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Africa is second biggest as well as the second most densely populated continent throughout the world. It is made up of 52 official countries in addition to two disputed countries. Every country consists of a distinct culture as well as a unique past which makes them captivating areas to tour. Whichever place you choose to tour in Africa, you are guaranteed numerous things to observe that are convenient for people with a variety of interests and tastes. There are huge towns that provide tourists with beautiful architecture plus an urban vibe as well as non-urban places that have stunning landscapes plus a wide range of wild animals to see. In case you are planning to visit Africa, there are a number of spots that should definitely be a part of your itinerary.

Top Sightseeing Destinations and Activities in Africa.

The Great Sphinx of Giza and the Pyramids in Egypt

giza pyramids

Giza, Egypt has a good number of the greatest legendary African landmarks. This is the place where we find the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza. Just outside the capital city of Egypt, Cairo lies the Giza Pyramid complex. Being an archeological complex, it constitutes of the Great Sphinx, three pyramids called the Great Pyramids, several cemeteries, a previous industrial complex and a worker’s village.

These pyramids have been transformed into Egypt’s regalia and are among the World’s seven wonders. They are sole wonders that continue to exist in the world of today. The Pyramid of Khafre, the Great Pyramid and the Pyramid of Menkaure are the major three complex pyramids. The Sphinx goes back to the King Khafre rule. It is also a mythical being sculpture that has lion’s body and a man’s head. Its height is 66.3 feet with a length of 238 feet.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

mount kilimanjaro tanzania

Africa’s highest mountain is Kilimanjaro standing at a height of 16,100 feet. Apart of it is in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro National Park and it is classified among the most challenging worldwide climbing destinations. It is an inactive volcano with trio volcanic cones that is to say Mawenzi, Shira and Kibo.In 1889, Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller were first humans to have made it to the mountain’s summit.

Robben Island in South Africa

robben island

One of South Arica’s most attractive destinations is the Robben Island. Situated in Table Bay this island is close to the Bloubergstrand coast that is found at Cape Town. Seal Island is the translation of the island’s Dutch name. This island is quite small and covers a mere two square miles. Nelson Mandela the former President of South Africa was imprisoned for eighteen out of his twenty seven prison years on this island. Three out of the four convicts who were incarcerated on this island went ahead and became South Africa’s presidents. It is both a domestic and global heritage site for South Africa and UNESCO respectively. It is a sanctuary to huge communities of seals plus African penguins.

Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

serengeti national park tanzania

The image that comes up into the minds of many people when they imagine Africa is that of Serengeti National Park. In Tanzania, the regions of Simiyu and Mara are where the ecological systems of this park exist. 1951 was the year when it was constituted as a national park. Viewing of the wildlife especially the Annual Wildebeest migration and exploring the beautiful landscapes are the main reasons as to why many people tour this national park. Lions, wildebeests, zebras and crocodiles are a few of the popular animals that reside in this part of Africa.

This park includes riverine forests, woodlands, plain grasslands and savannah and it covers a five thousand seven hundred square mile area. Every year, the estimated number of people that visit the Serengeti National Park alone is three hundred fifty thousand (350,000). Serengeti Park is Tanzania’s crown jewel. The Maasai were initially residing in this park’s location although when it was established as a national park, the Maasai were expelled and sent to stay in the conservation area of Ngoro Ngoro.It is prohibited for human beings to reside in this park except for the tourists living in campsites, hotels, lodges and workers who are employed by the Tanzania National Parks Authority.

Table Mountain and National Park in South Africa

Table Mountain

Among the most popular and visited tourist spots in all of Africa is Table Mountain National Park. Alternatively called the Cape Peninsula National Park, its location is in South Africa’s Cape Town. Incorporated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cape Floral Region covers an area of eighty five square miles. The national park’s two most popular features are the Cape of Good Hope Africa’s south western part as well as the Table Mountain. A number of people tour this area to climb up the Table Mountain. For the tourists who wish to relish in the splendid sights without troubling themselves with the climb may use the cableway of Table Mountain that can take them to the mountain’s summit from Kloofneck Road. Boulders beach which is South of Simon’s town is also located in this park. This park is a common site for nature lovers because it is a home to a huge community of African penguins. The two major places of tourist interest within the park are the Cape of Good Hope and the Cape Point.

