Attractions in Niger

Over the past years the tourism industry of Niger has gradually grown as most of the tourist attraction the country has to offer are becoming renown to the rest of the world. Despite being a small country, Niger is blessed with a beautiful varying landscape comprised of various rivers, plateaus, mountains and rivers. The country has various attractions found in different parts. Below is a list highlighting of Niger Tours Africa.

Gurara Waterfalls

The Gurara waterfalls are the best waterfalls in the whole Niger. The falls are quite spectacular with tiny water streams diverging from the main river Gurara and gently ascend the rocky cliffs. The falls are quite powerful as they gush through a small gorge to make a thunderous fall meters below. The best time to visit the falls is during the sunny days when the waters are colorfully sparking giving the entire place a beautiful characteristic appearance.

Zuma Rock

The Zuma is a very beautiful enormoniger photous rock that the Gwari people used for defense against the neighboring communities or tribes who used to evade them during the various tribal wars. It is supposed that this giant rock has certain powers that render enemies powerless and on the other hand provide a good hideaway for the local residents. Unique about this rock is that the closer you move to it a human-like face appears from the engraving the mouth and the nose of the side facing the Abuja road. The Zuma rocks are some of the best rock formations you can find in Niger and it is ideal for picnics.

National Museum of Niger

The national Museum of Niger is situated in the capital city of Niger Niamey. Visiting this museum will give you the opportunity to view the rich and stunning traditional art of the ancient inhabitants of this country. It also houses various sculptures of Niger origin. The unique paleontological plus the ethnographic exhibits have attracted several tourists from all corners of the world.

Niamey Tours

Niamey is the capital city of Niger and it serves not only as the economic hub but also as the administrative center of the country. Generally, Niamey is a major trade center particularly for agricultural peanut growing region. There are several companies in this city among which are shoes, cement, beverages and food product companies.

Bida Town

Bida town is niger photoone of the magnificent towns around Niger and it is renowned because of its colorful vibrant market and the numerous handcrafts. Visitors can always pick themselves a souvenir such as beads, silver works, glasses works, brace works pottery and many others.

Major Cities

The major cities of Niger are Agadez, Zinder and Naimey which are bursting with activity and are quite scenic. They hold various historical national monuments and architectural designs in addition to various museums and art galleries and several office buildings plus financial centers.

Nightlife Tours Niger

Niniger photoger has a very lively nightlife with various restaurants, bars, cafes, open-air cinemas, theatres and several nightclubs. The happy people are always dancing to the wonderful music well selected by the entertaining DJ’s.

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