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Sudan is a home to quite a number of pyramids making it the one country that has more pyramids in that it surpases its neighboring country Egypt. It is not easy to travel to Sudan but if you book online and before you travel, you will find everything ready although you must note that the rides will be abit bumpy due to the under developed transportation system in the country.

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Top tourist attractions and things to do in Sudan

Most of the tourist attractions in the country are located in isolated areas and transportation to the those areas is not the best but these different attractions show you how far the country has come and there are also several activities that you can carry out while here and all these have been listed below so that you get to make your choice before you even step into the country.

The Meroe pyramids

Considered to be the most beautiful archeological site in the country, the Meroe pyramids are the top tourist attraction sites in Sudan. There is a saying that Egypt has the largest number of pyramids in the country but Sudan has dozens of those that are scattered all over the country and the Meroe pyramids are the best and most organized pyramids in Sudan. The Meroe pyramids are small in nature and amount to about 200 and they are dated back for over 2500 years ago. When you visit the Meroe pyramids you will find that the tops of the pyramids are not on and this is due to the fact that they were blown off by a rogue Italian hunter who wanted to loot the graves that are found in the Pyramids.

The Kerma archeological site

If you want to travel back in time while in Sudan then the Kerma archeological site is the place to be. The Kerma archeological site has its origins from the Kushite kingdom which ruled the Northern part of Africa in the year 1450BC. Although the site is now in ruins, it is still worth visiting as you will also get to see the Deffuta which is surrounded by the ruins. A hike up the Kerma will give you a clear view of the Nile River below and it is also a good place for one to watch the sunset.


Khartoum is the capital city of Sudan and one of the places that you should check out while on a trip to Sudan. It is one of the largest cities with a lot of government offices and it is also the place where the famous war between the Mahdi army and the British took place. There are a lot of museums and historical sites that showcase this battle and many other artifacts that bring out the history of the Sudanese people starting with the time before the colonialists came into power, during the colonial era and after the country gained independence. Some of the interesting things that you should engage in include joining the famous camel market, go shopping for souvenirs in the different shops across the town and join the festivities with the locals.

The ruins of Musawwarat es-Sufra

The Musawwarat es-Sufra which is located in the middle of the Desert is a top tourist attraction site that you should definitely check out. Located about 180 kilometers away from the capital city of Sudan that is Khartoum, the ruins of the Musawwarat are a sight that every tourist should visit due to the presence of cave paintings, an elephant training Centre all this while enjoying the Desert life.

The Jebel Barkal

The Jebel Barkal is a Mountain that is the tallest mountain in Sudan and is considered to be a sacred Mountain by the locals. You can trek up the mountain and after that get to explore the Mut’s temple which is located just at the foot of the Mountain amidst other temple ruins. The temple is believed to date back to the ancient Egyptian times and when you get inside the temple you will be amazed with all the archeology and ancient designs that are found in the only remaining temple at the Jebel Barkal.

The Nubian pyramids

The Nubian pyramids in Sudan are found in the Nubian Desert and are an exact replica of the pyramids that are found in Egypt. These were however constructed about 800 years after the pyramids in Egypt were constructed and are much smaller. They were constructed during the era of the Kushite kingdom and unlike the pyramids found elsewhere these were constructed using bricks which makes them unique from the rest that are found in the country. They are a perfect place for all tourists to visit especially those that would like to know how ancient Sudan was and the good thing about visiting these pyramids is that they do not have a lot of tourists visiting them and therefore you get to have the whole place to yourself and your crew.

The Naqa temple

The Naqa Temple is also located in the heart of the Sudanese Desert just like the Musawwarat es-Sufra and it also dates back to the ancient Egyptian times. This archeological site is a home to the Temple of Amun which was constructed in the BC years. The temples here are well cared for and have statues of different things that depict the gods of Egypt.

