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Air Seychelles

Seychelles has unveiled a new logo for its national airline, Air Seychelles for September 2011. The new logo is a reflection of the Seychelles magnificence as seen in the diverse eco-system and a green environment image from the country. This new image means so much when it comes to quality and first class Seychelles flights and travel.

Air Seychelles

is the national carrier with several flight schedules within Seychelles and other African airports. This small air craft also flies to London, Rome, Frankfurt, Paris, Singapore and South Africa to mention a few. You also find domestic flights (around 20) schedules from Mahe to Praslin, Denis islands, Fregate, Desroches and Bird Island. Other domestic flights SMB, Helicopter Seychelles with private charter, IDC ltd charter flights, Air Seychelles Domestic.

The New image

A fluid organic shape resembling a leaf has been adopted to signify the greener and environmentally friendly Seychelles, and a greener Earth. The red and green colors have been used in varying shades to emphasize the greener image from the natural world

The trade mark Fairy terns still remain the expressive image of the airline but this time a little softened into a flowing silhouette to represent Air Seychelles in the sky. The pair of Fern terns mark the elegance, beauty and loyalty of Seychelles. The red, white, blue and green are still striking on the logo amid the abstracts of the bird and leaves at the tail.

The word Air is a little lighter to blend with the sky shade while Seychelles is in a darker shade of blue for the turquoise ocean. The tagline remains ‘’Flying the Creole Spirit’’ that evokes the unique culture and friendliness of the Seychellois.

Other changes at the airlines come in with a new Chief Executive Officer, Mr Bram Steller previously working with Kenya Airways in Africa-Europe flight operations.

Flights to Seychelles

If you are planning a

honeymoon in Seychelles

or a simple holiday from the bustle and hustles of daily life in different cities, Seychelles travel should not be a worry.

International flights in Seychelles are handled on

Mahe island international airport

(SEZ) near the town of Victoria, which is also the capital city. The airport handles flights to and from over 70 cities and towns in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and North America.

Other fliers and airlines to Seychelles include

  • South Africa Airways
  • Air France
  • Emirates
  • Ethiopian airlines
  • KLM
  • Qatar Airways
  • Kenya Airways
  • Air Austral
  • Air Mauritius
  • Condor Flundiensrt