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Ruaha National Park Weather & Climate in general

Ruaha is generally hot and dry. Its Temperatures do not vary so much all year round and this is basically because if tits location near the equator crossing.  All year round, the Nights are warm, and from October to March those are the warmest months while the coolest are from June to August. The altitude variations within Ruaha range from 720m to 1886m / 2362ft to 6188ft which results into a variation in temperatures. For every 1000 meter you climb temperature drop by approximately 6.5°C or 3.5°F/1000ft. This variation may not greatly affect tourists since majority of the accessible area at lower altitude.

The dry season starts in May up to October. Ruaha experience a single extensive wet season starting in November to April during which it Thunderstorms are common in the afternoons, however it is not common that it rains the entire day.

Dry season from May to October

May, June, July, August, September and October are the coolest months of the year and the temperatures range from 27°C/81°F during the day and at night 14°C/57°F. the sun is at its peaks while the skies are clear with very few clouds.

Wet season from November to April

The wet season is usually hot and humid while the Average temperatures are between28°C/82°F during the day and 17°C/63°F at night.

November and December

In November it begins to rain although it is not easy to predict the exact timing. Since the rain showers are still scanty, it will not interfere with the safari activities. Just before the beginning if the rains, the temperatures increase and peaks of over 38°C/100°F are common. The average temperatures during the day reach 30°C/85°F and then at night and in the early morning, the average is 17°C/62°F.

January, February and March

Just as with the previous months, it is highly uncommon for it to rain the entire day, however in these months the showers are heavier particularly in the afternoon. The average temperature during the day is 28°C/82°F while at night and in the early mornings average is 17°C/62°F.


The rains lessen since this is the finish of the wet season. The Temperatures average is from 27°C/81°F to 16°C/61°F.

Back In 2008 the Usangu Game reserve joined its borders with this Ruaha making it the largest wildlife national park in Tanzania covering over 20,000 sq Km. in spite of its sheer size there are just a couple of  camps found here, hence making Ruaha the best kept wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania. The wild feel of Ruaha is what makes it different from the other renowned national parks hence making it a well liked choice for travelers into East Africa.

Ruaha is well-known for its diversified dramatic scenery that includes rising and falling hills; huge open plains; baobabs plus the stunning River Ruaha on the southern border, from which this park was named. By far this is the most prominent geographical feature in the park and, the most important for the survival of the wildlife. Ruaha experiences a hot dry climate meaning that the animals do not usually move so far from the sources of water. For this reason it is easier to predict the movement of the animals especially during the dry season.
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