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Seychelles is a destination whose tourist attractions can never be fully toured because of their diversity. It offers a variety of activities both at the beaches and off the beaches which have attracted hundreds and hundreds of tourists annually. The listing below highlights some of the best Seychelles holiday activities.

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Things to Do In Seychelles

The Seychelles is it beautiful Archipelago comprised of 115 islands located off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean. Some of the top attractions you will find in the Seychelles include a number of spectacular beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and verdant jungles as well as a number of nature reserves that have been listed by UNESCO. Nearly half of the total land area has been protected and a very big number of the islands are contained within the different Marine sanctuaries.

The Seychelles offers a variety of activities that you can engage in both on land and in water such as hiking the Mountainous trails, rock climbing, basking on the beautiful beaches, photography and enjoying the mouthwatering local cuisine. In water there is a wide spectrum of activities including surfing, diving, sailing and snorkeling which will give you an opportunity to explore the underwater world, as well as make your catch in one of the world’s richest fishing grounds. It is here that you will find very clear azure water that is pleasant to swim while in season.

Despite the large number of islands three of these are inhabited by people and interconnected by ferry routes and so holidaymakers can easily visit all of them. Below are the top 25 things to do and places to visit while on the Seychelles.

  1. Mahe Island

The Mahe is the largest island found on the Seychelles and it is here that the international airport is found making it the beginning and ending point for most visitors on holiday or on a safari in the Seychelles.  The biggest population of the local Seychelles people lives here as well. The main safari activity you can enjoy here include hiking the copolia trail which takes about two (2) hours to complete (the copolia is best recommended for outdoorsy) and then heading to Beau Vallon Beach for a swim to cool off. There are also several night clubs such as tequila boom where are holidaymakers interested in partying will surely have a very remarkable time. The northern part of this Island receives the largest number of tourists while the Southern part is less crowded. You can also visit the Victoria market where you will get an opportunity to buy some souvenirs such as clothing and also get access to various fresh vegetables and fruits. the seafood here is fresh and so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try it out.

  1. Praslin Island

Praslin Island prides in a number of beautiful beaches that are lined with palm trees among which are: Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette and Anse Volbert-Cote D’Or. The beaches have pure white sand that is boulder free offering an amazing opportunity to enjoy a stroll, whereas the interior of this island has a jungle area which is home to Praslin National Park in which you will find the Vallee de Mai nature reserve.

  1. La Digue Island

This is another amazing island worth exploring in the Seychelles and the major means of transportation around here is riding a bicycle so in case you can ride we highly recommend that you rent a bike to best explore Island. In comparison to the other main islands here, La Digue is small, remote and quieter though you won’t fail to meet other tourists especially when you visit the beautiful beaches found here. Similarly the beaches offer white soft sand perfect for walking barefooted and it’s a good place to enjoy the difference beach activities privately due to the minimal tourist crowd

  1. Anse Lazio

This is the most popular and beautiful beach in the Seychelles and it has many times ranked among the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. It has very clear azure water lined with White sand, and there are a number of granite rock formations that form a heavenly background for photography.  This beach is the best place to enjoy sunbathing and swimming. When you explore the area beyond the designated swimming points you will realize that the water is very deep and unlike most beaches in the Seychelles the Anse Lazio is not protected by coral reefs although the water is generally calm and there are lifeguards always on watch.

