Somalia Flights

Somalia is not the usual African safari destination if can think of! On the coast is a whole era of amazing scenery lying side by side with the ruthless political conflict groups from the horn of Africa. Even with such unfamiliar circumstances, there are a few places that will make a flight to Somalia, if not for charity, than for tourism.


is the coastal town and capital of Somalia, almost as untouched as it were during the ancient Greek times, sandy Somali beaches and ancient buildings besides its ruins. The mosque is impressive between local markets that date back to 1970s.


on the North West coast is truly inspiring, visit is self proclaimed capital


and this is probably the safest region in Somalia but getting there is no easy ride.

Flights to Somalia

Mogadishu international Airport

(K50) is the main airport in Somalia but Mogadishu flights are halted for reasons of political instability.  The other airport is called

Hargesia International Airport

which is often serviced by Dire Dawa from Ethiopian Airlines. Travel Somalia is only possible form

Dallo Airlines

that flies from Djibouti twice a week and

Jubba Airways

that flies from Dubai to Jeddah. All Somalia Flights can be booked through a travel agent or online. find the best air afares, tickets and cheap flights tot Somalia online.




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