Africa Tour Operators

The African continent is a perfect safari destination for traveler wishing to travel alone. Fortunately majority of the lodges and camps can cater for sole travels. When you travel alone, it doesn’t mean that you will spend all the days of you safari to yourself! The good news is that you will get an opportunity to dine with fellow guests with similar interests back at your lodge, and also explore the African bushes as you have very rewarding wildlife views before setting for some nice sun downers with other travelers and share each other’s safari experience at the end of the day’s adventure. Considering that you will be on safari alone, you will get an opportunity to engage with fellow travelers, the lodge staff as well as your guide.

During your safari as a solo or single traveler, you will have a chance to choose whether to engage in activities that can be shared with other guests or simply have a private vehicle with a private guest and enjoy your individual privacy and freedom with the trip moving at your own pace and preferred schedule.

As it is with most tour operators, your safety as a single travel is guaranteed right from the point you arrive in the country of your destination, as you explore the country until the final day of your safari when you will be dropped off at the airport. You will be assigned a professional guide all through your stay that together with other professionals that will be involved in the different aspects of your trip will ensure that you not only enjoy your safari, but do in the safest way possible

choosing to travel alone in Africa is a regarded as a once in a life-time experience that includes different safari highlights and some of the greatest wildlife encounters such as coming face to face with the endangered mountain gorillas found in Africa, Seeing the Great Wildebeest Migration of Masai Mara, or the Big Five of Serengeti as well as summiting the highest mountains on the continent, viewing the Victoria Falls and rafting on the longest river in the world.

What to do | Safari Activities for a Sole / Single Traveler

There are a number of different activities you can engage in while on your safari in Africa as a single / solo traveler and below we have highlighted the most popular bucket-list activities for you.

  1. Explore the vast plains of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

The Serengeti National Park is best known as the marching ground for the Annual Wildebeest Migration that takes place within the Serengeti Eco system as well as it neighboring Masai Mara National Park. The migrating herd which includes about two million wildebeests, hundreds of thousands of zebras and Thompson’s gazelles is haunted by several hungry predators that include lions, cheetahs, leopards and hyenas not to forget the giant crocodiles in River Grumeti and River Mara, which offer very dramatic scenery to holidaymakers. On a lucky morning, you might even catch views of an animal making a kill. Your safari in Serengeti can easily be combined with a tour to the Ngorongoro Crater – home to very many animals living on the crater floor, Tarangire National Park as well as well get an opportunity to visit the archeological sites where discoveries of remnants of the homid species dated so many years ago where made by Dr. Leaky and his wife.

  1. Trek the endangered Mountain Gorilla in Uganda

One of the must-do activities for a sole traveler while in Africa is taking a Mountain Gorilla Trek Safari in Uganda. You will be able to trek through the verdant impenetrable forests of Bwindi National Park as you search for the endangered mountain gorillas which are believed to be among the closest living cousins of man sharing 98% of their DNA with humans, until you finally come face to face with these intriguing hairy forest giants led by a dominant silverback. Today there are about 900 mountain gorillas remaining on the entire planet; so getting a chance to be part o this amazing adventure is without a doubt a life-time experience. a gorilla trekking Safari in Uganda can easily be combined with tours to the numerous savannah national parks such as Queen Elizabeth NP, or Murchison Falls NP for views of the Big Five animals.

  1. Rhinos Walk in Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe

While traveling a sole traveler in Africa, be prepared to see a number of fascinating wildlife. Within Matoba National Park found in the southwestern part of Zimbabwe are the endangered black and white rhinos. an adult rhino can grow up to a weight of 3,500 kilograms and being very fast animals, can run at an average speed of 28 meters per  hour over one hundred meters as compared to a maximum speed of 23 meter per hour in humans. Well if you are brave enough, the share in an opportunity to step out of your safari vehicle and traverse through the bushes of Matoba as you search for this these fast land giants in their natural habitats. Zimbabwe will reward with one of the most unique wildlife encounters as you get an up close view of the rhino. These walks are guided by very experience well trained park ranger-guides.

