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Wildlife in Ruaha National Park

Other than the large rhino, all prime safari animals can be found here in large numbers. Lions normally sty in huge prides of at times over 20 individuals. In order to feed, they usually attack large animals such as buffaloes. Ruaha NP has an oddly high diversity of antelope species, such as most of the uncommon types like the sable, lesser Kudu as well as roan antelopes.

Wildlife specials in Ruaha

Ruaha seems to be wilder than the other parks within the northern part of Tanzania; however, its real claim to popularity is its resident packs of wild dogs that can be spotted easily. There are just a couple of places where these alluring animals can easily be seen and Ruaha is among the finest. Ruaha is dwelling to the biggest population of the greater kudu in the whole of East Africa.

Best time for game viewing

From mid to the finish of the dry season (starting in June up to October) is the finest time for game viewing within the park. Animals are easier to see since the vegetation is less and the animals congregate around expected water resources. In June, you will enjoy the best views of the male greater kudus, since it is the breeding season. Wild dogs are best seen during their denning season which starts in June up to August.

Reptiles plus Amphibians

Besides the large animals, Ruaha is as well home to several reptiles plus amphibians like frogs, monitor lizards, crocodiles, agama lizards, and poisonous as well as non-poisonous snakes. The Great River Ruaha and river Mzombe are apparently the most well liked habitats for crocodiles.

Ruaha national park is among the of the well-known wildlife sanctuary where you will enjoy a unique experience of wildlife viewing together with a very spectacular terrain. The park is gifted with an amazing profusion of plants plus animals like the Greater Kudu (Tragelaphus  strepsiceros) that can’t be seen in other national parks. The park prides in her pristine almost unexplored ecosystem which offers guests a great safari experience.

River Ruaha just as other different rivers like Mzombe, Mwagusi as well as Jongomero serve as the life line of this park. In the dry season, the rivers are actually the main water source for the wild animals. There are just a couple of natural springs which also serve as a source of water.

At the pick of the dry season, the elephants use their front feet plus trunks to get water from the dry river beds. The waterfalls along River Ruaha are as well a significant habitat for crocodiles, hippos and fish.

Ruaha National Park has a great variety of plants plus animals for example antelopes, elephants and buffalos, in addition to endangered species such as the wild dogs. The park is a water shade for wildlife as well as human beings. This for this reason it is of economic significance since it supports various agricultural activities downstream and helps in the generation of hydro- electric power for the country at the two dams of Mtera plus Kidatu.
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