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia

victoria falls safari

Victoria Falls is among the seven natural wonders of the world. The waterfall is a segment of River Zambezi and is situated on the boundary of Zambia and Zimbabwe.  British explorer, David Livingstone was the first European explorer to discover the Victoria falls and he named it after the Queen of England, Queen Victoria. Victoria Falls are the largest however much it is not the deepest or the largest. This is because of the addition of its width and height. It stands at 354 feet high and is almost double the height of Niagara Falls in America. Victoria Falls has a width of 1708 feet and this is almost double the width of Horseshoe Falls. Over 400,000 tourists were visiting the falls by the end of the 1990s. This number is projected to reach one million visitors every year in the next ten years. It is allowed for tourists to move between the two countries to see the waterfall from different angles.

Kruger National Park in South Africa

kruger national park south africa

It is one of the biggest national parks in Africa since it sits on more than 7523 square miles. It is situated in the Limpopo as well as the Mpumalanga provinces in South Africa. It was set was the first national park in South Africa. It was declared a UNESCO International Man and Biosphere Reserve. Kruger National Park is partitioned into camps and there are nine major gates that let you into these camps. Tourists visit this national park mainly to see the diverse wildlife. A few of the animals that they can come across are crocodiles, antelopes, hyenas, elephants, zebras, warthogs, lions, rhinoceros, as well as wildebeest. It inhabits about 50 fish species and 33 species of amphibians in addition to 114 species of reptiles.

Bwindi Forest National Park Uganda ( Gorilla Trekking)

bwindi forest national park uganda

Best known as home of the largest population of the endangered mountain Gorillas which share 98% of the DNA with man, the Bwindi Park is among the only three destinations in the world where this highly endangered species can be seen. Its estimated that there are less than 1,000 mountain gorillas remaining in the world today, however, during your visits to this UNESCO world Heritage Site, you will be able to engage in a gorilla trekking expeditions during which you will get a chance to see these amazing hairy forest giants in their natural habitat. in addition this park has a very high number of bird species making it a birding paradise for those interested in bird watching.

Jemaa el-Fnaa, Marrakesh in Morocco

Jemaa el-Fnaa

Jemaa el-Fnaa, is among the most popular shopping places world wide however it is not your usual shopping mall. It is a square outdoor market that is situated in the center of Marrakesh in Morocco in the city’s medina quarter that is an ancient city. There are a number of translations of the name of the market. Among them is ‘the congregation area’ while a different one is ‘assembly of the dead’. The first meaning applies to what takes place in the area right now while the second one applies to the former use of the area for public executions during the past. The kind of stalls as well as the entertainment you will come across while in the market varies according to the time you go to the market. Earlier in the day, you will find orange juice plus water stalls as snake charmers entertain you. In the afternoon, you will find hawkers dealing in handcrafted goods in addition to traditional medicine. Entertainment will be provided by dancers and musicians. During the evening hours, the market is covered in food stalls.

Garden Route in South Africa

garden route south africa

Throngs of tourists flock the Garden Route every year to discover the coastline of South Africa and appreciate the numerous spots on the way. It extends for 190 miles on the south-western coast of the country and provides magnificent views of the Indian Ocean. Tourists can also admire the majestic background of the Tsitsikamma Mountains and the Outeniqua Mountains. The Garden Route cuts through towns and cities such as Kynsna, George, Plettenberg Bay, Mossel Bay, Nature’s Valley, plus the Little Brak River. Some features on the Garden Route include the lakes, FairyKnowe Railway Station, rivers plus the Tsitsikamma National Park.

