Attractions in Sudan

Despite the recently concluded conflicts in Sudan, the country is fast transforming into a prominent tourist destination with in Africa. The country has a diversity of attractions to offer to its visitors, ranging from the rich culture and history to the wealth of wildlife and the remarkable landscapes that make the country worth touring. Below are some of the major attractions in Sudan.


This is the capital city of the country and it has a wealth of various tourist attractions in among which is the Omdurman Camel Market plus the National Museum with items that existed more than 4000 BC and the Arab Souk. Many of the handicrafts made in Sudan can be bout from the various reception halls of large hotels, and shops within the heart of the town. The capital has various luxurious hotels, cafes and restaurants.

sudan tours photoThe Red Sea

The crystal clear waters and the immaculate fascination of the marine gardens plus the coral reefs have made this place a very popular tourist destination in Sudan. There are wonderful diving opportunities in this place that will allow divers to have a closer view of the rich marine life.

National Parks

Because of the wealth of flora and fauna that this country boasts of, several National parks and reserves were demarcated across the country to shelter these animals. Most prominent of them all is Dinder National park found south east of the capital Khartoum that inhabits various animals and birds among which are leopards, lions, kudu, antelopes, giraffes, and the kingfisher, crown crane and the vultures plus many more.

Jebel Marra

This is located in the western part of Sudan and is the highest summit in Darfur. The place is popular because of its outstanding beauty of Volcanic Lake, waterfalls, mild climate and the beautiful resorts.


sudan tours photoSudan has many museums in which its antiquities are well kept for public viewing. Most of the museums operate daily from 0900hour to 1700hours. However, the most prominent are found in the cities of Khartoum and Merowe. The most visited museums in the country are Sudan National Museum and Khalifa House Museum.

Pyramids in Sudan

200 kilometers north East from Khartoum close to Bagrawiya is a home of several smaller pyramids as compared to those in Egypt scattered over a hill in the ancient Meroe part. These pyramids are remnants id the royal cemetery that belonged to the Meroitic kingdom back before 300 AD. This is another favorite destination to many travelers entering Sudan.

Nightlife in Sudan

Uniquely, the night life in Sudan is basically limited to theatres plus cinemas and because of the strictly followed Sharia Law, there are no legal night clubs and bars and even alcohol is banned. Entertainment is basically in the capital Khartoum and the city of Omdurman which have a national theatre, cinemas, music halls and open air entertainment in hotels.

Beaches in Sudan

Pleasure in the salty-sea waters of Port Sudan Beaches found on the red sea. The well-preserved natural locale offers a lot for travelers enthusiastic about beaches. And the most prominent water sport is scuba diving which allows divers to marvel at the outstandingly beautiful diverse coral reefs. The warm waters are so refreshing for a swim, and for experienced divers they  can go ahead to look at the shipwrecks on the sea bed.

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