  1. Visit the National Museum

The National museum of history was established back in 1964 and offers a wide display of everything you want to know about the history of the people in Seychelles ranging from geology to the zoology. some of the big highlights found in this museum include a very old map that was drawn back in 1517, the smallest statue in the world of Queen Victoria, a huge Coco de Mia nut the weighs about eight kilograms (8 kg) as well as the stone of possession that was placed by Nicholas Morphey at Poudriere to represent the time when the French colonial rulers had taken over this island back in 1756. Tourists visiting this museum will pay a small admission fee and enjoy a 20 to 30 minutes tour

  1. Anse La farine

Located on Praslin Island on the waterfront of Emerald Cove Hotel, the Anse La farine is somewhat small but very spectacular Beach whose biggest tourist crowd are the residents staying at the hotel. It offers shallow water what is calm and clear making it ideal to enjoy a swim. The main water adventures that can be enjoyed here include windsurfing, snorkeling and kayaking. One of the downsides of this place however is that during the high tide, the sand may be fully submerged under the water it’s for that reason that we highly advise holidaymakers interested in visiting this Beach to always check the current status of the water tide. The beach can only be accessed by water either you take your own private means or by taking the boat right from the hotel to the beach

  1. Visit the Sainte Anne Marine National Park

The Sainte Anne Marine National Park was the very first Marine Park to be created within the Indian Ocean and it comprises of eight (8) tiny islands. These islands are home to different types of seabirds and other wildlife and each of them provides a luxurious resort where holidaymakers can stay for the night. The surrounding water around the islands has a very colorful Coral Garden in which different types of exotic-tropical fish can be seen. Some of the activities to be enjoyed here include taking a ride in the glass bottom boats, scuba diving as well as snorkeling. The largest island in this Marine Park – St. Anne has a number of good creole restaurants where guests can enjoy a good treat

  1. Anse Marron

The Anse maroon is located on the southernmost tip of La Digue Island, and can best be located with the help of a local guide since it is only accessible on foot. In case you are interested in visiting this beach be prepared to do some hiking that will take you mounting a number of large boulders, move through the water as well as squeeze in the small gaps found between rocks before stepping into this hidden away Beach Paradise. The beautiful beach is well protected but there are huge granite rock formations and also the water becomes deep very fast. Fortunately a number of these rock formations have formed natural pools that are shallow and ideal for wadding as well as paddling.

  1. Visit the Kot Man Ya Exotic Flower Garden

The Kot Man Ya Exotic Flower Garden makes up the Anse Royale Ecotourism pilot initiative and it took a whole eighty (80) to establish it prior to it’s opening to the general public in 2008. On your visit in the Kot Man Ya Exotic Flower Garden you will find over 200 different types of tropical flowers a number of which are indigenous to the Seychelles islands while others have been imported from Southeast Asia, the southern Pacific islands as well as from the rainforests of South Central America. Tourists can visit this Garden on a weekly basis from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and there is a small admission fee to be paid which includes a refreshing beverage, an experienced guide to lead you in the tour as well as some beautiful colored flowers to go home with.

  1. Visit the Aride Island Nature Reserve

The Aride Island Nature Reserve is a pristine Paradise located on the northernmost tip of the Seychelles. It is home to over ten (10) different specious of seabirds of which five(5) species can only be seen here, and these are seen in very large numbers of more than one (1) million  seabirds. The nature reserve can only be accessed through the boats belonging to this reserve and visitors are allowed entry from Monday to Friday although in particular months starting from May to September when the reserve is closed since the area is experiencing strong surf which makes transportation of the boats to the island extremity difficult.

  1. Visit Kenwyn House

The Kenwyn House was constructed in 1855 and it was the home of Dr. James Henry Brooks and it’s among the very few remaining building constructed with the French colonial style of architecture. Sadly a very large number of homes that were constructed during that era have collapsed. This house however has been restored back to its previous Glory. Today the JOUEL jewelry company is housed within this building so at the end of your tour around the historic house you will get a chance to see the six (6) different luxurious jewelry collections which have been inspired by the Seychelles Island. These together with a collection of traditionally made handicraft are available on sale so you can always get yourself a souvenir to carry back home at the end of your visit.

  1. Visit IIe Coco Marine National Park

The IIe Coco Marine National Park is among the most easily recognized tourist spots on the Seychelles and it comprises of three tiny islands that are surrounded by very clear water and spectacular coral reefs. This Marine National Park is popular for its amazing internationally opportunities for scuba diving as well as snorkeling. The primary and the leading attractions in this place include the plentiful vibrant colored pelagic fish species as well as the hammerhead sharks. You can easily connect to this Marine Park from La Digue or Praslin islands and you may choose either to have a day trip or even enjoy an overnight stay.