Lake Malawi in Malawi

lake malawi

Lake Malawi is situated in Malawi, is an African Great Lake that is part of the East African Rift System. It is located on the border of Mozambique and Tanzania. It is the second deepest as well as the third biggest lake in Africa in addition to being the ninth largest lake world wide. Lake Malawi is a home to the most species of fish globally. They consist of more than 700 species of cichlids. Lake Malawi has length of about 360 miles and a width of about 47 miles. The part of the Lake Malawi in Mozambique has been designated a reserve by the government of Mozambique. The Malawi part of the lake is a section of Lake Malawi National Park. Tourists to the lake can take a ride on the ferry from a number of locations surrounding the lake since public ferries have been used on Lake Malawi since 1935.

Fish River Canyon in Namibia

fish river canyon namibia

Fish River Canyon is one of the most significant tourist sites in Namibia. It is the biggest canyon in Africa and has an 100 mile long gorge that has a width of 27 kilometers in a few places. Fish River is the longest internal lake in Namibia and usually overflows in the summer. There is a hot springs resort called Ai-Ais at one end of the river and it is very loved by tourists. A few areas of the canyon are not public property however tourists can see the gorge from a camp area adjacent to Hobas which is a section of the Richtersveld Transfrontier Park. It is an ideal place for marathons, hikes as well as fishing.

Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia

atlas mountains

The Atlas Mountains extend for 1,600 miles that are a section of Maghreb. The mountain range cuts through Algeria, Tunisia as well as Morocco. Toubkal mountain is the highest in the range standing at 13, 671 feet and it is situated in southwestern Morocco. The mountains inhabit a variety of plant species as well as a diversity of wild animals that are specific to Africa. The mountains are partitioned into distinct ranges such as Sahara Atlas, Aurea mountain ranges, Tell Atlas, High Atlas, as well as Anti-Atlas mountain ranges. Visitors to this place love to hike or cycle which is the two commonly done activities. There are a variety of outside activities that tourists can take part in while in this place.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in South Africa

waterfront south africa

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is situated on the Atlantic coast in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a section of Table Bay Harbor near Table. The complex created by Adrian van de Vyver. It got its name after a visit by Prince Albert. The first basin of the Navy Yard got its name from him and the second bay got its name from Queen Victoria, Prince Albert’s mother. It is an operational harbor and fresh fish is taken there every day. Apart from admiring the coastline, visitors tour this place to see the 450 retail units that are there. Victoria and Alfred Waterfront has a number of supplementary attractions such as Breakwater lodge, Chavonnes Batter, Two Oceans Aquarium, the Zelt Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, Breakwater lodge as well as the Nobel Square.

Majorelle Garden, Marrakesh in Morocco

garden morocco

Majorelle Garden has an exceptional landscape in addition to being a botanical garden in Marrakesh, Morocco that sits on two and a half acres. It was set up and designed by a French Orientalist artist called Jacques Majorelle. The garden was set up in 1923 however it took over 40 years to finish. Majorelle Garden is characterized by a Cubist Villa which was created in the 1930s by a French architect called Paul Sinoir. Apart from the gardens, visitors can also tour the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakesh as well as the Berber Museum which are also situated in Majorelle Garden. Yves Saint-Laurent, a fashion designer had ownership of the garden and that is where his cremains were buried.

Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo

virunga national park congo

Virunga National Park was the first ever in Africa since it was set up in 1925. It is situated in the Democratic Republic of Congo and extends for more than 3,000 square miles from the Virunga Mountains to the Rwenzori Mountains. It is adjacent to Rwenzori Mountains Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda as well as the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. The main reason for the establishment of Virunga National Park was to preserve the mountain gorillas that resided on the Virunga Mountains in the forests. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. It is popular for its extraordinary wildlife since it inhabits the biggest number of mammals, birds as well as reptiles than any other conservation site globally.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania

ngorongoro crater safari

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as a conserved place in the Highlands of Tanzania. Its name is derived from a volcanic crater which currently inhabits among the most exceptional unaltered wildlife sanctuaries in the world. Multitudes of visitors travel to Ngorongoro Conservation Area for the diverse wildlife. A few of the animals that you could come across while visiting are the Cape buffalo, wildebeest, cheetahs, East African Lions, leopards, hippopotamus as well as rhinoceros. It is connected with Serengeti National Park in the northeast. The first European to tour the Ngorongoro Conservation Site was Oscar Baumann in 1892. Hunting for sport was usually done in the area however it is no longer allowed and there are regulations to conserve the wild animals.

