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What Animals To See in Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti is without a doubt the finest national park in the whole of Tanzania. All year round large  herds of buffaloes, smaller herds of elephant plus giraffes, in addition to millions of antelopes including  elands, topi, impalas, kongoni as well as the Grant’s gazelles. You will easily also see the 3 big cats. Lions can as well be seen often enjoying a kill.Also in the southeastern plains you will be able to regularly see Cheetahs, whereas leopards may be seen resting in the giant trees on the banks of River Seronera.

Wildlife specials

The Serengeti is renowned for its yearly migration of wildebeests, when about6 million hooves traverse the open plains, and over 1,000,000 wildebeests, about 200,000 zebrasplus 300,000 Thomson’s gazelles join the match in search for fresh pastures.

Best time for viewing game

The Serengeti offers amazing views of wildlifeall year round. However the best time to see the yearly wildebeest migration is from June to July, while in February you can enjoy watching the massive calving of the wildebeests. During dry months of June up to October you will also be able to see the other wild animals living within the park such as: Elephants, Giraffe, Hippos, Buffaloes, Zebra, Wildebeest, White Rhino, Black Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Hyena, and Wild Dog

The oldest as well as most popular wildlife national park, that is also an international heritage sitewhich not long ago proclaimed as a 7th wonder of the world- the Serengeti is well-known for its yearly migration, that includes about six million hooves match the open wide plains, as over 200,000 zebrasplus 300,000 Thomson’s gazelles join the massive wildebeest’s trek for the search of fresh pasture. Even when the wildebeest migration is not there, the Serengeti providesperhaps the most dazzlingwildlife views in Africa includingherds of buffaloes, smaller herds of elephant plus giraffes, in addition to millions of antelopes including elands, topi, impalas,  kongoni as well as the Grant’s gazelles..

The vision of predators and their prey dominates this greatest park in Tanzania. Golden-maned lions feast on the profusion of plain grazers. The Solitary leopards preoccupy the acacia trees around the banks of River Seronera, while a great number of cheetahs stalks the southeastern plains. Nearly unique here is that all the 3 African species of jackal can be found here, besides the spotted hyenas and the elusive smaller predators, that range from the aardwolf that feed on insects to the gorgeousserval cat.

However there is a lot more in Serengeti than the large mammals. Rock hyraxes scuffle plus Gaudy agama lizards on the remote granite kopjessurfaces in the park. 100 types of dung beetles, more than 500 bird speciesincluding the very large ostriches and odd secretary birdsin the open grasslands, and the black eagles which soar easilyover the Lobo Hills can all be seen here.

The Serengeti is actually the jewel of all wildlife sanctuaries within Tanzania and its worth visiting.
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