  1. Visit the Masai Mara in Kenya for the Big Five

Visit the amazing Masai Mara in Kenya which is one of the most popular safari destinations on the African continent and get a chance to see some of the fiercest and stunning large mammals including Africa’s Big Five animals which are lions, buffaloes, elephant, rhino and the leopard. Nothing beats a sight of a pack of lions hunting down an antelope or leopard in savanna, or watching the thousands of animals crossing river Mara during the Wildebeest migration.   .

  1. Explore the Table Mountain in South Africa

there are various safri activities you can engage in while on table mountain and these include: Riding the cable car, hiking along the various trails, riding on an off-raod scooters, abseiling from up the peak, enjoy interesting guided nature walk, visit the amazing waterworks Museum as well have some really nice High tea.

You will also get a chance to enjoy sweeping views of the entire city below. On a clear lucky day, you will be able to see the harbor, Robben Island, the city bowl and the V & A Waterfront. As you explore the various walk ways, don’t forget you camera behind as you will get an opportunity to take very beautiful photographs.

Table Mountain is the most photographed tourist attraction in South Africa and have become very famous because of its cable car that has been boarded by millions of people. This is currently the most welcoming tourist icon that attracts holidaymakers from all corners of the world. It is a perfect destination to be explored by sole travelers with so many surprises awaiting you to discover. Today there are more than 1450 species of animals living on the Table Mountain, in addition to over 2,150 plant and flower species.

  1. Unwind on the White Sand Beaches of the Zanzibar Islands in Tanzania

Taking a solo trip to Tanzania cannot be complete without visiting the paradise isles of Zanzibar where Freddie Mercury from Queen was born! Home to beautiful beaches and the turquoises waters of the Indian Ocean it is also where you can find a huge seafood markets in the historic centre of Stone Town.

To escape from all the busy city lifestyle as well as the heat down in African’s national park, we recommend that that you take a holiday to the beautiful islands of Zanzibar located off the Tanzania mainland within the Indian Ocean.  These islands pride in a turquoises waters, white fine sands, beautiful palm trees, and a very relaxing breeze blowing from the Indian Ocean and above all very intimate lavish resorts and hotel. You will also get a chance to explore the fascinating ‘Swahili’ culture of the people living within Stone town.

  1. Cruise on the Okavango Delta in Botswana

If you are looking for a very wild adventurous experience on your Safari; then the Okavango Delta in Botswana is the place to go. You will explore the various waterways fringed with reeds in atraditional mokoro-canoe led by a professional local guide. Be on the lookout for various wildlife including hippopotami and the great profusion of bird species.

Botswana is ranked among the top five (5) safari destinations on the African continent and this is rightly so because of a number of reasons. There are just a few of accommodation lodges of camps that have been fenced off, with the majority of them being constructed in an eco-friendly way not to affect the natural habitat of the wildlife. Furthermore the government has enacted policies to ensure that visitor volumes are maintained at a low to avoid over crowded game viewing experiences for the holidaymakers. Regardless of the generally higher accommodation rates offered by Botswana accommodations, the destination will offer you a very remarkable and unforgettable experience that is worth every penny.

The country prides in a varied landscape that ranges from the savannah, the desert, to the inland delta, not to forget the rich bird life and wildlife residing there. It has a very large number of elephants, wild dogs and lions in addition to thousands of zebras that migrate in the Kalahari Desert during the green season that runs from November to March.

  1. Enjoy the water spray of the Victoria Falls

Listed as one of the world’s Seven Natural Wonders, the Victoria Falls are the biggest and main waterfall found on river Zambezi. This is the largest, or to be clear, the widest waterfall on the planet during the wet season. As the water falls over the high cliff down to river Zambezi, it makes a thunderous roar a reason which best explains why the locals who live within that area refer to the falls as ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ to mean ‘smoke that thunders’. Because of its huge volumes, water vapor in form of a cloud is always visible around this waterfall.

Today, this is the widest curtain of naturally flowing water on the planet. Getting a chance to see this breathtaking spectacle is a beholding experience that every holidaymaker would wish to have. The water fall crosses borders from Zimbabwe into the neighboring Zambia and can be observed from both sided of the border. This is a perfect adventure activity for sole travelers.

