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Sabi Sands Game Reserve

Sabi Sands Game Reserve is part of the private game reserves found within

Kruger National Park

. Sabi sands occupies just 65 sq km of the vast Kruger park to the west but also contains several other smaller private game reserves such as Sabi Sabi Game reserves,  Mala Mala Game Reserve, Djuma Game Reserve, Lion Sands Reserve, Exeter Private Game Reserve, Londolozi Private Game Reserve, Singita Game Reserve and Ulusaba Private Game Reserve.

The Sabi Sands Game Reserve is typically a mix of bush


, acacia thickets, marula and combretum trees and termite mound thickets. Rocky outcrops called kopjes queue in the northern section of Sands River that in turn lined with riverine forest.

Game viewing

Since there is no actual fencing between Kruger and these private game reserves, there is free movement of wild animals. Sabi sands reserve is particularly good for big five sights in addition to Greater kudu, bushbuck and nyala, impala, giraffe, warthog, wild dog, grey duiker, waterbuck, and many other animals that prefer thicket, dry grasslands, riverine forests and the big cats are often found lounging in the trees.

More than 300 different birds that live in Kruger Park also build nests in Sabi Sands, several water birds are found along Sabi river and Sands river drain their water in the park to the southern border.

Getting there

There are charter flights with schedules from Johannesburg tot eh airstrips in Kruger National Park at Mpumalanga and Hoedspruit airport. Mpumalanga Airport on the southern border is recommended for guests to Sabi Sands Game reserve. Each of the lodges within Sabi Sand Reserve is easily accessed by road and there are rental cars, 4WD and trucks to carry guest to their booked lodging and also open vehicles for game drives within the reserve.

The best time to visit Sabi Sands Game reserve and Kruger National park come in the dry season. The days are quite hot but cool temperatures set in for the night. The dotted winter time is April to September when it is quite dry and water is scarce making game sights clearer for game drives near the banks of rivers Sabi ad Sands.

Sabi Sands Safari Lodges Accommodation

Sabi sands reserve is prized for its luxury world class safari lodges ideal for Sabi Sand honeymoon packages and family lodging. There are several lodges and camps from the different private reserves within Sabi Sands to suit each Kruger Park Tourists. Some of the game lodges in Sabi Sand include Elephant Plains Lodge, Inyati Game lodge, Leopard Hills safari lodge, Nkorho Bush lodge, Savanna game lodge, Lion sands Ivoory Lodge and Sabi Sabi Bush lodge. There are camps fromeach of the different small reserves in Sabi Sands such as Sabi Sabi bush camp, Sable Mala Mala camp, Mala Mala camp, Londolozi Tree camp and many others