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Niger is a country from West Africa named after the Niger river that crosses through the country. It is bordered by Burkina Faso and Mali to the West, Nigeria and Benin in the south, Algeria and Libya in the north and Chad in the East.

Part of the land in north Niger is under the vast Sahara desert sand dunes making it quite an adventure destination for overland Africa safaris.

History and Culture

Niger was one of the states in vast Songhai Empire that stretched as far as Air Massif , the highest peak in Niger. The period of 13 to 18th century was characterized by invasion and expansion of West African kingdoms including the Fulani Kingdom of northern Nigeria.

In the 19th century, Niger was taken over the English and later the French in 1922 until 1956 when it attained its independence.

Attractions and Niger Tours

There is much to visit in Niger, especially to the northern Sahara desert regions. Agadez is one of the biggest towns and tourist points in the Sahara desert region in Niger. It is reached by the traditional camel trails and some of its few tourist attractions are the grand mosque, golden sand dunes at sunset and its unique architectural works.

Air Mountains and Tenere desert are part of the northern

Niger tours

or holiday tours. The volcanic mountains is dramatic in its setting separating the lush south from the dry north and towers up to 2100m above sea level. There are some rock paintings and art on one of the rocks on the foot hills. Near the mountain slopes are the magnificent hot springs at Tafadek and the oasis towns of Timia & Iferouane-they are a spring of life in the northern part of Niger. Take a tour of the sand dunes at Temet that glamour in Golden shades in the setting sun

Niamey is the capital of Niger located in on the banks of River Niger. It is a busy capital dotted with vibrant markets, hotels, museum and a few international offices and NGOs. Maradi is an agricultural city marked as the third largest in Niger. The market in Marandi is the major tourist attraction –selling everything from fresh food supplies to  antiques and gift items.

Zinder is a must visit on Niger tours. It is the dotted with traditional Hausa families, winding crowded streets that previously were used as trading routes for slaves. Other sights in Zinder

include the sultan palace and the former prison.


The northern parts of Niger are rather dry since much of it is under the Sahara Desert. Temperatures in the desert regions can rise up to 45ºC during March to June. The Niger River defines the weather for the southern part and the heavy rains are experienced during May to September. Nevertheless, it is best to visit Niger during the cool months if December to February

Getting there

Niger is totally landlocked and is majorly accessible by road from the different border posts. There are taxis and buses that transport goods and passengers across the border.

By air, Niger is accessed via the Naimey International Airport with Niger flights from Paris, Marseilles, Nigeria and other west African countries. Airlines with flights to Niamey Niger include Air Burkina, Afriqiyah Airways, Air Algerie, Royal Air Maroc and Air Senegal among others.

Niger Hotels and Accommodation

The bulk of the hotels and accommodation options in Niger are located in the south. Some of the restaurants and hotels in Niger include Le Pillier hote, Le Diamangou, Le Shangai, Camp Touristque and AFVP rest House among others.