Nigeria is commonly visited by tourists who wish to participate in its cultural celebrations and festivals, of which there are many! The country is blessed with a myriad of cultures and peoples besides its rainforests on the Niger Delta, waterfalls and other attractions.

Lagos is the capital of Nigeria housing more than half of the Nigerian population, more than 50% of the Nigerian Newspaper publishers and is commercial house of Nigeria too. Since it is one the beach coast, you have a full view of the Victoria Island. Other sights in Lagos Nigeria include Badagry the forst missionary post in the country, Lekki conservancy centre, Jakara Market on Lagos Island, the national museum, Eyo Masquerade and so much more. Other interesting cities in Nigeria include Osun, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu and Cross River among others.

Wildlife in Nigeria

In addition to the cultural attractions of Nigeria, the varied landscapes, geographical sites and national parks hold the biggest appeal.Nigeria has an impressive eight national parks, including Kainji National Park,Cross River National Park, COld Oyo National Park, Gashuti-Gumti National Park, Chad Basin National Park and Yankari National Park.

Kainji National Park was established in 1976 and is the oldest in Nigeria. It includes Kainji Lake (a reservoir) which was formed by the building of the Kainji Dam in 1968. Only the western sector of the national park (i.e. west of the lake) is currently open to visitors and the landscape here is mainly Sudan-Guinea Savanna. This park is in the west of Nigeria and would involve a long journey from either Lagos International Airport or Abuja International Airport.

Old Oyo National Park is very close to the border with Benin in western Nigeria and is more easily accessible from Lagos International airport to the south. The park is home to a variety of birds, plant life and animals, including buffalo, and also contains the ruins of the historic old Oyo city, capital of the Oyo Empire until it was destroyed in the late 18th century.

Yankari National Park is in the north east of Nigeria and is the most popular tourist attraction in the country. It is the largest of the eight national parks and was opened in 1991 and eagerly promotes ecotourism. The park gives visitors the chance to see wildlife roaming in their natural habitat, such as the African Bush Elephants, and around 50 other species, including Hippopotamus, Olive Baboon, Tantalus Monkey and Waterbuck. You can also see up to 350 species of bird here.

The Yankari Nantional Park has four natural warm water springs, one of which is the Wikki spring, at the touristic centre of the park. Wikki spring can be swum in 24 hours a day by park visitors, especially those staying at Wikki Camp where you’ll find 110 chalets, a restaurant, bar and conference centre. This is the place to take a safari trip from, and usually at least two trips depart per day.If you’re flying from South Africa and want to visit the Yankari National Park, either Kano or Abuja would be the best airports to fly to.

Cultural festivities

The Durbar festival, for example, which is celebrated in a number of towns in Nigeria, including the most famous ones of Katsina, Kano and Bida is a very popular tourist attraction. To reach these you would take a flight to Kano.

When Should You Visit

As the 32nd largest country in the world, Nigeria experiences more than one climate: the north is arid, the centre is tropical and the south is equatorial. With these three types, the weather will always be warm to hot, though there are rainy seasons. The coastal areas experience two rainy seasons: in May to June, and again in October, whilst the north has a long dry season from October to April.

Getting there

Cheapest flights to Nigeria are booked online from travel websites and Nigeria tour and travel company. There are many airlines to Nigeria from any airports. You can only fly direct from Johannesburg South Africa with South African Airways, British Airways, Ethiopia Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Kenya Airways. Other flights come in from London Heathrow, America and other European cities.
Nigeria is a country rich in numerous human plus natural resources that have made it a favorite destination for travelers to Africa. The rich immaculate attractions that feature within its terrain have made the country a very scenic destination to adventure. There is never a shortage of activities to partake in Nigeria, whether it’s your first visit or not. The country warmly opens its doors to all it visitor in enthusiastic to learn about its culture, history and art.

Ogbunike Cave

This spectacular cave segmented into various parts is situated a few kilometers from Onitsha Market-town in the state of Anambra. Interesting about these cave are the unique stories associated with each section of the caves. As you tour through this cave your guides will gladly tell you all these stories.

Agbokim waterfalls

Just a few kilometers from the border with Cameroon, southeast of Nigeria lays the splendid waterfalls found in Cross-River-State close to 30 Kilometers from Ikom. The place is ideal for picnics, and the spectacular verdant flora the covers the surrounding expanse make it quite a scenic area.


The country has over 30 museums plus art galleries in different parts that offer visitors an opportunity to marvel at the various archaeological, artifacts, historic plus transport objects from it ancient past. The most prominent of all is the National Museum found in Lagos which offers free entrance and opens from 9:00am to 5:00pm daily. The museum has several carvings, statutes, and an ivory gallery. Other museum include: the National War Museum in Kaduna, Esie Museum and the Museum of Traditional Architecture.

National Parks

These are the best places to go sightseeing on your tour in Nigeria and they are very much enjoyed by many tourists. The country boosts of five major National Parks which not only hold a rich diversity of game but also have dense forests. The biggest and yet most prominent of all is Gashaka Gumti National park found in the mountainous part in Northeastern Nigeria close to its border with Cameroon. Other National parks include Cross River National Park and Kainji National park among others.


This is not only the most populated town in Nigeria but also serves as its capital. The city is bustling with activity with several brightly colored market centers, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants with irresistible cuisines and luxurious hotels. It holds the National theatre, the city Hall which is the seating base of the government, museums and a cathedral among others.


As you travel through Nigeria, you will discover that the Nigerian people enjoy having fun not only in the large cities but also in the smaller towns. There are several interesting places among which are bars, clubs, cafes and theatres.


These are some of the most relaxing sots in Nigeria you can visit during some of your holidays in Nigeria. The beaches are found along the coastal strip and with splendid resorts plus hotels that offer lavish accommodation to their visitors. The most renowned is the coconut beach which is found in western Lagos in Badagry town. Other beaches include the Ibeno Beach, Victoria Beach, central Beach and Calabar Beach.

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