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South Africa Attractions

Talk of Africa and every one’s thoughts will first run to South Africa as a country that has opened Africa to the world. South Africa is on the southern most tip of Africa bordered by Namibia and Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Lesotho thus occupies close to 1,219,900 sq km. The capital city of South Africa is


however it is over shadowed by the growth and bustle pf other towns like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Durban

South Africa is referred to internationally as the rainbow country given its diverse natural beauty, unique cultures if more than 10 different tribes and strong historical background. There is a little of every thing in South Africa from the desert to the mountains, grasslands, wine farms and the beautiful beaches.

South Africa Attractions

There are several things to see while touring South Africa from its national parks, beaches, botanical gardens, birds, mountains and so much more.

There are more than 20

South African national parks

and game reserves that account for more than 200 species of big game such as lions, buffalos, rhinos, giraffes, antelopes, wildebeest, porcupines, insects, reptiles and other small mammals. Several birds are found in these national parks.

Kruger national Park

is particularly the most visited South Africa national park when it comes to South African safari. Other popular national parks include Table mountains park, Addo Elephant, Garden route Park and many others.

Cities and towns of South Africa date several years back even before the beginning of colonialism.

Cape Town

is the most on South Africa holidays thanks to its white spotless beaches, a long history of welcoming South Africa’s early explorers.  The Garden Route from Cape Town is a destination identified for its wildlife, extensive Wine farms and beach resorts. Other cities and towns worth visiting include


where you’ll visit the Drakensburg Mountains, Johannesburg the main entry port for tourists in South Africa, Pretoria is the administrative capital and also Port Elizabeth for it amazing people and beaches.

Other interesting places in South Africa include Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned during the period of Apartheid, Ushaka Marine Park, the cradle of Man near Johannesburg and many other UNESCO world heritage sites.

Getting there

By land, South Africa is accessed from all its neighboring countries. From Botswana, the border post at Skilpadsnek is open every day to 22h00 with buses to Gaborone from Johannesburg for 6hours drive. Sky coaches link South Africa to Lesotho with daily schedules between Bloemfotein and Maseru the capital of Lesotho. For Mozambique, there are several buses with schedules from Durban to Maputo. There also links to Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe by road using either bus or trains

Flights to South Africa are handled in Johannesburg and Cape Town which are the major international airports. There are also small airports throughout South Africa handling domestic flights and charters. South African Airways is the national carrier with flights to all major airports in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

Things to do

There is so much to do on South African tours and the range of activities will vary form Game drive and walking safaris in Kruger Park and other national parks, hiking through the table mountains and Drakensburg, diving and snorkelling in Cape Town, river rafting on the orange river border with Namibia, kayaking and boat rides on Limpopo, wine tasting at the wine lands of Cape town and garden route, Golfing, bungee jumping, shark cage diving  and several other.

Hotel and Accommodation

South Africa accommodation is an easy choice with several options to choose from like luxury five star hotels in Cape Town, budget bush camps in Kruger Park, guesthouses, inn, beach holidays, safari lodges and many others. You’ll ample satisfactory South Africa Hotels and accommodation from Cape Town, Jo’burg, Soweto, Garden route and in every town.

South Africa Travel tips

There are several South Africa safari companies and tour operators that are capable of arranging and customizing a South Africa safari package to include your preferred destinations and yet offer much adventure and satisfaction that you want to get.

South African holiday and tour


normally include tour guides, hotel accommodation, transfers and also flights (as per the details of your travel agent.

Book your South Africa travel with any travel agent online or through a direct safari company if you are intending to travel in the peak season of September to December. It is however cheap to travel and tour South Africa in the off peak season.

Visa and passport are important on your South Africa travel documents. Visa requirements are exempted for British territories and a few other countries. It is quite important to check with South Africa embassy and mission in your country as you arrange a visit to South Africa.



is the national currency and it is advisable to change your dollars and Euros before you go on safari in the remote South African areas. However, credit cards are widely accepted by hotels, and other shopping malls around South Africa’s major cities like Jo’burg, Durban, Pretoria (the capital city) and Port Elizabeth.

South African tourists are encouraged carry light clothing, brimmed sun hats, malaria treatment and prescriptions, sun glasses, a good lens camera, and any other thing you many need on an Africa safari. South Africa is one of the most violent countries and thus tourist are encouraged to be keen with their baggage and also limit unguided night tours of different cities for safety concerns.