  1. Visit the Bicentennial monument

The Bicentennial monument was created by Lorenzo Appiani an Italian artist and was in 1978 erected in honor of Victoria Town’s 200 year anniversary. Back in 1778 the town of Victoria which is the current capital city of the Seychelles was founded by Charles Routier de Romainville. The monument comprised of three huge pairs of very graceful wings that represent the unique origin of the Seychelles people who have their roots of origin in three different continents which are Africa, Asia and Europe the spectacular monument is found in the center of a roundabout located at the 5th June avenue and the Independence avenue making it easy to access on foot or in a car.

  1. Visit the Hindu temple – Arul Mihu Navasakthi

The Hindu temple – Arul Mihu Navasakthi was built in 1992 on Mahe Island and it is the sole Hindu temple found on this island country. This Temple was named in honor of a Hindu god known as the lord Vinayagar Who is believed to be responsible for the safety of the local people and granting them a successful life. The vibrant colors of the temple offer a unique outstanding contrast to the surrounding buildings, a thing that draws the attention to many visitors despite its being a small size temple. Since 1993 the Tiappoosam Kavadi festival has annually been conducted here and has turned into a national holiday for the Hindus living in the Seychelles.

  1. Visit the Seychelles Natural History Museum

The Seychelles Natural History Museum offers a good display of the mesmerizing natural history of this island country and it’s a good place to visit if you are interested in learning about the flora, fauna and geology of the different Seychelles Islands. This museum was primarily established to educate the general public about the different major current environmental concerns. You will sure find a lot of useful information in the resource center of the museum.

  1. The Eustache Sarde S House

The Eustache Sarde S House takes you back to the start of the twentieth century is among the few surviving wooden construction found within the Seychelles. Special about this home is its nearly geometrical precision that was embedded into its open architecture fashion to allow as much as possible natural ventilation. The roof has wooden mansards that form a habitable small attic space whereas its verandah is beautifully decorated with eye-catching wooden baluster ornaments. Previously, this structure was supported by large wooden pillars however not many years ago these pillars were changed with a concrete basement to offer it a more durable foundation.

  1. Visit the Carrefour Des Arts

Within the center of Seychelles’ capital city – Victoria is the Carrefour Des Arts which is the best place on this entire Island country to buy some locally made handicrafts and art work. The different art pieces sold here represent the different artistic styles of the local people. The different items sold here range from the finest hand drawn illustrations to the more complex fabric art. there are also various paintings and crafts in addition to a wide selection of music locally-produced by the musicians in this area and this is sold on CDs and DVDs. at the end of your adventure here you can also visit the cafeteria for some refreshments as well as pick up some tickets from the box office that will admit you to watch some live performances by the local people.

  1. Visit Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve (Garden of Eden)

The Vallee de Mai found in the middle of Praslin Island and according to many people it is believed to be the biblical Garden of Eden which is currently a spectacular forest of palms. There are different tree species within this flourishing forest including about six thousand (6000) coco de mer trees and six (6) different species of palm trees endemic to the Seychelles. In 1983, this natural forest because of its uniqueness was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and many a times is internationally regarded as one of the nature botanical gardens on the planet. The site is opened daily and there are free guided tours conducted two times a day from 9:00am and at 2:00pm during which you will get a chance to traverse the different trails found here.

  1. Grann Kaz

The Grann Kaz was constructed back in the twentieth century and was previously home to a very rich Dauban family and has been well preserved to date. Majority of its novel creole style architecture has been properly maintained and you will be able to see evidence of the beautifully decorated furnishings in this house. The interior comprises of a sitting room, a dining area as well as three bedrooms and the house is surrounded by a large veranda. many of the nearby buildings have been turned into a Crafts market and tourists will get an opportunity to buy some souvenirs that have been traditionally handcrafted by the local people ranging from the beautiful sea shells to very nice African print fabric. For holidaymakers interested in having a taste of the Creole cuisine can visit the on-site restaurant for a good treat.

