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Somalia is one of the least visited countries in Africa when it comes to Africa safaris and tourism.Many people travel to Somalia for humanitarian aid and such. Here are some of the things that make Somalia the best tourist destination-unique in a way.

Towns and cities


is the first tourist point for all Somalia travelers. It is the capital city and one of he most secure places to be while on Somalia holidays. Sightseeing tours are the best ways to adventure Mogadishu and some of the interesting tourist attractions in the city include the Old Shanghai city, the city markets, building, airport and beautiful people.

Baraka Market is one of the best tourist sights in Mogadishu. This market was built in 1972 and is the best place to find food, fresh supplies, clo9thing, and so much more. Other cities worth visiting on Somalia holidays include Hargeisa which is the capital of Somaliland, Merca and Kismayo. Kismayo is the port located south of the country.

National parks and reserves

Some of the best wildlife zones and protected areas in Somalia include its national parks and reserves.

Kismayu National Park

of Somalia is one the best wildlife species with some of the animals endemic to the region. Another protected area with unique species of animals and birds is

Hargeisa National Park

. Another popular park is situated outside the city of Mogadishu.

Somali Beaches – Somalia has some of the best kept beaches on the Indian Ocean coast. The beautiful beaches stretch from Mogadishu down to the Kenyan border. The beaches have pretty coral reefs that are beautiful places to dive. Some of the best beaches are at Zeialo coast and Merca. It is important to know that this is an Islamic nation and swimming while naked (for women) is not allowed.

Las Geel

has a series of inter connected caves and shelters in Somaliland. It is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Somali and is thus a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The wonder lies on the inside walls of this strip of caves which have been decorated with Neolithic paintings. The Somali government has made much effort to preserve these paintings.

Travel Guide

Travel to Somalia is by flights to Mogadishu with stops in neighboring Ethiopia and Nairobi in Kenya. Travel by road is through Ethiopia through Jijiga and Wajaale. The ports of Mogadighu, Kismaayo, Boosaaso and Berbera handle both cargo ships and passengers.

Somalia is a moslem nation thus dressing and beliefs follow Sharia Law. Dressing is strictly long for women. Likewise restaurants and all food point prepare Halaal foods.

The best time to travel is during the cool weather months of March and June. The hottest period is during January. Another good time to go to Somalia would be before the heat kicks up from September to December.

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