering camping at Skeleton Coast Camp. The camp has comfortable bedding, bucket showers, flush toilets. Luckily, supplies like vegetables, soft drinks and wine are also supplied.The fishing coast at Terrace bay is another exciting place to find accommodation in bungalows and at Torra Bay camp if booked early enough.

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