  1. Visit the Cousin Island Special Reserve

The cousin Island special reserve covers an area of four (4) hectares and it is located approximately two (2) kilometers from Praslin Island.  The Cousin Island was in 1975 declared as a special nature reserve and it is home to 300,000 nestings of sea birds that annually visit the island. In addition there are five species of sea-birds that are endemic to the Seychelles, in addition to a number of species that live here all year round. the what tenets surrounds this island he’s another paradise for exploring as it’s home to a very large diversity of fish and has one of the largest population of fish on the Seychelles island. Tourists can visit this special reserve during the morning hours from Monday to Friday and then on public holidays and then on weekends it remains closed.

  1. Explore the Granite Boulder on La Digue Island

La Digue is popular for its Rocky beauty as well as the numerous spectacular boulders however when you visit L’Union Estate, you will find a massive granite Boulder that majestically stands out above the others. This Boulder which covers a land area of about one acre is among the national monuments in the Seychelles. According to the local legends it said that this Boulder was formed about 750 years back during the Precambrian time and was formed by the molten rocks that were slow cooling. Throughout all those years, different natural elements such as water and wind have shaped this rock and today it majestically stands as one of the naturally sculptured pieces done by Mother Nature.

  1. Visit the Curieuse Marine Park

Because of its unique spectacular red soil, the Curieuse Marine Park was previously referred to as IIe Rougue and it is one of the two only islands where the Coco de mer palm trees can be seen. These palm trees are among the iconic culture symbols. The green leaves of the palms are very beautiful when seen against the red soil in the background. The point of arrival for tourists here is the Baie Laraie where the parrot fish and huge tortoise can easily be seen. From here you can choose to take on the small trail that takes to Anse Jose where you will visit the small beautiful museum that was set up within an old colonial House.

  1. Dauban Mausoleum

Dauban Mausoleum is well hidden beneath several coconut trees on one of the most peaceful areas of Silhouette Island, and was constructed in 1864 by Auguste Dauban owner of the coconut plantation for his daughter. At this site a number of his family members were buried here including Auguste himself. Back then the Dauban family was an owner of one of the most prosperous and very successful plantation in this country so a visit to the mausoleum will offer you a good insight of the social and economic history of the Seychelles. The building has a very fascinating architectural design and it is a good illustration of the neoclassical architectural designs back in the days. There are six huge columns standing guard at the forefront.

  1. Morne Seychellois National Park

The Morne Seychellois National Park covers more than twenty percent (20%) of the land area of Mahe Island, and it is the largest national park found in the Seychelles. the Morne Seychellois which is the highest mountain on this Island country standing at a height of 2,969 feet is found inside this park. its mountainous landscape comprises of dense mangrove forest plus a broad network of trails covering about fifteen kilometers (15km) which makes it more easier to traverse the park’s interior. there are both short and long trails that can be completed in a few hours or may take several hours to complete depending on your fitness and well as your preference

  1. Seychelles National Archives

The official guardian of Seychelles’ government plus historical documents is the Seychelles National Archives, and in it you will also find a number of artifacts some assumed to be dating back in the 1770s. Great focus has been put on the preservation as well as the way of showcasing of the different vital government documents and records among which is the original copy of the very important treaty of ‘admission of defeat’. The different exhibits here are not limited to just documents but also include displays of movies, maps historical photos as well as paintings. Visitors are not required to pay any admission fee to access this place which is opened daily except on public holidays and Sundays.

Frequently Asked Questions on Seychelles

Below we have compiled a number of frequently asked questions on Seychelles and we are certain that this will help answer any questions or doubts you might be having about this destination. In addition they will be a good guide on how best to plan and prepare for your safari holiday

Do I need a visa to go to the Seychelles?