Okavango Delta in Botswana

okavango delta botswana

The Okavango Delta is situated where the Okavango River meets the heart of the endorheic basin of the Kalahari at a tectonic trough. It is a huge, soggy inland which was the 1000th to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. As a result of its significance as well as its scope, it was also added to the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa in 2013. Okavango Delta has numerous islands, with Chief’s Island being the biggest one. It extends for 70 kilometers in length and 15 kilometers in width. As soon as the water levels rise, most of the wildlife collects here. Most of the smaller islands are made of salt which collects at the base of plants and with time creates an island. Okavango Delta has about 71 different types of fish as well as the biggest population of large mammals is that of the lechwe antelope.

Valley of the Kings in Egypt

valley of kings egypt

Valley of the Kings is situated on the western bank of River Nile. It is the place where the tombs of numerous Pharaohs as well as high ranking nobles of Ancient Egypt are found. A lot of excavation has been taking place in the valley of Kings starting from the end of the 18th century by archaeologists who were determined on discovering the secrets held by the tombs. The West Valley is the location of most of the important tombs in Egypt however there are multitudes more in the East Valley. The uncovering of Tutankhamun’s tomb in the West Valley made it one of the most popular as well as historically important sites worldwide. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. A tourist center was set up in the Valley of Kings. Most of the tombs are closed to the public. As a matter of fact, 18 tombs can be looked at however; they can not be accessed at the same time as renovation work happens daily. Normally, there are about 4000 to 5000 visitors to the Valley of Kings weekly but when Nile cruises are going on, the number of visitors shoots up to about 9000 visitors.

Apartheid Museum in South Africa

Apartheid is a very important aspect in the culture as well as the history of South Africa. The period of apartheid had a huge effect on the people that lived in South Africa during that time and it proceeds to play a role in the way of life of the people in South Africa up to date. The museum is situated in Johannesburg in South Africa and it concentrates on Apartheid as well as 20th century history in South Africa. The Apartheid Museum has been accessible to the public since 2001 and is under the Gold Reed City Casino.

Ushaka Marine World in South Africa

While majority of the tourist attractions in Africa are natural features of the vast African landscape or historical structures, there are a number of enjoyable activities to do and things to see.   A great case in point is the uShaka Marine World. It is a theme park that sits on 40 acres of land and has over 790,000 tourists every year. It inhabits more than 100,000 animals. uShaka Marine World is situated in Durban, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. It is split into five parts including uShaka Wet ‘n’ Wild, uShaka Village Walk, uShaka Sea World, uShaka Kids World plus uShaka Beach. In addition to these parts, there is uShaka Sea Animal Encounters Island where tourists get to closely interact with a few of the animals. Visitors for instance can get the chance to swim with the dolphins or dive with sharks. It was made accessible to the public in 2004 and is very renowned.

What to wear on your Sightseeing Safari in Africa

Here is what to wear and also bring along in case you are taking a full day or half day sightseeing expedition in Africa. It is better to be well prepared for all climatic and weather conditions in the destination you will be visiting. Therefore, speak to your local safari handler to give you detailed information about the weather condition in your places of interest. The most important thing is to park light and in case you are visit during the cold wet season, don’t forget to pack layers to keep you warm.

Comfortable Cushioned Shoes

Standing is normally a part of a walking tour for sightseeing.The walk is for a couple of minutes and then you stop and pay attention to what the guide is talking about that could include the culture, sights as well as the history that could go on for many more minutes.Walking will be the least of activities you will be doing while on your tour.You will pass the remaining time on your feet standing with usually no room for sitting.You shall discover this as a more exhaustive activity compared to having hiked progressively for a few hours.

