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What Birds To Watch In Serengeti National Park

Serengeti national Park hosts over 500 different types of birds that have been recorded and the larger Serengeti-Mara ecosystem is among Africa’s Endemic Bird Areas, with 5 endemic bird species that cannot be seen in any other place, with have of these restricted to the Tanzanian side of this ecosystem.

The Serengeti specials can easily be seen and even identified within their confined range. In Seronera area right in the middle of the park,the grey-breasted spurfowl is among the common roadside birds. In forest areas, you will catch sight of flocks of Fischer’s lovebird and unique rufous-tailed weavers. The other 2 Serengeti-Mara EBA endemics are the grey-crested helmet-shrike together with the Usambiro barbet. From November up to Appril, you will be able to see the various Migratory birds that swarm this area.


distinguished birds

The Locally common Fischer’s lovebird, endemic to Tanzania

The Locally common Rufous-tailed weaver, endemic to Tanzania

The Locally common Usambirobarbet, endemic to Mara-Serengeti

The Locally common Grey-breasted spurfowl, endemic to Tanzania

The Locally common Kori bustard

The Locally common Secretary bird

Best time for birdwatching

Birdwatching within the Serengeti is excellentall year round, however at its best starting in November up to April. During these months the European plus North African migratory birds can be seen, and also the local resident species are nesting. This makes it actually very easy to see birds during their breeding time. In the dry season which starts in June to October, we recommend that it is the best time for watching other wildlife.

Best parks for birding

All the famouswildlife parks provide excellent opportunities for birding and specials may be seenalmost everywhere you travel. The often ignored, Arusha National Park offers an astonishingvariety of habitats, that host an unbelievable list of about 400 species within its tiny area. Lake Manyaraprovides a wonderfuldiversity of waterbirds.

The Serengeti region includes the Serengeti National Park, the famed Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Ikorongo reserved area,Maswa Game Reserve, Grumetiand LoliondoControlled Areas together with the Maasai Mara National Reserve found in Kenya. More than 90,000 tourists every year visit this Park.

one million wildebeests each one propelled by the same old rhythm of fulfilling its inborn role in the unavoidable cycle of life: a hyperactive 3 week stretch of territorial conquests as well as mating; it is survival of the fittest as the lengthy 40 km / 25 mile columns forcetheir way through the crocodile polluted waters on the yearlymass migration north; refilling the species in a short population explosion whichsees the birth of over 8,000 calves each day before the long 1,000 km / 600 mile pilgrimage starts yet again.

2 World Heritage Sites and 2 Biosphere Reserves have been set upinsidethis 30,000 sq km area. It’s distinctive ecosystem has enthused writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Peter Mattheissen, along with filmmakers like Alan Rootand Hugo von Lawickalong withseveral photographers plus scientists most of which have offered their works to the public’s disposal to offer an insight of this area.
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