Visiting the Seychelles does not require any Visa, however, because the visa requirements may change from time to time you are highly advice to always check with the embassy back in your home country before departing for your visit to this island country. Any person visiting this country must have a passport valid for a minimum of six (6) months from the date of departure of the duration of your intended trip. In case you wish to extend your visit from the Seychelles into South Africa you are required to have a minimum of two blank pages within your passport; visit and this excludes the inducement page as well as the amendment page. Failure to have these may lead to your refusal to enter into South Africa, be fined and returned to you home country at your own expense.

Nonetheless, the following documents should be presented to the immigrations offices for clearance on arrival at the Seychelles International Airport, and presentation of these will get you a visitor’s permit which will be issued on arrival.

  1. A passport valid through you intended stay in the Seychelles
  2. A return ticket
  3. Proof of your accommodation through your stay in the Seychelles
  4. Enough money to cover you throughout your stay in the country

Guardians or parents traveling with minors of eighteen (18) years and below should have a properly certified consent letter written by the non-accompanying guardian or parent.

What is the local currency used in the Seychelles

The seychellois ruppees is the local currency used in the Seychelles and this is divided into 100 cents. This local currency can easily be exchanged against foreign money such as the US dollar, the Euro and the British Sterling. Fortunately exchanging foreign currency in this island country can be done in most of the large tow at the banks, with the bureau de change and licensed money dealers. Always ask for a receipt for all such cash exchange transactions.

Are credit cards used in the Seychelles?

Yes credit cards are widely accepted on this island country. The Visa and the Mastercard are the most popularly used while Dina’s club and American Express are not so popular. Major Banks within the capital Victoria and at the airport offer ATMs so you can easily withdraw money using your foreign credit card and receive it in the local rupees as cash.

What’s the official language spoken in the Seychelles?

Decisions have three official languages and these are French, English and Creole. A large number of the local people in this island country also fluently speak Germany and Italian.

What is the time zone in the Seychelles?

The local time in the Seychelles is GMT +4

What is the electricity current used the Seychelles?

The Seychelles runs on a voltage of 220 to 240 volts AC 50Hz, and uses the standard British three (3) pin square plug of 13 amps. Most of the hotels and resorts provide their guests with adapters however we highly recommend that you carry your own. In case you are carrying your personal electrical gadgets such as hair driers, flat iron and other hair styling tools please ensure that they are dual voltage and if necessary please remember to change the voltage while in the Seychelles.

Do I need any vaccinations before visiting Seychelles?

Formerly there aren’t any vaccine shots required for persons visiting the Seychelles, and its worth informing you that the female anopheles mosquito that spreads malaria is not found on this island country and so there is no risk of contracting this disease. The Seychelles does not have any yellow fever risk however the government needs a yellow fever vaccination certificate as proof of having received this shot especially if you are coming from a country having a risk of yellow fever.

all persons interested in visited the country are nonetheless highly advised to visit their medical care provider back in their home countries a couple of weeks prior to their travel and to share with their doctors the travel plans they have so that the doctors can recommend any appropriate medication or vaccines. In case you are bringing your personal medication into the country please remember to carry a copy of prescription for your medicine

Is tap water safe to drink in the Seychelles?

It is highly recommended against taking tap water while on the island country.  During your stay, please always ensure that you only consume bottled drinking water and if possible you can use it to brush your teeth.

Can I visit Seychelles if I have a dietary requirement?

Yes, you can visit this island country in case you are a vegetarian Hindu or kosher or have any particular allergies say to peanuts, gluten or lactose. However you are highly advised to inform your tour operator about your allergies or special dietary requirements so that they can appropriately prepare for you beforehand. they will also go ahead and inform the different hotels or resorts you will be staying at so that everything is in place by your time of arrival.

Is tipping allowed what are the tipping guidelines when on Safari in Seychelles?