If you are going to stand for extended periods, make sure you pick out shoes which will be comfortable and are well cushioned. Steer clear of sandals and shoes that are plain and are not padded. Athletic shoes that are cushioned as well as several forms of comfortable footwear is allowed.

In case the natural trails is where your walking tour is on, trail shoes are what you require to ascend and descend on slopes without falling.The shoes should give shield you from rocks and also good balance. Flip flops are not a good idea for trails in that case.

A Scarf and wide brim Hats

A hat is what you need to shield your eyes and cover your head from the sun if your walking tours are outside. A brimmed cap is convenient in this regard even though a fully brimmed hat is more useful because it protects your neck.A cap that covers your ears or an individual ear warmer makes for a better choice in weather that is chillier.

Like in the Survivor, the television show, a buff should also be carried alongside the hat. This convenient item can be used for many purposes, it can be a neck warmer to shield your neck from the cold or the sun, put on as a scarf on the head (important in mosques and churches), an ear warmer, head band, balaclava, mask on the face in case the weather changes to extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Windbreaker or Jacket

Prior to your trip, monitor the weather and always be ready for variations in the weather.Wind breaker jacket are very important and you can locate jackets that are ultra-portable for example thePatagonia Houdini jacket can curl up to a protein bar size. This jacket can keep you cozy both indoors in case the air conditioner is hostile and outdoors against conditions that are windy and chilly.

It is important to bring along an umbrella, a rain cape and a jacket that is water proof in case you are sure you shall be in the rain outside. Carry along a plastic affordable rain poncho in your luggage if there is a small chance of rain.

Rapid-Dry and Sweat-Absorbing Clothing

In order to remain relaxed through a busy day that entails walking plus a wide range of climatic conditions, the clothes that will come in handy are pants and shirts made from industrial fabric that absorb sweat. Cotton jeans and shirts may be what you want although the moment rain or sweat soaks them, they remain damp which may get you irritated at the end of the day. In case your tour is for many days, clothes that dry quickly can be washed out and dried in the air throughout the night.

The pants that are quite popular for walking tours of many days and ever changing conditions are the convertible zip offs ones. Shorts and tank tops are okay for say Disney World however you must wear shirts that go past your shoulders together with long pants in case you are to visit the mosques or churches.

Lip Balm, Sunscreen, Sunglasses

In the beginning the sun could be a little less scorching but as the day goes, the outdoors could do a number on your skin.  Maybe it wasn’t sunny when you started, but a long day outdoors can take its toll on your skin.In case the walking tour you have involves plenty of walking outside apply a lot of sunscreen on your body regardless of the weather. In addition to that, find out more about the site to be able to determine whether you will require an insect repellent or not.

Avoid using perfumes or different scents in case your walking tour is in a group because one of your colleagues is probably vulnerable to them and it is also polite to do so.

A water bottle and a day pack

If you are heading out for an entire day of touring plus sightseeing, the simplest way of arranging the items that you may need is with a day pack. Compared to a duffel bag or a purse, this day pack will reduce the stress on both your shoulders and neck.Your stop overs may not involve water fountains so you will need to take a water bottle.

Dehydration on walking excursions is a high likelihood.Find a pack which contains room for a water bottle, wallet, camera, ID, jacket, cell phone, tour book, an energy snack and also maps. Consult your guide on any limitations abut carrying a bag pack in all the attractions that you are touring.

Hiking Poles or a Walking Stick

A stick is not a necessity for walking tours in the city although if they comprise of nature trails, a trekking pole or a personal stick for climbing could be of help in supporting your balance.

Camera or Smartphone

You will need a camera or a cell phone to capture moments or sights by taking pictures that you would want to keep as memories.

A couple of pointers: Ensure that your phone or camera has sufficient memory capacity and battery for the videos or/and photos. Research about the policies of photos in museums, churches among others.Practice taking shots of low light in absence of a flash.

Pouch or Money Belt

You can safe guard your valuable goods beneath your clothing in a neck pouch, a magnetic pocket or a money belt in case the walking tour you are a part of involves going in an urban region that is popular for pick pocketing. The main targets are the group walking tours.