Besides the Amun temple, there is also another smaller temple known as the lion temple and inside the lion temple are carvings along the walls that are so unique you will not find them anywhere else. it is extremely hard to really describe what you will get to see when you get to the Naqa Temple but it is better that you check it out to get firsthand experience of ancient Egypt in Sudan.

The Red Sea

Everyone who has read the bible or heard the stories about pharaoh and the Israelites knows something or two about the Red Sea and once you get to Sudan you have the perfect chance of seeing the famous sea from the Bible that separated and paved way for the Israelites to escape from a furious Pharaoh. Although you won’t get to see it part like it did before, this blue and green red Sea surrounded by coral reefs is the perfect place for one to be especially those that love water sports like diving.

The Nuri pyramids

The Nuri pyramids are the largest pyramids in Sudan and found near the Jebel Barkal sacred Mountain. Although at the moment most of them are in ruins, they are still worth visiting especially for those that love adventure and camping making it an archeological site that you should check out while in Sudan.

The Dinder National Park

Considered to be one of the largest game Parks on the African continent, the Dinder National park is located at the border of Sudan and Ethiopia and is one of the few National Parks that are located in the country. It is a good place for a family get away and what better way to end or start your trip other than in the National park where you get to see the 27 different species of animals and enjoy a trek through the Park as this is one of the best ways to explore the entire National Park.

The Soleb Temple

The Soleb temple is located in the village of Wawa near the banks of the Nile River. Getting to the village is the easiest thing to do as you only have to follow the trail that is along the Nile River and you will find the temple nestled on a simple hill. The temple was constructed with lots of columns to it and they provide the perfect shade that you need in order to be able to watch the sunset as you enjoy the views from the River Nile and the Palm trees surrounding it.

The Sudan National Museum

Located in Khartoum, this is the one place that should not miss out on your priority destinations in the country. there are three Nubian temples just right outside the museum that you can check out and when you get to the inside of the museum you will be glad to see paintings the depict the Nubian rule that cut across the whole of Northern Africa and this picture tells the tale of the Nubian civilization better than any other photo in any museum across the world.

The Blue and White Nile meeting point

The Nile River is the longest in Africa and it flows in the different countries including Sudan. It has various tributaries and the most important two that are located within Sudan are the Blue and White Nile which converge in the Khartoum to form the Nile which flows into the Sea. It is a good place to make memories with your family and take photos of some of the longest River in Africa and while there you can also get to enjoy a boat ride.

Best time to visit Sudan

Sudan is an extremely hot country with the temperatures going high every month but the best time for tourists to check out the different tourism spots in the country is from November to March because during this time although the weather is still, hot, it is a little bit bearable compared to the rest of the months.

Where to stay while in Sudan

There are majorly two types of accommodation facilities that you can use while in Sudan and these are the Camps and Hotels. The camps are normally set out in the various tourist destinations especially the Desert areas and you do not need to worry as they are weather resistant whereas most of the hotels are found in the capital city Khartoum.


How do I get to Sudan?

The best and easiest way for one to get to Sudan is by taking a flight there. There is an international airport in Khartoum and after getting to the country and you will need a tour guide to take you around the various tourist destinations.

Can I take alcohol while in Sudan?

Not really because alcohol was banned in the country in the year 1983 and till to day the law still applies. It is illegal to sell and take alcohol products while in the country.

How safe is Sudan today?

Sudan at the moment is not a safe place to visit and not because of the Covid19 pandemic but because of the continuous fighting and crime that had been in the country for quite some time now and it is advisable that you put on hold whatever plans you had of visiting the country.

Do I need a certain dress code for when I visit Sudan?

To be on the safe side yes. Since it is an Arabic country, most women can be seen putting on long dresses and head gear and it is better if you also try to at least use a head gear while there to blend in easily.

Why should I visit Sudan?

Despite the conflicts in the country, Sudan has some of the best archeological sites in the world and you do not want to miss out on checking them out and other Desert activities that you can carry out while there.