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Swakopmund Namibia

Swakopmund is a famous Namibia city off the coast of Namibia in the north west district of Erongo. The town actually occupies some 193 sq miles of a beach resort and is doted with ancient German architecture. In German, the name Swakopmund is translated as mouth of Swakop.

Swakopmund is ranked among the fastest growing towns and tourist attractions of Namibia. As a beach resort, Swakopmund is particularly popular for its December Namibia holidays thanks to the cool weather and its set of incredible Namibia tourism attractions.

The city lies in the beautiful section of the Namib Desert referred to as the West Coast recreation area in wind swept sand dunes, palm fringed beaches and tree lined streets

Attractions in Swakopmund

Swakop river delta defines life in Swakopmund. Although this river is dry for most of the time, occasional rains can sometime cause it to flood but it is nothing to worry about when you visit Namibia. Henties Bay and the Cape Cross Seal Reserve in the north part of Swakopmund are the most famous fishing villages but watch out for the foul smell that will greet you once you are here. At the Cape Cross reserve are several seals that you’ll find mounted on the rock. The skeleton Coast National park lies in the further northern part of Swakopmund and although it is an infamous place to visit in Namibia, it’s listed on Namibia’s tourism destinations.

Swakopmund museum is a highlight of tours in Swakopmund and houses more than 50 different items and art works that show the history and evolution of Swakopmund as a town and Namibia as a country. The nearby Rossing mine located east of the city centre is an interesting palce to add on your Swaopmund Namibia tours.

Swakopmund Snake Park boasts a good number of the poisonous reptiles you’ll find in Namibia in addition to some few amphibians like frogs. The snake park is open every day and closes around 17h00. You can visit the park at 4pm and see how these reptiles are fed. Welwitschia is a famous tree species that has been an identity for Swakopmund as a city and is one of the oldest Namibia Tree species that grows to an average age of 500-600 years.

Buildings and monuments of German architecture are an interesting feature of Swakopmund streets and they include the Hohenzollern Building, the Marine memorial, the War memorial in memory of those killed in World War 2, Princess Rupprecht House originally a military hospital now a private guest house. The Kaserne buildings that were formerly used as army barracks have designs similar to Alte Feste in Windhoek and Fort Namutoni in Etosha. The old Swakopmund Prison is open to tourists every day.

Swakopmund Hansa brewery is friendly place for Namibia’s tourist offering free beers to all people that visit the brewery. Other places to visit in Swakopmund include Swakopmund Railway station that was completed in 1901, Deutsche Evangelical Church and the old Swakop Lighthouse standing at 20 meters.

Best time to visit

Most morning Swakopmund is shrouded in dense awesome fog that comes inland for approximately 30 km and feeds the desert-dwelling plants and animals. This usually lifts before midday and days are usually warm and sunny. If the easterly wind is coming the city will get a great sand-raging.

December holidays are the best time to visit Swakopmund for Namibia holidays but the beach is always crowded with holiday makers. This marks the summer holidays and the weather in Swakopmund is cool around this time

Things to do

For individuals thinking about adventure activities Swakopmund offers sand boarding, quad biking, dune carting, parachuting, hot air ballooning, shark fishing and fishing. Walking is another way you can choose to experience the sand dunes of Swakopmund, the tree lined streets and the beach resorts.

Swimming at the Swakopmund coast is another of the activities you can enjoy in this Namibia tourist town but as a caution, the water can be quite cold and freezing fro some days.

Getting there

Swakopmund is included on just about every Namibian tour itinerary, and it’s quite rightly considered one of the country’s highlights. This Namibia town is just 280km west of the capital Windhoek. There is a bus with daily travel schedules to Swakopmund from Windhoek and also an overnight train to Windhoek.

There is a small airstrip in Swakopmund that serves charter flights from Windhoek airport and another at Walvis Bay located just 30km outside Swakopmund city centre.

Swakopmund Accommodation

Swakopmund tours never disappoint when it comes to the range of accommodation. There are plenty of Swakopmund Namibia hotels to choose from such as Hansa Hotel, Hotel Eberwein, Hotel Europa Hof, Hotel Schweizerhaus and many others.

For cheap Swakopmund accommodation, try out facilities at Swakopmund Municipal Camp, Cornerstone Guesthouse, An Der Mole Beach resort, Central guesthouse, the Secret garden Guesthouse, the Boat House Bed and Breakfast and Dunenblick Alle la Mer among several other choices.

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