The items that should be beyond reach include huge amounts of money, passports, credit cards but it is okay to keep in your pockets a few bucks. These items should not be carried in unsecured pockets, purses or back packs.

Guidebook and Maps

It is good to carry with you additional materials for back up even when you have a travel guide.There is a possibility of the guide misleading you and you end up getting lost or you could get split up from your group members. Several maps plus guide books can be accessed from apps, audio books and Ebooks apart from material that is printed.


Architectural details and wildlife shown by your travel guide can be easily spotted with binoculars so it will be good for you if you carried a small pair. Binoculars are very important in case your walking excursions involve wildlife or bird watching.

Best time to Visit Africa for a Sightseeing Safari

Southern Africa Safari

In countries like South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, The most favorable cool and dry periods for game viewing are from the month of July to October, or even the start of November. When you visit during this time, you will find that wild animals have grouped and congested round the few surviving waterholes. For renowned destinations such as Kruger National parks, they can be extremely busy with tourists; so when you are interested in game viewing in such destinations, expect high prices since tourists are many, facilities are scarce and demand is high. So make your booking for accommodation in advance. The month of November to the month of March, these seasons are termed as the ‘green seasons’, wild animals do scatter for pastures while leaving the young ones behind hence it is difficult to see the mature animals.

When you proceed to Cape Town, it is quite different. The periods of November – March are the dry and extremely hot seasons. Therefore, the pattern of rain is opposite to the other area.

Zambia and Malawi Sightseeing

When it comes to the months from late may to late November, Zambia and Malawi are the most favorable countries to enjoy a safari. In most cases the waterholes are nearly drying and the temperatures of the warm spring are beginning to rise. In addition, this period is a favorable time for taking walking safaris within Zambia. During the months of May to march, it is the wet seasons, you may find that some lodges and other accommodation places are nearly soaked in water or the roads are in bad condition that you cannot get access. So this is not a favorable time to take a safari.

Ethiopia Sightseeing

During the months of September- April especially from September up to October, is the best time to visit Ethiopia. This is the season where the ground is still green and fresh. In January, Ethiopians are celebrating the most prominent Christian Festivity known as Timkat. During the months of June all through to October, Ethiopia experiences the long rain seasons, so the mountainous regions need to be avoided, and in fact within the Bale Mountains, the rains begin as early as March. This creates poor climbing conditions, forms clouds and fog which abstract the nice view of the beautiful scenery. The month of August is the wettest and coolest therefore, when traveling, pack warm layers because when night falls, Bale Mountains drop to less than zero degrees centigrade.

East African Safaris

In East Africa, the wildebeest migration that takes place in Kenya and Tanzania, can best be watched from the month of July up to October; this is when river crossing on Mara takes place. Although game viewing can be done in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania all year round, the extended rain season begins in the month of March to May, and mostly in April and May, there is too much rainfall. The wild animals tend to scatter, the natural vegetation grows too thick a thing that hides them whereas the roads are too slippery and mud hence leading to poor transport means, even failure to access the wildlife sanctuaries. Therefore, these months are not favorable for safari. In other words, when your budget is quite tight, the months of April to May can be of great deal for you, the reason being that there are very few tourists at the time which results into most of the costs being discounted, accommodation rooms are available, and food can be on discount with your choice of menu. But, put it in mind that hiking mountain Kilimanjaro as well as other mountains in the region such as Mount Rwenzori is very risky during the rainy season. the rainfall in the coast islands in the afternoons are heavier and some accommodations in southern Tanzania regions may be closed.

In the countries like Uganda or Rwanda where gorilla trekking safaris are conducted, in case you are planning to trek especially in Uganda where trekking is normally done for a long period, during the rainy season of November, and from March – May, pack rainproof coats in your backpacks. Although the rain is irregular and it doesn’t rain throughout the day, however when it rains, it does so in large amounts. The advantage of trekking during the rainy season is that the gorilla trekking permits at  the time are discounted.

