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Chad Basin National Park is found in the northeastern part of Nigeria between Borno and Yobe States and covers an area of 2258sq km. The park covers 3 eco-regions of Chingurmi-Duguma, Bade Nguru Wetlands and Bulatura Oases.

The largest is is Chingurmi-Duguma Sector covering an estimated is 1228sq km in the districts of Gulumba and Woloji in the Borno state. The sector is made of large acacia woodlands and dotted with dense patches of elephants grass-a typical extension of the sahelian zone. This section borders the Waza National Park in the neighboring Cameroon.

Bade-Nguru Wetlands Sector is often referred to as Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands and covers an area of just 938sq km south west of the town of Bade and Jakusko. The main attraction in this part of the park is Dagona Waterbirds Sanctuary that is internationally significant as a host to migrant birds. Some of the important tourists to the sanctuary include the president of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Prince Bernhardt of Netherlands and Prince Philip and  the Duke of Edinburgh who the site in 1987 and 1989 respectively.

Bulatura Sector is just a landscape of Sand Dunes in Yusufari town of Yobe State covering an area of 92sq km. valleys are fertile zones with swamps while the oases are formal tourist zones when it comes to eco-tourism.


The park contains some rare desert wildlife like giraffe, ostrich, red fronted gazelle and many other species of mammals.

Sambisa Game Reserve

is also a constituted and gazetted a Game Reserve that was established in the year 1978, Sambisa covers an area of 520sq km. It is about 70km south of Maiduguri, 15km west of Bama town and 50km northwest of Gwoza town.

It is bordered by Konduga Local Government Area to the North and Gwoza LGA to the south and southeast, and Bama LGA to the east. Sambisa is an important sanctuary for a group of migratory elephants that numbers about 200.

The herd migrates annually from Gujba Forest in Yobe State through Damboa, Knoduga, Gwoza and Askira/Uba Local Government Areas. Sambisa is also home to a variety of rare or endangered species of animals such as Ostriches, Roan antelope, Topi, Red fronted gazelle, Leopard, Secretary birds, etc.

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