What you should know while Traveling as a Solo Female in Africa

In case you are nervous and unsure of whether you should travel as a woman alone on safari in Africa, well fear not for traveling a single female will get you out of your normal comfort zone and reward you with one of the most unforgettable safari experiences you will ever have. Some time sole travelers may opt to join other same sex lone travelers on their safari and share component like safari vehicle and accommodation, a thing that many tour operators or companies can readily organize for you; all you need is to inform and engage them about this.

Africa is blessed with one of the most friendliest, welcoming and hospitable people in the word, and in fact you will have all these waiting for you on your safari. You will get an opportunity to take part in a gorilla trekking tour during which your guides will teach you so much about this endangered species. You can also visit a pygmy local community and assist in teaching the little children English. You can visit any of the savannah national parks and game reserves for a chance to see Africa’s Big Five animals that include the fierce lions, leopard, elephant, buffalo and the rhino. Just as it is when traveling to any holiday destination, we greatly recommend that you refrain from wearing any precious valuables, don’t move in unfamiliar places lone or unaccompanied. Also when visiting Africa, you will observe that different parts of the country have different culture and practices which is very vital that you respect them. Avoid wearing skimpy clothes in areas dominated the Muslim community such as stone Town in Zanzibar

Top 5 tips for Solo / Single Travelers in Africa

In case you are planning to travel for the first time as a sole / single travel, we highly recommend that you for through some of our travel tips that will enable you enjoy your holiday

  • Ensure that you receive all the necessary vaccinations

A number of countries on the African continent require that you attain some vaccine shots such as the yellow fever before you are granted entry. We highly recommend that you make a detailed online research about the medical requirements of the destination you will be visiting prior to your safari day and consult with your medical practitioner back home.

  • Leave your worries behind and Embrace the experience

during you safari as a solo / single traveler, you will discover that in some parts of the continent things are a bit slower than the fast paces lifestyle back home, or things are done differently from what you are used to. The wi-fi connectivity may be slow or bad n some locations, the roads may be bumpy and dusty, the air-con may not work, well the best advice is I can give you is…. ‘This is not home; this is Africa, another part of the world! Simply embrace and enjoy the experience’. Leave all your worries back home, embrace the pace of doing things and simply enjoy the adventure. Is you don’t focus you mind on complaining here and there about how things are done; trust me you will surely have a memorable experience.

  • Pack the right clothing

Various activities may require you to wear in a unique way. so depending on your safari schedule and the activities you plan to engage in, we recommend that you speak to your tour operators in depth concerning which clothing are appropriate for the different activities. Looking at gorilla trekking for example, you will have to wear long sleeved shirts with trousers accompanied with strong hiking shoes considering the fact that you will be exploring the forest floor. Brightly colored clothing is also not considered appropriate if you are engaging in activities like game drives and primate viewing. If going hiking to say the Kilimanjaro Mountain, then you have to pack warm to prepare for the snow capped peak.

  • Book your safari in Advance

Just like all destinations across the world, different countries in Africa have peak seasons when the number of tourists coming in is extremely high which results into a high demand on a number of utilities and facilities such as accommodation. in fact not forgetting that some activities such as gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking and many others have a limit on the number of people they can take in per day, we highly recommend that you book your safari earlier to enable your tour operator secure a permit for you in term for such activities to enable you enjoy them on your preferred dates. Events like the Great Wildebeest Migration also attract large numbers of people during the peak season, a thing make a availability of accommodation not guaranteed for those booking at last minute. So prior booking will also guarantee availability of your desired accommodation as well. We recommend booking your safari at least three (3) months to your desired date of starting the safari

  • Plan within your budget

As a single / solo travel there are some costs that you will have to incur wholesomely and yet they would be cheaper if it was a shared trip. Things like car hire, fuel, cost of a professional guide and accommodation all hit you. however, in case you are on a really limited budget and do not mind the company of another sole traveler, then talk to your tour agent who will organize for you a joined safari with like-minded sole travelers as a way of cost cutting.