Madagascar: In most cases, Madagascar is hit by cyclones in the month of February. In order to be on the safe side, avoid the months of January and march because Due to the fact that weather patterns keep changing making it hard to predict the cyclones. , Baby lemur are produced in the months of October, November and December.

North Africa

In North Africa mostly morocco, spring and autumn are the most favorable weather conditions for taking walking plus cycling holidays, however you should expect several dust storms from February to April within the desert. During the mid – summer, avoid visiting the Sahara as the temperatures are very unpleasant at the time. The coast on the other hand is ideal for visiting.

Temperature in Africa

The hottest seasons of Africa reach an average of 104 degrees celicious. African seasons are reversed in comparison to those of North America. During March – May, there is autumn and possibly in the months of September to November, there is spring. The lower half of the African continent can hit a maximum temperature range between 40 to 50 degrees in winter. However, in equatorial Africa, it generally ranges from moderate to hot. Therefore, the months of September to October, and March to April are the recommended visiting months by weather specialists. They are normally moderate and favorable unlike in January and February where temperature is alarmingly hot.

Best Time to Avoid the Rains in Africa

Africa as a continent normally receives heavy rains and many roads may get flooded. Africa has roads which are so muddy and so when it rains, they become flooded and characterized with mudslides hence making transportation very challenging; this has been one of Africa’s main problems.

In order to avoid the wet unfavorable seasons, Lone planent advises tourists to visit the different African regions as highlighted below:

East Africa can be visited throughout the year apart from the wet months of April, May and November.

Central Africa from the month of June to September, South Africa from the months of May to October,

West Africa from October and the whole of May and lastly north Africa from the months of October to march.

Best Time to Save Money on your Safari to Africa

In the wet seasons, you will get a chance to enjoy more rewarding bird watching opportunities and enjoy safaris at lower costs.

Once you get rid of Christmas and Easter holiday breaks, you can be able to save lots of money. In the months of June – October, it is a major game viewing season therefore, expect higher prices. May be Kenya and Tanzania would be the best option for visiting during April – May, visit Botswana from the month of December – March and Zimbabwe from the month of November – June. National geographic weather station says that despite the fact that there may be some rainfall experienced, holidaymakers will get a chance to save airfares, accommodation prices and the overall cost of a safari. Furthermore, according to Lone Planet, the rainy season offers the best birding opportunities, annual festivals as well as clearer views especially after it has stopped raining.

A monthly guide on When to Go to Africa

In most cases, going for a safari depends on when one really wants to go. This guide will be very helpful to you if you are in search for the best and most memorable safari experiences regardless of the country you visit. It has clearly indicated each month with when and where to have the most wonderful chances of sightseeing and game viewing on the continent of Africa.

January: in countries like Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, the best time to take a safari is in January. It is generally hot and dry, and animals gather in big numbers around the few permanent water sources. In the southern Ndutu plus salei plains situated in Tanzania’s northern parks, this is also the best time for seeing the wild animal migration that includes close to two millions aimals such as wildebeests, gazelles and zebras.

February: the month of February is the most favorable season in the northern parks of Tanzania. Usually, this is when thousands of wildebeests give birth to the young ones. The great number of the wildebeests is given birth to in a short duration of three weeks within this month. In case you enjoy watching young animals, this is the best period in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. During this month, southern Tanzania is really hot and humid; you can focus on the northern parks in case you do not want to be bothered by the hot weather conditions

March: East Africa is the best place to visit especially at the start of the month of March in Africa. It is still dry and suitable for a memorable safari experience in Africa mostly in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. During this month, there is a variety and large number of animal species that can be seen. however, March may not favor you especially when you want to visit the gorillas in Uganda.