Most charges on hotels, restaurant or taxi transfers already included at 10 to 5a% standard charge which means that tipping is not mandatory. But because a tip is awarded to someone for their outstanding service to you a tip will be received with pleasure.

Below are some of the standard guidelines you can follow while on safari in the Seychelles

Hotels or restaurants: a 10% traditional charge

The porters: 1 US Dollars per person for every movement

The city tour guide or driver: 5 to 7 us dollars person for a half day tour or 10 to 12 us dollars per person for a full day tour.

Taxi driver: 3 US Dollars per person.

Can I have my laundry done while on holiday in the Seychelles?

Yes you can have laundry done while on holiday in Seychelles, fortunately a number of hotels and resorts offer this service for a small charge. Please remember to inquire at the concierge desk or at the reception to know the price of this service beforehand.

Does the Seychelles have child- friendly hotels or resorts?

Fortunately Seychelles Island offers a number of accommodation facilities that are child friendly and can easily be accessed. Such properties normally offer fine beaches with white soft sand and provide a wide range of activities you can engage in as a family.

What are the popular festivals in Seychelles?

The popular ‘Festival of the Sea’ – SUBIOS showcases the exceptionally stunning underwater world of the Seychelles through films, competitions and lectures. ‘Festival Kreol’ is another popular festival in Seychelles that is celebrated in the month of October annually is a one week long vibrant celebration of the Creole traditions and culture and

What is the best time to visit Seychelles?

the Seychelles Island experiences an all year around warm tropical climate and when we talk about when is the best time to visit we can actually say that this will depend on what activities you are interested in engaging in during your Safari.  The weather Pattern of this Island country is mainly dependent on two trade winds that are opposing, and from October to March the north western trade-winds begin to blow with an average wind speed ranging from 8 to 12 knots. The south eastern trade-winds which blow at an average wind speed ranging from 10 to 20 knots begin in the month of May to November which bringing a warm wind with cooler condition that are perfect for sailing

The months in between these winds offer averagely warm weather conditions especially in the month of April and October so in case you are interested in activities like diving, swimming and snorkeling this can best be done in April and May as well as in October and November when the visibility is about 30 meters and the water temperature is at about 29 degrees Centigrade (29°C).

What to pack on a safari in the Seychelles?

As a general rule when packing for a safari to any destination in Africa, it is very important that you park light as most countries have a luggage restriction. You should also bring clothing that are comfortable, easy to wash and those that can easily be folded and packed.

Below are some of the recommended clothing to pack on your safari to the Seychelles:

Light weight t-shirts, shirts , blouses (preferably with long sleeves as protect you from the sun and insect bites), shorts, safari trousers or jeans, socks, enough underwear, nightwear, a light weight sweater, water-proof jacket, flip flops or comfortable walking sandals (to wear at the hotel and on warm days), comfortable hiking shoes or sneakers, a swim suit and a hat with a wide brim to protect your face against the sun (if possible get one with straps so that you can tie it under your chin especially in windy times).

Other essentials include: a pair of sunglasses, a spare eye glasses or contact lenses, a small flashlight with extra batteries, small purse size umbrella, travel alarm clock, a supply of ziploc bags to keep in your wet swim suit and protect your camera from the dust and rain, as well as a cameras with its related gear such as lenses plus as many as memory cards and extra batteries as possible.  Do not forget chargers to your electrical such as cameras, phones, laptops, ipads plus USB ports with several outlets.

Always remember to pack a personal first aid kit box as immediate medical services many not be quickly available especially as you visit the remote parts of the island country. you can visit your doctor to give you some of the items you can include in this kit. Here we have outlined some of the item we consider necessary in your first aid box. Band aids, sun screen with high SPF factor, antiseptic cream, hand sanitizer, pain tablets, small size kleenex packets, heartburn relief, eye drops, chapstick, insect repellant as well as an itch spray for the bug bites.