Another thing that will help with cost cutting will be the choice of safari activities you wish to engage in. some activities come with a fixed high price tag because of the cost of running them say a hot air balloon adventure, therefore pay special attention to this as you discuss with your tour operator.

Also your choice of accommodation will be another cost determining factor. In Africa accommodation facilities are grouped as luxury, mid-range or budget depending on the quality of service and comfort offered. Always choose accommodation that suits your budget.

What every Solo Traveler Should pack on their African Safari

The most important thing that every sole / single travel should know while going on safari in Africa is to pack light. Below I have highlighted a number of reasons why you should pack light.

  • You will not have to face the long lineups while at the airport during check-in and while leaving the plane.
  • Less luggage means that mobility is not a challenge, you can easily get anywhere. You don’t need to wait for the escalator or elevator but rather use the stairs.
  • You will not have to pay for additional luggage especially while on budget flights.
  • The possibility of you losing your luggage during transit is very minimal, meaning you won’t have to shop again once you arrive at your destination as a result of misplaced luggage. this will also save you from the burden of complete lost-luggage forms offered by the airline
  • In the eyes of thugs, a person with several bags is a target to be robbed, so the fewer bags, the less you will be targeted.
  • With fewer luggage, you can easily catch the bus instead of hiring an entire taxi.
  • You won’t spend extra paying porters to carry your luggage up your room once you arrive at your hotel.

Your travel Essential to pack

A durable suitcase: this should be sizeable enough to carry all your belongings. The zippers should have a good locking system and the rollers should be properly waling to enable you easily move with your bag. It should have a front pocket to enable you easily access the thing you will want to reach fast.

Water Bottle: it should be durable, portable and leak-proof. This will enable you to stay well hydrated not only on the plane but also when you reach your destinations. During the various safari activities, place it close to where you can easily access it from in your backpack, or roll it around the wrist while hiking.

Comfortable Sneakers: we recommend that you get a size that is well fitting, comfortable, durable and offering ankle support especially if you are going to engage in activities that require hiking such as mountain climbing, gorilla trekking, birding, chimpanzee trekking, nature walks or even cultural visits.

Light Waterproof Jacket: a waterproof jacket will enable you endure the elements of Mother Nature. For activities such as gorilla trekking which are conducted in the verdant tropical forests, experts tell us that it can rain any time irrespective of the seasonality or the time of the year. So you should come well prepared. The jacket should be potable

A small Backpack: this is very handy, as you will be able to keep you valuable such as phones, insect repellent, cameras, little cash (for tips and other minimal expenditures) and personal toiletries as your engage in the various activities. It should be water proof and easily to carry on your back.

Portable Power bank: this is yet another important component you shouldn’t forget during your travels. It will help you keep you electrical powered on in case you are still out exploring the wild and haven’t got time to charge your gadgets. Having dead electronics is not a good thing when you are a solo / single traveler.

A basic First Aid Kit: well this should include the basic yet essential items such as band-aids, cleansing wipes, Tylenol, gauze pads, antibiotic ointment and plasters. These will be very useful in case need arises

Reusable Bag: a re-usable bag comes in handy because it can easily be folded to fit either in your backpack or purse and enable you pack all the little stuff you could have shopped while departing from your destination at the end of the safari.

Travel locks:  although majority of the suitcases come with fitted locks, in case you are using a duffle bag for your travels, or going to leave you travel bag in your hotel as you set out for your days’ adventures, then proper functional locks for your bags will be very useful to keep your belonging safe and intact.

Scarf with secret Pocket: for many travelers, having their passport easily exposed at the airport makes them very anxious. There is a possibility of misplacing it, or forgetting it at the security checkpoint. Well overcome all this worry by getting yourself a scarf with a secret pocket. It won’t only keep you warm on your flight but keep your important documents such as passports, licenses, credit cards and other valuables safe and unexposed.

An alarm: Majority of the safari activities require that you begin the morning early, that way it will be wise to have an early to enable you to follow schedule by waking u in time. Remember that you will be traveling alone, and some nights you may sleep extremely exhausted following an exhilarating yet tiring day’s adventure – meaning you will surely need something to wake