April: The month of April is favorable for those with tight budgets. in east Africa, normally rainfall has started as well as in southern Africa. There is always too much water, animals scatter hence difficult in seeing them, bushy vegetation which deters tourists from properly viewing the animals.  Even the muddy roads in the parks mostly the northern parks become slippery hence becoming impassable. In northern parks of Tanzania, you can however enjoy a safari there during this month especially if on a tight budget considering the fact that there are no crowds at all. In South Africa, the weather is unique with cool and dry temperate. Namibia and Botswana in the month of April are favorable I guess. Zambia and Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls) greatly receive heavy rains during this month. Therefore, one can have safari to these falls and combine it with an expedition to the destinations in southern Africa.

May: In Zambia, the month of May is the favorable month for safari. At this time, it offers the best walking safaris offering an authentic feel of wild Africa. There are few months that the parks normally operate at its full capacity so it is an added advantage to the tourist to make the best of this month. Southern Africa is also favorable with the dry seasons approaching. Generally, the month of May is not favorable for east African safari. Though you will still have lots of wild animal viewing mostly in Tanzania regions, ensure that the accommodation places are open with wonderful and favorable discounts.

June: In this month of June, southern Africa including Botswana, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia are having favorable time for safari. It is dry and the peak safari season is approaching in most countries. ; get ready to have fun in the evenings. Oh! Just do not forget to pack your jacket for the game drives in the early morning as well as the cold evening.

July – September: During the month of July to September, you have an opportunity to select your choice safari destination because it is prime tourism time almost everywhere across Africa business. Masai Mara in Kenya offers wonderful scenery for wildebeest migration. This is when the huge river crossing occurs in waters swarmed with the hungry crocodiles lying with jaws up targeting the wildebeests which accidentally fall in the water. The national parks in southern Africa are normally dry with lots of wild animals at the waterholes that one can view from their comfort of their accommodations. During these months, the northern hemisphere is also having summer holiday so, the parks are generally crowded. Therefore, booking of the safari should be done earlier. for the case of budget travelers, we recommend that taking your safari in another season will be favorable for you.

October: In the month of October, Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are favorable safari destinations. During this season, rainfall is still not there and the dry weather makes game viewing clear and interesting.

November: Southern Africa commences its rainy season in the month of November with hot temperature and humidity. Due to Zambia’s unique wildlife event in Liuwa plain national park, this month is still utmost for safari in that country. This event is generally a smaller version of the great east African wildebeest migration and holidaymakers interested in such unique wildlife movement will surely have a great time.  However, the other parks of Zambia are not busy and crowded though game view is still reasonable. This month still is good for northern Tanzania safari destination. It is the utmost time when there are herds of animal migration to Serengeti grasslands. In case you love birdlife, November up to March is also good for visiting Botswana’s Okavango delta. This is when lots of bird species start migrating to this place, and have lots of breeding.

December: During the month of December, the best safari destination in Africa yet again ranks as the bushes of east Africa; that is Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. This is a month of festive seasons, with dry weather for wonderful viewing of wild animals.

Sightseeing involves moving throughout a city, town or area to visit and see the amazing spots that are popular among most tourists. There are a number of different ways you can sightsee however majority of tourists usually sightsee on a coach or tour bus. A few companies also provide sightseeing walking tours for example walking through the streets of South Africa’s Cape Town where you will get to see very impressive places.

In case you want to work as a sightseeing guide, it will be a very important skill for you to know how to drive a charter tour bus as well as how to give a great narration in addition to driving the tour bus. If you will be sightseeing over a long journey, there will be a number of stopovers to utilize step on tour guides. Step on guides are situated in specific areas or at a particular tourist spot and they become a part of the tour at a certain place to give a narration for that segment of the tour. A case in point is when you are visiting the different places in Tanzania, a step on guide will become a part of the group at the entrance of Serengeti National Park in order to give in-depth knowledge about the national park. Besides the coaches, sightseeing tours can also be done on city trolleys or trams which also contribute to the ambiance of the tour in addition to trains.

The categories of land tours can be different basing on the country you are visiting, however most of the trips subscribe to a specific order. The tour group converges at a specific meeting point and then they are picked from the airport. They proceed to take a tour bus or coach which takes them to their hotel and then transfers them to the different planned day tours throughout the region they were touring.